Dr. Ewen Keenan Has Robin!

We got to see A LOT of Robin today, and we found out a lot more than we had expected this early in the game. Heather seems to know quite a bit about what is going on and we now know she isn’t bluffing. We have all tossed around the idea of Heather being involved, and there have been speculations of Dr. Ewen Keenan possibly being a Cassadine, and/or having something to do with Robin’s disappearance. Well today’s episode of GH has revealed that Dr. Keenan is in fact behind Robin’s kidnapping. But why? Who is he? Are the rumors of him being Jerry Jacks true? I am very excited that Nathin Butler gets to be part of such a huge story! There is so much to sort through, it’s hard to wrap our heads around it all! That’s what makes this show so exciting. The story is¬†unpredictable, fast paced, and full of all the characters we love! Please leave a comment below and let us know your take on this. Why Dr. Keenan? Is Heather telling Anna the whole truth? Share your thoughts with General Hospital Blog!

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  1. It is very rare that General Hospital can surprise me, my husband even says I should be a writer for the show. I try not to read too many magazines because I want to be surprised. Today, it happened!! I did NOT expect Ewen to be the one who has Robin!! I am very interested to see why and I hope Robin is around for a long time!!! I literally have grown up with Robin and she has always been my favorite. I hope Anna and Patrick find her soon!!

    1. me too me too… I literally jaw dropped and said out loud ‘oh my god no way!’ Awesome i love it when i get totally blind sided by soaps…. im a UK viewer and it never happens in UK soaps we always know exactly whats going on. LOVED IT x

      1. OMG no kidding.. My jaw dropped too.. I have a feeling Anna is going to be kidnapped by Ewen and held with Robin.. Patrick will be the one that finds them both.

  2. Well my theory is that Ewen is in fact the crazy Valentin Cassadine that Helena spoke of long ago. Mikkos who was his father abandoned him years ago. And his mother is an unknown woman (could she be Ana) maybe he is jealous that Robin got loved and he didnt. Just a thought =)

  3. I was very surpised when i saw Ewen being the “Dr.” for Robin. I just wish that Robin is home soon to see Emma and to help Patrick because know Ewen is helping Patrick out with his problems for missing Robin. Hopfully Robin didn’t lose her memory of everyone she loves. Anna really need to believe Heather and go to Ferncliff and save her daughter. I have missed Robin so much and know that its closer to being found out, I just can’t wait till see gets home.

  4. I can’t believe that Ewen Keenan is behind Robins disappearance. I really like him and I hope that its not really Ewen, instead some evil twin brother. I really like Liz and Ewen together and if it’s really Ewen that has Robin then they won’t last once the truth is out.

  5. omg i just cannot believe that doctor keenan has robin …. !!! i actually thought maybe dr. lisa niles was alive and maybe she had her because heather and lisa were both admitted to fern cliff !!! omg i watched the episode at least 800 times i know !! the mysterious fone calls dr. keenan would get :O ! UGHH && NOW PATRICK HAS A DRUG PROBLEM AND DR. KEENAN IS THE DR. TO HELP HIM COPE WITH HIS LOSS ! ITS SOOOO MUCHHH !! alsotodd found out who really killd his grandchild and thats comming out, carly is going to be so hurt ! todd also has the dna results for sam & jasons baby in his safe ! everythimg is fixing to comee out in august && i cannot waitt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I have to say I WAS SHOCKED!!!! I DVR it because I am at work and I rewound it three times. My heart was pounding when they revealed it was Dr. Keenan! I can’t wait to see where this is going. I think he’s definitely a Cassidine!

  7. I am so shocked. I also thought Lisa Niles. I wonder what they are going to do since Robin is not coming back, just shot a few episodes. What did the nurse mean by don’t worry, we are ready for Anna?!?! Geesh, finally, getting some really good story lines, so happy!

  8. I was shocked also that it was Dr. Keenan. I thought maybe Helena or something like that…I do recall them months ago saying he was going to be an evil Cassidine but then I thought they dropped that and made him nice. It will be hard for me to hate him because in Real life I hear he Rescured a Dog and I love him for that! But I guess his character, at least on G.H. is no good. I feel bad for Liz…Can’t that woman ever have a Good man! LOL I hope Robin comes home healthy soon. And Anna kicks some Butt!

  9. Seriously? I knew he was going to be a Cassadine as soon as he showed up on Spoon Island when rescuing Elizabeth. I suspected he was the one that was holding Robin all along. I think GH has become very predictable. Now Hope will be coming back from the dead as well. GH is casting a 3-4 year old blonde girl. They could be aging Jocelyn but I doubt it. Also, now Todd has sent a picture of John kissing Sam to Natalie so that relationship will be over and he will forget all about his kid and come have a romance with Sam. Boring and very predictable.

  10. I think Ewen is the son of Ceasar Faison, the psycho who kidnapped Anna all those years ago, and now Ewen and Ceasar have kidnapped Robin to lure Anna out in the open.

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