Steve Burton QUITS General Hospital

I am in just a shock as EVERYONE else. I haven’t even finished reading the full article as I am typing this blog post. I am almost in tears actually. Thoughts are racing through my head such as, “What will happen to The Morgan’s? What about the baby? Jason Jr.? How will this end?” I am terribly heartbroken by this news. I honestly thought it was a sick joke when I briefly read the tweet. Not until I opened the article did I know it was true. I have to cut this post short and post a link for you all to click on because I can’t even write right now… Click here.

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  1. I am sooooooo sad that Steve who has played Jason Quartermaine all these many years is
    leaving! I was sobbing today as Sam and Jason were imagining how their lives would
    have been if their baby didn’t die. Once they started playing their song, I was sobbing.
    How can the show be anything great without Jason. Jason is General Hospital!!!!!!! He is
    the only reason why I watched. I am a TRUE 100% JASAM FAN FOREVER!!! I was hoping so
    much that Jason and Sam would find their baby and that Jason is the father, and bring
    them back together! We waited 8 years for this. It seems like the writers never wanted
    Jason and Sam together. They messed up the beautiful marriage and, finally had their own
    baby and destroyed it. Now Steve is leaving. GH will never be the same. Come back Steve
    Burton. We all love you and will miss you terribly.

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