GH Sizzles as McBam Kiss and a Liason Kiss!!! GH Promo!

Wow! This Summer is really sizzling on General Hospital! JaSam kissing other people? This makes me uneasy! I am glad Sam confesses right away, and to be honest, I don’t even blame her. Jason has been a jerk throughout this whole thing. So hopefully they will both realize nobody is more important to one another.


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  1. This is awful. Sam kisses McBain and Jason kisses Liz!!!Is Sam going to be mad at Jason when she hears about the kiss? she has no right to be mad. she has pushed him awy since her son died.But for a guy who is so in love with his wife,he’s not acting like it!!! They both need to be punished. Sam is grieving right now for her son. We know he’s not dead but she doesn’t!We know it Jason’s son but they don’t. Poor Liz, when Jason finds out he has a living son,he’ll drop Liz and run back to Sam.
    What crap RC is writing just for ratings!!!!!

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