Are John McBain and Sam McCall Brother and Sister?

The GH audience is talking and tweeting about the possibility of John McBain and Sam McCall being brother and sister. They have this connection that she can’t put her finger on. We as the audience all now that it was back on Port Charles when they were vampires together. In my opinion, I highly doubt that will be brought to light on General Hospital, so I am assuming that if they keep up with this “connection” stuff, it will be family relation as opposed to romantic or anything else. Then will we finally find out who Sam’s Father is? GH fans are expressing these thoughts on Twitter. What do you think? Please leave a comment below!

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34 Replies to “Are John McBain and Sam McCall Brother and Sister?”

  1. If Frank and Ron go the route of making Sam and John related, then I’ll lose all hope for this show. The storyline/ratings/fan baiting potential of a john/sam/jason/liz quad could carry this show for a long time. The stories would write themselves. If Rontini pass on that in order to make Sam and John related, then I’d know for sure they have no vision for this show.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for the comment. I disagree. I think the connection between Sam and McBain happening to be family relation would be a great idea. We have always wondered who Sam’s Father is, maybe then we will know. Pinning Jason and Liz against Sam and whoever is around is really played out in my opinion. I don’t want to see another go around with that whole mess. Plus, the JaSam & Liason fan bases are so wild, it gets ugly. It causes fans to segregate instead of stick together for the sake of the show. THEN I would fear for the show’s survival.

      1. I don’t understand what is wrong with people. Why would anyone care and threaten not to watch if the writers make Sam and John related. Why can’t they just watch the story. I personally think it is a great one and I completely trust whatever Ron and Frank do. This show has become the best on TV. All the networks not just ABC put on old crap with no new ideas. I will never watch ABC again except my fav GH. Just watch the show and enjoy it. Heather Webber cracks me up. I am in love with GH and I wish people would understand that it is a show with a lot of twists and turns which keep it interesting.

        1. I agree. I would never threaten to not watch. I love this show and will support it in any way I can. It is obvious tat Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini have really livened things up for GH. They are doing a fabulous job and GH has been getting so much buzz. I love this! Heather Webber is so exciting to me. I am so glad this vet is back and up to her crazy ways once again. She is going to stir up a lot of mayhem in the near future! Don’t forget to check out Kristina Wagner (Felicia Jones) today in PC!

        2. I think it would be great for john and sam to be related and i think that putting jason back the liz would be a disater everyone knows that .jason and sam belong together and jason needs to hurry up and find there baby so they can get on with their lifes.

  2. i wish jason and sam will brake up already so he and carly could be together and i want franco back on the show and it would be funny if john and sam are related oh it would be great if sonny gets back with alexis and i hope starr and michael gets together lol

  3. no no no breakup b/w Jasam!! they are finally married and I hate this paternity thing with the baby can’t this couple get a break already! they are good & adventurous when they are chasing the bad guys like when they worked together to rescue Baby Jake when the Russians kidnapped him. I want this paternity story to end already be revealed that Jason is the daddy, I want Franco to bring back baby Jake bc he kidnapped him and the body they bought to the hosp. was not Jake and they couldn’t tell bc of the bad injuries (ok I m hoping on this one) Lucky needs to come back and be a dad to his kids. I miss Nicholas and Emily 🙁 just had to say that. Want Carly and Sonny back! they have so much fire!!! as a couple more than any couple I have seen on daytime soaps. so no break up with Jasam pls and Yes to Mcbain and Sam being related I feel that it’s leaning that way they trust each other like a bros and sis would.

    1. I totaly agree with you . Sam and Jason need to work together on finding their baby . I want sam and john to be related.And when is john going to see tea’s baby and figure out that its sam’s baby and not tea’s . I hope this dosn’t go on forever . And how come heather hasn’t got caught at anything she is doing, is her son that dumb.

  4. i read steve took jake and yeah carly and sonny are great together but carly and jason were great too though,if jason and sam break up the writers will probably make jason and liz get back together
    🙁 omg ! I cant believe ronnie is a dirty cop lmao

  5. I think making McBain and Sam siblings would be the largest waste of red hot chemistry ever. That is like saying Luke and Laura should have been siblings or Anna and Robert or Frisco and Felicia. Come on, why spoil a super couple in the making? I will be extremely disappointed if that is the direction that is chosen.

  6. I did a search tonight because I wondered if anyone else thought they could be siblings. I really don’t feel any sexual compatibility between them, not having any experience seeing them together before this. And his affection does seem brotherly and not romantic.

    I have always wanted Sam and Jason together and this whole baby paternity is annoying — that being said I still think it is Jason’s and that the crazy lady (Steve’s sister, name escapes me at the moment) changed the results because she thought Sam spilled the beans on her.

  7. For them to throw any type of romantic tie in with Sam & McBain would be to basically throw away one of the biggest “pay offs” for soap fans ever. This show has fans that have invested more than a decade of loyalty holding out for Jason to finally find a woman who makes sense with him and have his OWN family instead of always looking out for someone else’s. Let these two have some happiness after all they’ve been through! There is more than enough storyline potential with Sam family being delved into, John as a long lost brother/twin and all that would mean with Jason being in the mob. Bring back the good old days where it wasn’t always about breaking up a couple just to throw one of them in bed with somebody else! Writers….THINK! Lol, get creative and give us some real twists. And there is NO WAY that kid isn’t Jason’s. Really I’m insulted they even tried to fool viewers with such a lame , predictable twist.

  8. i’ve always been a fan of JaSam, and i really do love them together.

    however the only reason i began watching GH off and on was because i basically followed Kelly Monaco from Port Charles to GH. so before i was a JaSam fan, i was a Calivia fan. bringing Michael Easton to the show has made me start watching the show again. and as much as i love Jason and Sam together, i really want something to happen with John and Sam. i believe that it would be a mistake to make John and Sam turn out to be siblings. it would be a total waste of their chemistry.

    but i can see them appeasing the hardcore JaSam fans that way. and even though i am leaning towards McBam now – i would hate to see Jaosn back with Liz (whom i will always detest).

  9. I watched Port Charles, One Life 2 Live and General Hospital. I remember the Kalib and Livia days and they were steamy but Jason and Sam they have more. They were friends first, then lovers, then they hated one another. Even when they could not stand to be in the same room you still felt Jason and sam’s attraction. Eventually they became friends again, then love, then marriage and it was suppose to be followed with a baby carriage (well we all know that didn’t work out to well). My point is they are what super couples are made off, no matter what is put b4 them they find their way back to one another. I love Liz’s character but she needs to find herself b4 she be with any1 just yet.

  10. I have not watched GH since the 90s. I caught a scene with McBain and Sam recently and now I am hooked. GH writers please do not make them related, it would be a waste! Kelly Monaco is talented and her scenes with Michael Easton are riveting. Jason is a knucklehead.

  11. Liz and Jason back and forth is not intersting at all.. give her a new man to focus on . Jason and sam are married and having kid they need sometime to be happy.

  12. I really hope and pray this story is not in the works because I too will lose hope on GH… Sam and John actually have real chemistry and this is the spark that GH needs… I feel Sam and Jason have no chemistry by comparison and am really hoping that John Mcbain and Sam McCall become lovers once more (Port Charles should come back on the air)as they are truly the best on air couple ever!
    John is HOTTEST guy in soaps bar none!!! and needs to be paired with the right girl which is Sam of course…:-)
    really hope the writers look at these posts for script direction and inspiration:-)

  13. Jason and Sam are finally Mr. and Mrs. Morgan. Do not break them up before they have a chance to be a married couple!! Their honeymoon was destroyed, they’ve had one of the happiest times a married couple share, awaiting the birth of their first child, destroyed. What will the writers destroy next for this couple. Don’t make Sam and McBain a couple; related is OK. There’s plenty of story to tell if they’re related with the jobs both Jason and Sam have. There has always been talk of Sam’s family history being a story line. Why not have Sam delve into looking/searching for her father. Maybe we’ll see Sam interact with Alexis for a change!! Just keep Jason and Sam together with their child. They deserve some happiness for longer than a week!!

  14. It just came back to me that Sam did have a brother called Danny, remember? He was mentally challenged and Sam and Jason took him on a vacation to Hawaii… but then he died when there was a massive viral outbreak and the entire staff at the hospital was quarantined,… so if they go with the story that Sam and John are suddenly brother and sister then the writers effectively have amnesia… besides Sam did know her father in fact she told several cast members including Jason that she used to work with him on a ship salvaging, so there is not mystery to be solved there.
    Anyways hope the writers make Sam and John lovers again that would be so much fun to watch!

    1. sam was adopted , that was her her adopted dad not her bilogical one. and danny wasn’t her bilogical brother either . so she does not know who her real farther is.

  15. I DO NOT want Jason and Sam to break up please!!! They finally get married after meeting and having a
    spark together way back in 2004! Please give them a break and let them FINALLY be happy. They have
    great chemistry romantically and also have so much fun together. Sam makes Jason giggle, like no one else can. I love when they are out solving a caper or something together. Sam is perfect for Jason. They
    are so alike. Please end this same old over used story line of Heather changing the paternity test. Please
    let Sam finally have her baby. They killed off SAM’s first baby, who she and Jason wanted so much. Now they kill (supposedly) SAM’s second baby! No wonder she is in despair. And poor Jason, he finally gets to have a child with Sam, and the baby is kept from him. Such a bad story line. I hope they don’t use all the
    same old story lines and bore us all, or get us extremely disappointed. Sam and Jason can have so many
    fun and hot loving story lines. Can’t we have one happy couple?? John can be a good friend to Sam.

  16. I want to see much more of the John McBain/Sam McCall romantic involvement….they are really hot together! There’s something about the chemistry between them….he definitely has the smoldering looks!

  17. Hello Everybody. ALL I know is that I cannot tell you the last time I was this excited about ANY SOAP. The smartest thing ABC EVER, EVER did for Daytime viewers is to put STARR, TODD, TEA and JOHN MCBAIN on GH. The chemistry with this awesome OLTL cast … being coupled with the awesomeness of the GH cast is so ridiculously compelling and brilliant. Now, I think that Sam and John have far too much chemistry to waste it – and yet, I think that they certainly could pass as brother and sister. I mean, definitely there. I think John had the wrong woman when he THOUGHT he found his sister – this one Sonny is now whining about. Seeing Todd up in Sonny’s face and not flinching – genius. Seeing Jason and John one on one – masterful. Pairing up Starr with Michael…talk about a perfect chemistry jackpot. And, bringing the fantabulous energy of Tea onto the Show … FIVE STARS!!!! It is the first time in years that I record and anxiously, anxiously watch a show. ABC, thank you for melding them together. Smartest thing you all have done in years and the potential is limitless. Limitless!!! BTW, I AM so happy they finally killed off that multiple murderer Anthony Zacara. I mean, this guy killed Emily and a whole host of other beloved GH characters and he was just walking around plain as day. It was sickening watching him knowing he killed so many. Last but not least…If the person playing Connie/Kate doesn’t get the daytime Emmy this year – well, who will? I think her stories are a bit of a downer – but having 3-4 roles rolled up into one and so masterfully played … well, how lucky (and talented) is that actress. Again, THANK YOU, GH. You’ve done well! Now, if we could just get rid of Johnny Z. so Carly can go ahead and get together with Todd… well, …. 🙂

  18. This is a soap. People break up in soaps- it happens all the time. JaSam has had it’s day, though I don’t want him with Liz either. He’s a selfish mess and JaSam has no spark- maybe once, at first- but not anymore. They are boring and I now turn the channel during their scenes together….

    ME and KeMO still have that same spark they had in the old days of Calivia in Port Charles. The “What If” elevator scene proved it. They are intense, even though the chemistry is not yet romantic, it’s still such a strong pull/connection and there are definite undercurrents there that leave me breathless. If RC should take this to a path of them being a couple/lovers, I have no doubt the chemistry taken up to that notch would melt the tubes of TV sets everywhere. They have “It.” Even though it’s just friends now and scenes aren’t romantic, there’s a draw to watch, an interest, and I felt like I was sucked into their world- forgetting my world existed. THAT is how it starts with a supercouple and should remain. And I felt that with every freaking scene they were in together! I haven’t felt that with any other GH couple onscreen- consistently- for years. Even during romance/sex scenes….

    Michael Easton & Kelly Monaco were once a supercouple as Caleb and Livvie (Calivia). After 8+ years they still have the makings of being a supercouple – and RC would be insane to write them any other way….

    I was ready to give up on this show until I heard John (and Todd) were coming on. Now that they’re here, GH is so much better than before! But, and I hate to say it because I know GH needs ratings- if RC makes them half siblings, I don’t think I can continue watching. It would feel too much like “Flowers in the Attic”-because that hot chemistry undercurrent vibe would always be there. If he makes them non-blood related, then it might work- because they could still explore that path as a couple….

    I just hope, hope, hope that RC doesn’t write them as related!!!

    McBam just rocks. What more can I say? lol


  20. I hope they would put Tracey and Luke back together. What is this about three women wanting that UGLY Luke Spencer! Anna is an UGLY all by herself, YUCK! Do something with that two- – toned hair! She is just Ugly all over! i don t miss boring Robin either.

  21. No way can they be related! Those two have THE best chemistry of any couple ever in the history of soaps, and I’ve thought that since Port Charles. I love watching their romance scenes. It’s got me totally hooked!!!

  22. I was so eager for John and Sam to hook up… they have such HOT chemistry and have to say that Jason and Sam are boring me out of my mind… watching those two together is like watching paint dry.. NO chemistry whatsoever… but last week they finally made Sam and John kiss and the writers could not have scripted anything less romantic! I mean when Sam told John there was no point in him giving up his wife over one pointless drunken kiss ! Talk about ruining the moment! What were the writers thinking??? what a waste of some red hot chemistry!
    any how I can pretty much see where the writers are going with the story and they will reunite Jason and Sam as Sam will soon find out her baby;s father was actually Jason and not Franco and then she will learn their baby is still alive… so guess what? Jason and Sam back together again to bore us all with their complete ZERO chemistry relationship… geez… I was thinking GH would be fun for awhile with Sam and Mcbain but that seems too good to be true…

  23. With all that Bullshit going on in Port Charles, Jason just needs to get the hell away from everybody there. Jason needs to come to terms with himself and regain all of his memory. Then he can find Keesha Ward and fight hard to get her back. That’s what should happen. This Jasam shit is over rated and the mobster life is ridiculous. Please let Sam move on and Jason Quartermaine return for good.

  24. Is very sad that we are left with only one soap on ABC, right now is so confusing to me because I didn’t know of all the actors & actresses that moved to GH, so I wasn’t watching GH, now that I’ll start watch it, I hope it doesn’t go off the air. To me the two hottest couples were John McBain & Natalie Buchanan, Todd’s and Blair Cramer. I wish they will bring Natalie in too. The character that I dislike the most in both soaps, is Starr’s character, she has such an insipid personality with a hideous voice. Take her out bring in Natalie, Tea Delgado or any other real woman, that has a stronger character, with a sexy personality.

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