5 Replies to “General Hospital’s New Opening!”

  1. It’s about time!
    The current 7-second opening is an insult to all the fine actors on the show who only get .6 seconds of screen time, and for most of them who get rotated in and out randomly, only once or twice a week!
    And they’re not even using the long-running Emmy winning GH Theme Music — they’re using a sound clip from ‘Night Shift’!
    I hope the new opening does justice to all the talent on this show! It’s about time!

  2. Well . . the new opening is even shorter and less-focussed on the GH cast than the previous ‘Night Shift’ version.

    What a waste of money = fancy digital graphics and motion . . . and you can barely tell what it’s about. What is it? – 4 seconds long?

    I honestly don’t even remember what music was playing under it!

    Is the number of minutes of content in the show so precious that they can’t devote 30 seconds to an appealing and memorable opening??

    ☹ – thoroughly unimpressed!

  3. The opening is the worst one ever….too short….characters shouldn’t be grouped together….is McBain staying???? horrible opening….

  4. this is the worst theme gh has ever had please change it asap its so bad !!!!!!

  5. Not thrilled with the new opening. Agree that it was overdue, but it should have been better. I had to watch and rewatch it by slo-mo frame advance so I could have time to see who was included…

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