Frank Valentini Questions General Hospital Rumors

There are always rumors circulating about what’s going to happen on GH… Who is the baby’s Father (or Mother in some cases)? Who killed who? Who is going to die?  Will they get back together? You know how it goes. There is a lot of speculation and imagination that goes into such rumors. So Frank Valentini tweeted his concern. We all need to take into account that rumors are just that. There is no proof to any of it until it’s seen on screen or confirmed by officials.

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2 Replies to “Frank Valentini Questions General Hospital Rumors”

  1. I’m not sure how to take Valentini‘s comment. Is he being facetious, and secretly enjoying the fact that people are actually discussing his show?

    Or is he being irritably temperamental and showing a thin skin? After how many years in the business he’s not used to ‘rumors’ as a sign that the audience cares and is involved??

  2. What he said made sense, if he’s talking about spoilers. These spoilers are way way off. It’s better to wait until you watch it than reading spoilers or rumors cause that’s why people get frustrated.

    Just a note to RC, I’m a Jasam fan, always will be no matter what. Steve and Kelly deliver these very highly emotional storylines like no other actors. Their chemistry is amazing. Please don’t drag this storyline out too long.

    I’ve been a fan of GH for over 40 years, and still is even though is heartbreaking to watch my Jasam right now, but hopefully there’s a lesson here to learn on both Jason and Sam.

    I missed the comedy side of GH ever since Kirsten left, I’m glad to hear that she might be coming back. I just loved it when this 4 are on screen together Jason, Sam, Maxie and Spinelli. I see that a lot in Jason and Sam too, and that’s awesome mixing comedy with their romance.

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