2 Replies to “Steve Burton’s Emotional Video On GH Exit”

  1. Watched you grow up on GH You will really be missed. Bring Port Chuck to Asheville NC sometime. Enjoy your family and your farm, ranch, whatever, just go back to GH sometimes just for a visit like Jerry Jax does. Have a very happy life and thanks for all the memories.

  2. Steve, you truly have been so fun to watch all these 21 years on GH.
    I’ve been watching GH for so many years, and want you to know
    that you truly have been the best male actor on the show. Your role
    of both Jason Quartermaine and Jason Morgan has been played better
    than any other on the show. You will be dearly missed. Especially your
    Jason and Sam relationship! THE JASAM COUPLE has definitely been a
    a MOST MEMORABLE love story on GH! To many of us, JASAM has been the
    best couple ever on GH, and will be so terribly missed. We are so used to
    watching you and Sam carry that whole show. What will Sam, Sonny and
    Carly do without Jason? So sad. No one can fill your shoes, or play that role
    except you. The fun all began when heart throb Jason Morgan met and fell
    deeply in love with the beautiful Sam McCall! Wow 9 years have flown by with
    you two having fun, laughter, adventure, intreage, romance and steamy hot passion!
    Just know how much you’ve touched others all these years. It’s going to be very hard
    to watch your finale. Hope it won’t be tragic. Just hearing the beginning of the JaSam
    love song they occasionally play, brings tears to my eyes. We your fans are SO HOPING,
    that the writers bring You, Sam and your own baby together and let you three live a loving
    most wonderful life together before you leave!! That’s what we’ve been waiting for now for
    9 years!!! So, I wish you good luck in your next endeavors, but we many fans of yours hope
    that someday you will return to GH, and bring our most beloved Jason Morgan back home.
    Many fan’s tears will be shed. Much love and blessings to you, from one of your many fans.

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