GH News: Lindsey Morgan Cast as New Kristina Davis Corinthos!

As a fan of Lexi Ainsworth and her portrayal on Kristina, I don’t really agree with Kristina needing to look older or more mature. This isn’t specific to Kristina either. I just don’t feel that a character needs to be changed simply to age them. However, Lindsey Morgan looks  a lot like Ainsworth, just older. I am worried she looks too close in age to Kelly Monaco (Sam). Sam is supposed to be Kristina’s older, wiser, more experienced sister and Lindsey Morgan (to play Kristina) looks more mature than Ainsworth which in my opinion may interfere with the fact that Sam is much older than her little sis. Grahn, Monaco, Ainsworth, and Pullos were perfect together and it’s always hard for me to get accustomed to change, but that’s just me. I do think that Ms. Morgan will end up pulling off a stellar Kristina just like other new actors have pulled off replacing other characters. It was hard for me when Tamara Braun left as Carly and Laura Wright eventually took over, and when Maxie was taken over by Jen. Needless to say these women took charge and made these roles their own and made me love them! Good luck to Lindsey Morgan, the GH and Kristina fans welcome her to the canvas.

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  1. Go, Lindsey!! She’s the nicest person ever and totally deserves this role! I couldn’t be happier! And she does not look older, she’s only 22!! Kelly Monaco is 36!!!!!

  2. I am happy for the new actress and sad for the old one all at the same time. I do however feel like Ms. Morgan looks too mature for the part. Hopefully that will change as screen time plays it’s part. I wish both of them the best of luck.

  3. Go Lindsey. She’s gorgeous and looks nothing like Ainsworth whatsoever. She actually looks how Sonny’s daughter should look and mature which the character should be.

  4. I am sorry that Lexie is not with gh any longer, but that should not make be hate Lindsey, i am excited to see how Ron is going to write for her, they can put her with some of the other actors, when lexie was on, and sorry to say she look like a kid, when she was playing off johnny for instance! Sp i am very excited to see what they are going to do with nukristina!!

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