Kimberly McCullough Back at GH! Robin Returns!

It’s a happy day for General Hospital fans! Today we got to see what we have all been waiting for… Kimberly McCullough back on General Hospital. Obviously, at the moment, it is not the “real” Robin that Patrick is face to face with, just his imagination. But it is the start I believe. Judging from the previews where Robin tells Patrick to save her, this could be the beginning of the quest for Patrick to find his wife… ALIVE! Hopefully, his will to find her will also be his saving grace to over come his addiction. Robin is calling out to her husband. They have a connection as deep as any love could possess. Patrick will feel that Robin is alive and needs him. I am so excited for this story to go under way. It hasn’t been said whether Kimberly McCullough is ready to come back to GH steadily, but we will take what we can get when it comes to our Scrubs! And I must add… Kimberly looked absolutely gorgeous!

3 Replies to “Kimberly McCullough Back at GH! Robin Returns!”

    1. I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been watching Robin she since first came on the show. I had almost stopped watching GH. Please stay on the show Robin!!!! Please, you are a great actress!

  1. I couldn’t be more thrilled that Kimberly is going to give it another try. I just hope that this great long time soap stay’s on the air. To the powers that be. NOBODY WILL WATCH KATIE’S SHOW. I don’t like that the time has changed for GH for that …….. Person. I would watch a test pattern before that show.

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