Sean Kanan (ex A.J. Quartermaine) Returns to General Hospital!

Actor Sean Kanan returns to GH this October 29th! It has yet to be revealed as to who he will be playing. Since he has a history with GH, rumors are circulating that he could be cast as his past character A.J., even though he was murdered in 2005. Another rumor suggests that he may be the recast for Jason Morgan, upon Steve Burton’s exit later this Fall. The news is hoped to remain a secret until Sean’s debut on October 29th.

One Reply to “Sean Kanan (ex A.J. Quartermaine) Returns to General Hospital!”

  1. I’m excited about him coming back to GH regardless of what character he plays. Although I really don’t want Steve Burton to leave (I loooooooove him in the role), I would be accepting to Sean taking over the role. I would rather see this than the role of Jason totally leave the show. His part is just getting really meaty! Still lots of Jason to explore. I think the fans came to love Jen Lilley’s portrayal of Maxie. So if this is to be Sean’s role, as rumored, I can’t wait. Either way, welcome back to GH, Sean!

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