Blair Kramer is Leaving Llanview and Headed Back to Port Charles!

Kassie DePaiva will be returning to General Hospital as Blair Kramer, former Llanview resident. She is the ex wife of bad boy Todd Manning and Mother to Starr Manning. She first came to Port Charles a couple months ago when Starr was in an accident and lost her boyfriend and little girl Hope. Blair seemed to hit it of with Carly, they have a lot in common. Maybe the two lovely ladies could become great friends even though their ex husbands are at dangerous odds with one another.

Lean about Blair here!

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2 Replies to “Blair Kramer is Leaving Llanview and Headed Back to Port Charles!”

  1. I love Sam and Jason together. The characters and the actors that portray them have the best chemistry of any soap couple I have seen. I hate that the writers have broken them up. They say it is to bring them back stronger but sometimes I don’t see how that could happen!plus now they keep putting Liz with Jason. Hopefully it will make Jason see that Sam really did have coincidental encounters with John. That is until they were in the same motel then she would go to his room! He was truly a friend to her,that’s all. The way she hugged him goodbye was just the way she hugged Michael and Spinelli at the baby’s funeral. Hopefully the writers won’t take too long to get the baby back to Sam and then for Jason and Sam to reunite. It was great to see Carly in support of Sam without Jason seeing this so you know it was truly sincere. I think given a chance they could become friends!!!
    And enough with the rape and baby killing stories!!!Laura was raped by Luke in the 70’s,Liz was raped as a teen,Sam was raped by Franco on her honeymoon now we find out Connie was raped as a teen!! Enough. All the baby deaths too!1Sam’s daughter, Jake, Hope and now Sam’s(really Tea’s). Let’s have some happy things now!!!

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