Will Liz and John McBain be the Last Straw for Sam and Jason?

At this point, many JaSam fans are getting discouraged, and maybe have even given up on their favorite couple. But I see this time as a time for Jason and Sam to really fall apart, so that when they can pull themselves back together it will be better than ever. With all the things that Sam and Jason have been though together, from dodging bullets, Sam losing her baby, to Franco kidnappings, and (potential) rape, I am certain that Sam talking to McBain, and Jason talking to Liz is NOT what will keep these two apart. Jason keeps talking about Sam turning to McBain as if it’s the most filthy and unforgivable thing that a wife could do. I am really getting sick of how Jason is acting out of character. He has always been smarter than this. Sonny has always been written as the stubborn, hard headed, and often wrong one. Not Jason. He has always been rational and intuitive. The Jason I have gotten to know and love, the Jason that belongs with Sam, would understand where his wife was coming from when she was torn about telling him about Heather’s news. He would realize how most of the times Sam ran into McBain were simply coincidences and nothing more. But he on the other hand, has deliberately gone to Elizabeth to confide in. I have been patiently waiting for the truth to be revealed, the truth (that I am hoping for) of Sam and John McBain being siblings comes out sooner than later. I am pleased to see that when Sam and McBain meet, there are absolutely no romantic or flirtatious actions between the two of them. This helps me to believe that they will end up being related. Liason fans shouldn’t be getting too excited in my opinion. Although Jason is confiding in Liz, I have not seen one split second of attraction or rekindling of a past relationship with these two. As for now, I will endure through the pain Jason and Sam are going through, and the troubles they are facing because I am certain that when they get through it they will come out and prove to be th esupe couple that they really are.

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  1. Jason and Sam are husband and wife. Jason and Liz are only friends. Sam and John McBain are only acquaintances. Neither Liz nor John will separate Jason from Sam or Sam from Jason. They have been through so many trials and tribulations in the past and have always found their way back to each other. Jason will soon realize what Sam already knows, they are stronger together than apart. The Phoenix and the Dragon will reunite and be stronger than ever. They need to sit and talk this out. Jason needs to realize what Sam has put up with all these years. He has dropped everything when Sonny, Carly, Brenda, Liz, Michael, Spinelli are in trouble. Sam always steps aside and he does his thing; one of the things Jason loves most about Sam. However, he has told her on more than one occasion that she is first in his life; now he needs to prove it. He needs to understand what Sam has been going through while he was fixated on getting Franco. Sam was alone waiting and needing him; he was gone. Now she is alone waiting for him to decide if he wants her and this baby. I believe that Jason will realize his life is nothing without Sam and come to his senses and accept this baby (which will be his in the long run). Lets just hope the writers allow them more than a week to be a family before they throw anything else their way. Jason and Sam will survive!!

  2. Jason & Liz do not work. They don’t have the same chemistry as Jason & Sam. McBain should be paired up with Liz. They belong together because neither likes bending the law unless it’s for their OWN purpose. McBain can fill in Lucky’s shoes and Liz and her kids will be save. JaSam need to get back together because they deeply love and trust one another and need to put the pieces together and find their baby. If the writers don’t see this. Then, honestly, you need to go back to another show and/or try and push One Life To Live online. Make that your priority because you are seriously screwing up GH. Unless, this is your plan all along?????

    1. I agree fully that the writers seem to be trying to turn General Hospital into
      OLTL. Remember it was OLTO that ws cancelled. So don’t get GH cancelled
      by bringing a bunch of OLTL characters while getting rid of GH great characters.
      It’s a shame that our beloved Steve Burton playing Jason Morgan will be leaving
      after 21 years we’ve been watching. I hope he comes back.

  3. I miss JASAM sooooooo much!!! I am still hoping that Jason will find their baby and bring
    Him to Sam, and also find out that he is the father finally. And I’m really so still hoping
    for Jason and Sam to realize how deeply they love eachother and all they’ve been through,
    and finally REUNITE! I want them to have a wonderful and loving little family for them.
    It’s what they’ve always wanted together. How Jason will leave the show will have us all
    in tears for sure. So while Steve Burton is on the show lets not waste time writers, and
    get them back together with their own precious baby!!! Steve please come back soon.

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