Find Out What Tony Geary Said About Genie That Will Make You Swoon

GearyInterviewLuke and Laura are legends, but they would be nothing without the fire and chemistry between the two people who have portrayed them for over 3 decades. Tony Geary and Genie Francis came together unexpectedly to make television magic.

In an interview with Paolo Presta for his show, A Spoonful of Paolo, General Hospital’s Anthony Geary (Lucas Lorenzo Spencer), touches on what it was like to work with certain stars over the years. “Her husky voice drove me crazy. I thought she was hot stuff.” That is a statement Geary made about Demi Moore, who played Jackie Templeton on GH. He referred to another star, Roseanne Barr as, “A tough lady,” and went on to tell Paolo that he asked her to marry him  when they met.

What Tony Geary said about his long time friend and co-star Genie Francis will melt your heart. His statement regarding Genie, and his relationship with her put their entire existence ans Luke and Laura into perspective. Geary tells Paolo, “Her talent was spectacular, and is spectacular. Her vulnerability, her ability to use her emotional range, is unsurpassed. It’s hard to even go there because there’s so much…” As if THAT wasn’t amazing enough, Geary proceeded to say, “Our artistic souls met somewhere in outer space. In the early days, I felt very protective of her, which I think fed the relationship of Luke and Laura.”

It’s apparent that Tony Geary and Genie Francis have an undeniable chemistry and bond that compares to nothing else we have seen on television. Their off screen admiration for one another shaped the dynamic of their characters, Luke and Laura.

As Anthony Geary prepares to leave General Hospital after 37 years, he told Paolo Presta that it will be the people he will miss the most.

Check out the full interview video below.

Who Took Ethan and Lucky?

EthanLuckyLuke and Laura’s adventure has barely just begun… They have to rescue Luke’s sons, Ethan Lovett and Lucky Spencer, but that doesn’t look like it will be the end of their quest. Who is behind all this drama anyway? What person in General Hospital history would want both Luke and Laura on a wild goose chase, making them suffer in fear for their children?

Luke, Laura, Lucky, and Ethan, get closer to the truth as the Summer progresses.

Remember, Anthony Geary’s last air date as Luke Spencer is July 27h. That being said, we would think it is safe to assume that this mystery will be solved by that date.

Who do you think has taken Ethan and Lucky? Could Helena be behind all that is evil when it comes to the Spencer family?


GH Summer Stunner: Could Little Jake Webber Be Alive? Check Out Why We Think So!

JakeWebberThe death of Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan’s son Jake was one that rocked every single resident in Port Charles, let alone all the fans. There was extreme outrage for brutally killing off a 4 year old little boy. Not only was the death of a child a huge turn of for most fans, it’s who killed him that turned the audience upside down. Luke Spencer was responsible for the hit and run accident that killed little Jake Webber.
Life hasn’t quite been the same for Liz, Lucky, Jason, or Luke since this tragic event. Since learning that Luke was going through mental trauma due to his abusive childhood, it was semi-explained that Luke killed Jake when he wasn’t in a normal state of mind.
However, there is a new General Hospital Summer Promo floating around and there are some extremely interesting hints that are dropped in a discussion between Luke and Lucky. Although subtle and obscure, there is a portion of this promo that has had fans up in arms over the possibility of Jake being alive.

In the video below, Luke says to Luke, “I know it.” With an absolute certainty to his voice, while Luke replies, “It’s impossible,” in disbelief.

Do you want to know if Jake Webber will end up being alive and possible have been another one of Helena’s evil plots this entire time? Take a look at the video and decide for yourself! Let us know what you make of it all.

General Hospital Sizzling Promo: Summer Stunner

JJreturnCheck out what is to come for the residents of Port Charles. Here is a sneak peak of what will be poppin’ this Fourth of July and beyond with your favorite characters and couples.
Check out how Sam and Patrick, Liz and Jake, and many more will be spending this holiday, and further into Summer!