The Davis Girls

I’m sure many of you love the Davis girls! I know I do. When they are all together on screen the dynamic is undeniable. Their interactions with one another and relationships seem so natural. However we are missing one key component. Kristina. I really miss not only the character but the actress as well. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Lexi Ainsworth’s portrayal of Kristina Davis. She had many amazing scenes and made her character really come alive. What an outstanding young actress. I really do hope that if Kristina comes back to PC for Summer break, they will cast Ms. Ainsworth. She and Ethan could have been wonderful together!

2 Replies to “The Davis Girls”

  1. Where are Lulu and Dante? The whole Blair story is pretty dull. McBAin is okay,but the Oltl folks are truly expendable. Please bring back some of the GH folks who are missed. We love Johnny and Carly, Jason and Sam and Tracy and Luke. Anna is a welcome return.


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