General Hospital New Time Slot

Well the rumors did come true, General Hospital will be going from 3PM Eastern/Standard time to 2PM Eastern Standard time. After almost 50 years of airing on ABC at 3PM, because of Katie Couric’s new show, that will change September 10th, 2012. I use this blog to talk about GH, give information, share opinions, and gush about favorite couples and characters. I don’t like negativity because I LOVE THIS SHOW. This time however, I can’t help but post in a negative way. It’s not about the character, actors, or the show. It’s about the situation. I do not understand why Katie Couric can’t go on at 2PM. Why make a change to something that has been the same for so many years, especially while it’s doing so well? My fear is that TPTB will use the new time slot as an excuse to get rid of GH. Using excuses like, “The 2PM slot just wasn’t working. There wasn’t enough audience.” I myself will watch at 2PM because this is my favorite show and I will always support it. But there are many people out there that may not for various reasons. I really hope I am completely wrong, and GH will stay strong at it’s new time. But all in all, I am and never will I be a Katie Couric fan. There is no need for this change and if GH tanks it is her fault.

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12 Replies to “General Hospital New Time Slot”

  1. As a longtime fan, I will continue to watch at whatever time they choose to air GH. I think most true fans will continue to watch. I am thrilled they are keeping GH on the air. As for Katie, I will not watch. Not a fan, not because of this situation, just never cared for her. Thanks for your informative site!

    1. I will definitely continue to watch as well. The only thing that upsets me is that I have fear they will use this new time as an excuse when they want to take it off, saying there isn’t a large enough 2PM audience. Hopefully that is not the case. Also, I don’t understand why Katie can’t just go on at 2PM. Why the need for a switch?

  2. Agree completely! With the addition of new cast members and the some of the best storylines in years, the show is, hands down, a true winner (as recent Emmys have proven). Keeping fingers crossed the networks don’t steal this show away from us too.

  3. Personally, I think that they didn’t put Katie in at the 2 pm slot because that would pit her against “The Talk” and they know she can’t compete. I only watch 2 soaps, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital so this change in time works well for me. I kill time watching The Talk after DOOL while waiting for GH to come on. Looks like The Talk will lose a viewer and Katie won’t stand a chance getting me to watch her show at all.

  4. Let Katie take the 1 P.M. slot and leave General Hospital alone!! We will not watch Katie and we like the time slot GH has now. Quit killing our soaps!!!

  5. I feel because the 2pm time slot has failed with each show they brought on to replace One Life to Live, they will use GH to prove or not prove that the time slot has a lot to do with the ratings. I would like to ask every supporter of the “Soaps” to please continue to watch GH to prove that the time slot has nothing to do with the ratings but rather the actual Show. We have WAY too many talk shows, they should start removing some then we might actually watch good TV.
    I do miss One Life To Live but will continue to watch GH or if for some reason they cancel this as well then I will be switching to NBC.
    ABC when will you get the message that your shows S ***
    We want our soaps back then you will see the ratings go back up, if you haven’t lost a good chunk already to NBC.

  6. I am happy for the change. My kids get home from school at 3, which makes it hard for me to watch it. 2 is more convenient for me. That being said, I do understand the anger and frustration others feel about it. It seems like ABC suddenly has no care or concern for their daytime audience. I don’t watch The Chew. I never watched The Revolution. And I don’t plan to watch Katie’s show.

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