General Hospital Keeps Getting Better

Whether you love, despise, like, or could care less about some of the story lines on GH right now, no one can deny that General Hospital is at an outstanding high. There is so much excitement going on in Port Charles it is impossible to not be hooked. I totally understand the frustration of certain fan bases, because not all fans are going to be happy 100 percent of the time. But think about it, how would that even be possible? Right now, The Sonny and Brenda fans loathe the Sonny and Kate (SKate) pairing. The JaSam fans hate the fact that Liz is even breathing, and the baby switch story? Forget it! The writers are getting a lot of crap for a lot of things, but I really think it comes with the territory. Soap fans are dedicated and devoted, and basically throw their souls into the characters and couples they love most. No matter which story line is fueling your fire or feeding your passion for the show, we have to give credit to the writers and producers for keeping General Hospital and all it’s fans on the edges of their seats, and I am personally grateful for how the stories have been handled lately. In all the 20 years I have been watching this show, I have never witnessed such progression in the plots. For the first time, the stories aren’t being dragged on for decades. Take today’s episode for instance, Sam confronts Jason about the attack on McBain. In the past, this NEVER would have happened so fast. She would have hemmed and hawed, confided in someone else, Jason would have tried to hide it from Sam, someone would overhear something… so on and so forth. I LOVE the fact that they are just rolling right along, REALISTICALLY. I think that is what is keeping everyone on their toes. There is no down time. Even Heather tampering with the paternity, the big reveal that Jason is the daddy, didn’t take that long to come out. Sure we found out a few months ago that Franco was the baby’s Father, and we all speculated that Heather had something to do with it. But the truth came out fast and easy. It was enjoyable to watch Heather with the results directly, no beating around the bush, no guessing games. I really want to say how amazing Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini and all the other cast and crew are making this show. The actors have been stellar and giving it their all. This is such a great time for General Hospital and we have the cast and crew to thank. Please keep supporting our show!

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  1. Actually I can easily disagree with your statement that GH storylines are at an all time high. I believe they are still at the same old LOW of unbelievablely poorly scripted actions.

    ABC’s General Hospital soap opera writers and producers are unskilled hacks.

    GH writing is worse than those fake wrestling scripts.

    Raise your hand if you’re easily fooled and impressed with the slop that passes for writing on GH!!!

    Everything these clown writers and producers approve is so contrived and ridiculous in how they move each subplot along and is even totally inconsistent and just made up to fit their lunacy.

    Take for example that Heather was locked up in a mental ward for decades and yet, is capable of using a computer and word processor to generate a new fake DNA report and just walks into a hospital lab where the door was simply left unlocked!!! Plus she always is right there to overhear things to put her in the know and she just carries Anthony’s dead body out of the Q’s yard by herself, lol, what a load of bad writing.

    Or how about where the writers present Connie as a bad-ass that supposedly knows how to use a gun and other gangster like behavior when she NEVER was known to behave like that as a kid and as Kate relates she, as Connie, was in love with Sonny and she was a good girl and not a problem child as they tried to present her DID personality as a violent chick with gun shooting abilities that Olivia never spoke of as existing until this stupid plot twist was slammed into place. Kate reveals now that Connie was raped at 17 while she was living at home and a decent enough young person, not a wild out-of-control gun toting gangsta chick. So when could Connie have had time to become this bad-ass gun handling chick that can stand up to Jason, Johnny, etc, and even Kate, the tough-as-nails Crimson CEO who intimidates everyone and backs down to no one, not even Carly, but Kate has suddenly become a weak-willed girly-girl that can’t put Connie in her place?

    These GH writers have always demonstrated an absurdness at ignoring reality. The baddies always seem to be able to just walk in or appear somewhere they shouldn’t be or either overhear conversations they couldn’t possibly be privy to or they’re getting their hands on things that just happen to be left for them to snatch up.

    Take Todd just being able to walk through the police station and stand near the interrogation room to overhear Kate’s confession or Heather just being outside the nurse’s station when a powerful drug is casually left there unattended for Heather to snatch. And this is just a couple of the more minor examples of stupidity that the writers use to move their idiotic plots along. Imagine, Kate not being able to know what her other personality does but Connie knows everything Kate does and can even mimic Kate to a “T”.

    Or consider the recent simultaneous births of two central storyline women (Sam and Teah) and they both wind up in a isolated building in order to have their just born babies switched. With a little effort they could have made for a realistic switch-aroo in the hospital – but no, these reject writers and producers have to do ridiculous and unbelievable stunts to supposedly make it more exciting. They could make it every bit dramatic and realistically thrilling if they had any brains. Instead, they demonstrate that they live in a glue sniffing haze where anything they think of seems plausible. It’s a shame that this is what passes for entertainment.

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