Are You Ready for More Robin Scorpio Drake?

This week on General Hospital has been so intense with the return of Kimberly McCullough as Robin Scorpio Drake! Jason Thompson is doing a stellar job with these intense scenes. He makes loss and grief on a soap completely realistic and I am glad to see that he isn’t over Robin in one hot minute. I am hoping that Patrick and Anna don’t over look their instincts and mistake them for delusions and mind games for long. It would be nice to see them come to each other with their thoughts about Robin being alive so that they can share that they feel the same. Anna and Patrick teaming up to find Robin would be an awesome story! How much does Heather really have to do with it? Is she behind the whole thing, or just have an inside track? Rumors are that Dr. Ewen Keenan has a secret… could it be related to Robin, or the Cassadines? Something big is brewing here. This truly is a General Hospital Block Buster Summer!

3 Replies to “Are You Ready for More Robin Scorpio Drake?”

  1. omg . BABY COME BACK ! LOL ! jkkk. I <3 Robin and i hope she comes back . .I love this show so much . It's just addicting to watchh ! #PaRob <3

  2. I am so excited I can bust…….. I totally think this is a Cassadine related situation, but you never know maybe the Dr. from AMC has something to do with it….. I’m just ready for this to be over already, they need to bring Robin back…. I hate seeing Patrick this way. He needs Robin right now. And I can’t wait for Jason and Sam to find out that their baby is alive. I’m so excited, I so love GH….. and how they are bringing the cast of OLTL on….. Amazing…. I cried when they were cancelled. Now, it’s the best of both worlds. Absolutely Amazing.

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