Jen Lilley’s Last Day on GH

Jen Lilley’s last air date on General Hospital is Friday, August 10th. I would like to say farewell to the very lovely, talented, sweet, and genuine actress that was able to fill such big shoes without hesitation, and without flaw. Jen has been an amazing addition to the cast of General Hospital. She has reached out to her fans in many different ways and through many media sources. From radio interviews, to Facebook, to Twitter, Jen Lilley has stayed involved and engaged in the people that suport her the most – GH fans. The fans want to thank Ms. Lilley for everything she has brought to the character of Maxie Jones and to GH as a whole. We wish her the best in all that she does, and hope she is continually blessed to be able to show her true talents by entertaining her audience. I believe this is just the beginning for her. As a GH fan, I still hope that someday she can come back as another character on the show. Whether that happens, or she finds a new path, I will support her in her future endeavors. From all your fans, THANK YOU JEN LILLEY, Farewell, and good luck. We love you! xoxoxo

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  1. amy Woodman says:

    I LOVE Jen and don’t want to see her go!!!! PLEASE let her stay on in another character. Maybe as Serena Baldwin?

  2. Dee Figueroa says:

    It was nice seeing you own that role while on GH. You won me over! Looking forward to seeing what God will bless you with next.

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