Robin Scorpio Returning to GH….. Oh Heather!

WOW! What an ending to GH today! Heather Webber stating to ANNA, Robin’s own Mother, nonetheless, that Robin is alive. What a shock! I am so excited they are touching on the Robin story a lot sooner than expected. Even if Kimberly McCullough is not ready to come back to GH full term, I appreciate the fact that the story is not just being forgotten and suddenly brought up months or years down the road. Giving us a taste of what is coming is the perfect way to keep the fans wanting more. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am LOVING how these story lines are not drawn out for months on end. It seems more fast paced now. I am not getting bored with anything. They really know how to keep us on our toes. Heather Webber, played by Robin Mattson is one of my favorite characters. She is the perfect villain, and plays the crazy oh so well. Since she has been on the show, the plots have been so exciting, dramatic, and suspenseful. It was such a great move bringing this long time GH character back to the canvas. It is still uncertain if Kimberly McCullough is back to reprise the role of Robin long term. Kimberly is loved by all and it would be such an asset to the show to have her back. Scrubs was an amazing duo. Their family was a realistic reflection of family life. Working parents, an adorable child,  a loving Grandma, and a doting Grandfather figure. Little Emma will get her Mother back some day. If only that could be true for every child…. oh the beauty of soaps. 🙂

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  1. I am so with you! I am loving the speed in which these storylines move and the number of great storylines that are going on simultaneously. I used to hate tht some of the great stories dragged on and on to the point of boredom most often. GH has never been better. It’s exciting, it’s drama filled, it’s humor filled, and it’s got some superb acting happening along with some fabulous old and new GH’ers showing up on our screen this summer! I hope they don’t drag it out too long and make Sam miss too much more of the ‘bonding time’ between mother and son, and I hope that Johnny doesn’t take his secret to the grave with him! Starr is admiring and loving him right now and she deserves to know the truth! I am loving Todd! He’s hysterical. That man can act!

    I too, like you, am glad that we have not been made to forget Robin and then have her show up months or years down the road. I could have done without another Rx drug addiction, most of which get portrayed beyond what’s real… but Patrick is awesome so hopefully they’ll make it short and sweet.

    Fasten your seatbelt everyone…. looks like the next 6 weeks at least are going to be pretty darn amazing!

  2. The stories are moving fast except for Sam’s baby switch story!! Sam had her son on 6/1 and he is almost 2 months old now!! We haven’t even seen him in Llanview with Tea at all!!! Sam is getting close but in the process she and Jason are getting farther apart and that is not good!!! I love all the other story lines but not the Jasam one!! I get that the new head writer feels that married couples are boring!!but these characters were so good together and strong. He has completely changed them without any explanation why!!! Sam I could believe because she already lost a child who she never even got to see or hold and this is the second time. She held this boy and bonded and he was ripped from her and she blames Jason because of the events that transpired. But John McBain was everywhere she was before she had the baby. Once she had him,he was no where!!!He could have seen her at the hospital with the dead baby and agreed,yes,that is not the baby I delivered!!But no!!Then they place him at the docks for kissy face and Jason to see!! It just doesn’t make sense.

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