(Dr. Ewen Keenan) Nathin Butler is NOT Leaving GH

I have had a lot of requests for this one. So here I am to confirm that Nathin Butler (Dr. Ewen Keenan) is NOT leaving General Hospital. Fans have been concerned since we haven’t seen him lately. A few days ago he confirmed via Twitter that he is sticking around Port Charles, and is on the show as recurring. There are lots of fans that hope for a Dr. Keenan and Elizabeth romance, and with this news it may actually have a chance to happen. 🙂

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2 Replies to “(Dr. Ewen Keenan) Nathin Butler is NOT Leaving GH”

  1. I am so glad, i want that romance to happen between ewen and elizabeth, throw in a little jason jealousy, i’m good. I’m a liason fan but after all these years I want liz to have a man who will be there.

  2. I was so hoping the last weeks were going to be a dream or something like that. I really like Ewen and Elizabeth together. Don’t really care for the people from One Life tolive on the show. If I wanted to watch them I would had watched that show while it was on. Getting tired of the mob scene. It is called General Hospital after all, not mob city. Seems like if Luke can rape Laura and the they get married, then Ewen can get worked back into the show.

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