One Reply to “Sam and McBain Kiss FOR REAL”

  1. This is so wrong!!!Sam is married!!She is cheating and that’s not true to her character!!!McBain is totally taking advantage of her situation. I hope Jason kills him but then Sam and he will never get back together. They need to send John back to Llanview or bring his girlfriend to Port Charles. Recast the role of Natalie if the actress can’t do it. This total destruction of a beautiful love story has to stop!!!
    Luke and Laura were great and they ended but it was tastefully done and not within their first year of marriage!!!!And seeing Jason kiss Liz is also so wrong. Of course they are on the foot bridge ans=d I’m sure she brings up Jakey!!! So wrong. He’s leading Liz on!!!!Once he finds out Sam’s baby is alive and HIS he’ll be off him like she was poison. I hate this back and forth stuff. Ron Carlivati needs to be replaced!!! Maybe he has had a rotten marriage thats why he can’t let Sam and Jason be happy

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