Billy Miller Discusses His Own Spin on Jason Morgan

General Hospital newcomer, Billy Miller explains his plans for the character of Jason Morgan. Billy Miller had some extremely large shoes to fill by taking on this role after Steve Burton created the Jason Morgan persona for over 20 years. Fans have survived many recasts of their favorite beloved characters throughout the years. The soap industry is known for their ins and outs, and the potential of characters being recast. This is nothing new, yet the news of Steve Burton leaving General Hospital to go to The Young and the Restless hit fans harder than any other recast in General Hospital history. The recast process seemed to take forever, and the powers that be did a fantastic job of throwing everyone off. With the on again off again rumors of Billy Miller replacing Steve Burton, fans were kept in the dark on if and when this big change was going to happen. When the news was finally confirmed, it stirred up all sorts of mixed emotions among the fan bases. Die hard Steve Burton fans were angry, Billy Miller fans were ecstatic that they would be able to see their favorite actor on screen again, and many people just wanted to give Billy a chance and then make a decision on whether or not he could be the new Jason Morgan.

Billy Miller is a hit with the fans. He is living up to the legend of Jason Morgan and his chemistry with Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) is undeniable. Obviously, any recast is going to have minor and major differences from the previous actor who played the part. It is important to realize that in these situations, we will never get an exact replica. It’s important to welcome these changes with open arms, and appreciate the work that the actor is doing in order to entertain the fans. Billy Miller discusses the differences he is creating in this new Jason, aka Jake. In a recent interview, Miller said, “It would be ridiculous for me to mimic (the way Burton played him).” Miller states that this new Jason is a bit brighter, he smiles more, and throws in jokes to lighten the mood. He continued to explain, “It’s more fun in this genre whenever you can add some lightness to it or make it funny. You don’t get a lot of room for that so I usually look for it. It’s a scary position for this guy who is so lost and doesn’t know who he is, so you match that with a little bit of humor.”

Billy Miller is looking forward to when Jason finally comes in contact with his past. His past that includes his old lifestyle. His job. Miller looks forward to working with legends such as Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), Roger Howarth (Franco), and Tony Geary (Luke Spencer). In regard to working with Geary, Miller says, “I can’t wait for that acting class.”

Tell us how you think Billy Miller is doing in his role as Jason Morgan! Are you happy to have Jason back, or would you rather Steve or nothing? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


Spinelli Headed Back to Port Charles

Currently, Damian Spinelli is residing in Portland, Oregon, where he and his girlfriend Ellie moved to follow Ellie’s dream career. The two are raising the daughter that Maxie Jones and Spinelli share together. Maxie lost custody of her own daughter, after the dirty battle between best friends. After the surrogate saga with her best friends, Dante and Lulu Falconeri, the court case got ugly, causing dirty secrets of Maxie’s to be exposed. This resulted in Maxie losing the right to her own child. Custody was awarded to the baby’s biological father, Damian Spinelli.

After initially losing custody of her baby daughter, Maxie left Port Charles to find herself. On her journey, she met Levi Dunkleman who she thought helped her through her darkest hours. In reality, he was playing Maxie the entire time, and he actually caused a major set back in Maxie gaining custody of baby Georgie. Now that Maxie’s life is getting back on track, she has found love with Detective Nathan West. However, love doesn’t come easy for these two. Judge Walters is overstepping his boundaries and using his power to keep Maxie and Nathan apart.

Spinelli is a huge part of Maxie’s past. They were once very much in love and almost got married. They made it to the altar but decided that it wasn’t the right time for them. The two have been through a lot together, and now they share a child. Although Spinelli has moved on with Ellie, and they are raising baby Georgie together in Oregon, he still holds a special place in his heart for Maxie. After all, she is the mother of his child.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest that Maxie will have an upcoming court date which will lead Spinelli back to Port Charles. It has been rumored that Spinelli will be returning to General Hospital for the custody hearing.

Luke Spencer Returns!

It has been about 6 whole months since the residents of Port Charles have seen Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. It’s been a long time coming for General Hospital characters and the real life fans of Luke and Tony Geary. Last week, General Hospital cast and crew shared photos on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram which displayed a celebration of Tony Geary’s return to the set of GH.

The story of what happened to the real Luke and who has been pretending to be him is about to unfold. After months of suspense, we are finally about to go down that road and take the journey into discovering who Fluke really is.

Are you ready for today’s episode of General Hospital? We have reason to believe that it’s going to be one you won’t want to miss! Get ready for the return of Luke Spencer on today’s episode of General Hospital!

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Michael Quartermaine?

The aftermath of the Corinthos family shake up has torn Michael away from the ones he loves. He has completely written Sonny off as his father, refuses to even call him Dad, he refers to his mother now as Carly, and his hatred fro Kiki and Morgan exude from every fiber of his being. He has already lashed out by sleeping with Rosalie, and Kiki caught them in the act. He is pushing everyone who loves him out of his life because he feels completely betrayed by their actions and lies.

As a result of this Corinthos family fall out, Michael Corinthos, the adoptive son of Michael Sonny Corinthos, is dead set on changing his name to reflect his biological roots. He now wants to legally be named Michael Quartermaine, after his biological father, AJ Quartermaine. After learning that Sonny shot AJ, and all of his family kept this secret from him, Michael wants nothing to do with his family… not even his name.

Do you think Michael will go through with it and change his name to Quartermaine? Will he regret his choice after all the smoke clears? Let us know if you think Michael should remain a Corinthos or if he is justified in changing his name to Quartermaine.

Happy Thanksgiving from General Hospital! Watch This Heart-Warming Video!

This is such a wonderful time of year! We can feel the love and appreciation from the cast at General Hospital. This holiday season, be thankful for your loved ones and all that you have been blessed with.

Want to see what your favorite star is thankful for this holiday season? Check out the official ABC General Hospital video, below.