Tony Geary Interview: Luke Story Comes Full Circle

In the most recent issue of Soaps in Depth Magazine, legendary General Hospital icon, Anthony Geary, talks to sources about his career at General Hospital, Head Writer Ron Carlivati, Executive Producer Frank Valentini, and the Fluke Story coming full circle.

There are huge General Hospital rumors circulating in regard to Tony Geary’s status with GH, Luke Spencer’s family secret, and just exactly how the Fluke story will come to a close. Fans have been speculating that at this time, as we creep up to GH’s 52nd anniversary, is when the Spencer family secret will be revealed, and Geary will end his 37 year role on ABC’s General Hospital.

Tony Geary tells SID that Carlivati leaves nothing unanswered when it comes to this whole Fluke story, the DID will tie into the beginning of Luke Spencer, including the rape of Laura, and will even explain why Luke disappears unannounced, leaving his family and loved ones behind. This story will ultimately come full circle. Geary is extremely pleased with the direction Ron Carlivati is taking this character. He tells sources at SID, “I am so thrilled. I feel like they’ve done an amazing job into pulling this character into an understandable, motivated ball after thirty seven years.”

Geary tells Soaps in Depth that he gives credit to Executive Producer Frank Valentini as well for giving him the opportunity to place this dark side of Luke. “I was getting weary, and thinking it was time to go,” he revealed, ‘Frank said, ‘What haven’t you done on the show?’ I said that I wanted to explore the dark side of Luke.” It looks as though Valentini did just that, he listened to Geary’s request and made it happen.

For the full interview and more quotes from the amazing Tony Geary, please check out the March 30th issue of Soaps in Depth.



Luke Spencer’s Deep Dark Secret Revealed

It’s been a long time coming and fans can’t seem to wait another moment to find out what the big Spencer Family secret is that could have caused Luke to repress such terrible memories, causing his DID.

Something is haunting Luke from his past, and the newest member of the Spencer family may be the key to tying it all together. GH has cast Dee Wallace to play Luke and Bobbie’s other sister, Pat Spencer.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that around GH’s 52nd anniversary episode, the Spencer family secret will come out. GH rumors have been focusing on one angle in particular. Many seem to think that Luke Spencer is responsible for killing his own mother, and the only one who knows about it is his sister, Pat.

Currently, Fluke has tracked down his niece Valerie, the daughter of his long lost, thought to be dead, sister, Pat. He wants to know where she is. Does Luke want answers from dear old sis, or does he want to kill her? If the GH rumors are true, and Pat is the only one who holds the key to Luke’s past, perhaps he will need to shut her up, permanently.

We want to know what you think about this story. Do you think that Luke will be responsible for his mother’s death? Is this the direction in which you would like to see this character head into?

Leave comments below and let us know your thoughts!

Fluke Story Headed For A Close, Anthony Geary Retirement

The 52nd anniversary of General Hospital is right around the corner. Next week on Wednesday, April 1st, marks 52 years for the longest running daytime drama. General Hospital is on top of the world and has made an enormous comeback after the fallout of two ABC daytime favorites, All My Children and One Life to Live.

This year on general Hospital, the main focus of news and story line has revolved much around Anthony Geary and his health issues, along with the dark and mysterious role Geary has been playing… what fans like to call “Fluke.” General Hospital spoilers reveal that the Fluke story line is headed for a close, and fans will finally see this long awaited outcome. It was recently revealed that Luke Spencer has DID, and that he is unaware of the things he has been doing which includes terrorizing his loved ones and family. GH rumors say that this year, on the 52nd anniversary of General Hospital, the episode will lead this story to it’s end. Fans will finally have the closure they have been waiting for. It is said that Luke will finally realize that he is responsible for the heinous acts that he has committed over the course of a year and a half.

Along with this news regarding the Fluke story line, comes news that fans have been dreading. General Hospital rumors are heavily focused on that bringing Fluke’s story to a close might mean for Anthony Geary. Geary has been a part of General Hospital for 30 years, his character’s (Luke) unforgettable love story with Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) is one of the most iconic moments in television history. Geary has taken home 7 Best Actor in a Daytime Drama awards, and is up for another this coming April at the Daytime Emmy Award ceremony.

GH News has not confirmed this announcement but it looks as though this is the direction things are going. The Fluke story has been one of the most talked about of all stories Geary has been involved in on GH. Soon GH spoilers will reveal the deep dark secrets of the Spencer family’s past, which could lead to a huge shock involving Luke. Is this the way Geary will leave General Hospital?

Let us know how you feel about Anthony Geary’s possible retirement? If the actor leaves the show, is the sotry doing this character justice? How would you like to see Anthony Geary leave General Hospital?

General Hospital Blog will keep you updated on the latest GH news regarding Anthony Geary’s retirement announcement. Keep checking back for the most up to date information.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ric’s Plan Backfires

Ric has always been an exception schemer. Who could forget how he came into Port Charles? He weaseled his way into his brother Sonny’s life under false pretenses, getting close to Sonny just to try and take him down. He kidnapped Carly while she was pregnant and locked her into a panic room, in a house he shared with Elizabeth. He lied to Elizabeth on a daily basis. Ric has done some questionable things around Port Charles, and there are more where those came from.

Ric’s latest scheme is just another way to get what he wants, Elizabeth. He is in love with Liz Webber as they found their way back to each other even after all the terrible things he did to her. However, when Liz thought Ric was dead, she started to have feelings for Jake (Jason) Doe. When Ric returned from the dead (or so everyone thought), he explained that he was in the witness protection program, and that he had been trying to get back to his love, Elizabeth. Since Liz and Jake were smack in the middle of a growing romance, Ric basically told Jake to get lost.

Some time has passed and Elizabeth has had time to try and sort out her feelings. She admitted that she has feelings for Jake, even though his past is uncertain. Knowing that Jake is an honorable man and will keep his commitments, Ric hired Hayden to pretend to be Jake’s wife in order to get him out of the picture, and Liz running back into his arms.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that although Ric may think he has the perfect plan, things will soon enough blow up in his face. Since there is another person involved in the scheme other than Ric and Hayden, this complicated the secret. The man who is posing for photos, pretending to be “Jake” may not be a sure thing for Ric to pull this off. General Hospital rumors have speculated that this man will end up blackmailing Ric, and flat out will not want to go through with the plan.

How will Elizabeth react when the truth comes out? If Ric thinks his plan is a sure thing… he’s got another thing coming.