Kirsten Storms Returns to GH Today as Maxie Jones 9-5-12

Today is the day GH, Maxie Jones, and Kirsten Storms fans have been waiting for! Today marks Kirsten’s first air date back to General Hospital since her medical leave about a year ago. She has been missed. We are so happy that she is healthy and able to be back to work. She is a beautiful and talented actress and it is wonderful to have her grace us with her presence every afternoon.I personally am looking forward to ALL of Maxie’s scenes and interactions with the residents of Port Charles. In the near future, I have hope for Spinelli and Maxie to get back together. We need a Spixie reunion! Congratulations Kirsten on getting well and coming back to work. Welcome back!

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  1. Welcome back Kristen,you were missed more than you know.It was not the same watching GH without you.Hope you are felling much better.Once again welcome back.

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