Steve Burton’s Last Day at General Hospital

Yesterday September 27, 2012, was the last day of Steve Burton’s 21 year long career of playing GH’s Jason (Quartermaine) Morgan. All throughout the day, cast mates posted pictures, Tweeted, and posted Facebook messages showing their love and support for such a dear friend and asset to General Hospital. The entire cast wore black T shirts on Steve’s last day taping on the GH set in honor of Jason. Steve Burton is off to live in Tennessee with his family, something he has always wanted to do, and felt that now is the best time to fulfill that dream. As a fan, and like most of us, I do not know what comes next for Jason Morgan and all the ways he fit into the story lines. My heart breaks for JaSam and the fact that if Jason is written off, Sam will lose her soul mate in some way or another, Sonny, Spinelli, and Carly will lose their best friend. And who knows, that may be good for Liz, out of sight, out of mind, right? haha. Might be just what she needs to get over him. Here are some featured Tweets regarding Steve’s last day.

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and this one just breaks my heart… actually crying now.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I am a true JASAM fan. I’ve been watching Jason Morgan and Jason Quartermaine
    since Steve came to GH so many years ago. I’ve always been a huge Jason fan, and
    it’s just so sad to know he’s now leaving this JASAM storyline. I remember just like it
    was yesterday when heartthrob Jason Morgan met the beautiful Sam McCall. He took her
    in for Sonny, and vowed to love and take care of the baby. But before long Jason fell deeply
    in love with Sam, and the love story between them has been so fun to watch. They are the
    only reason why I’ve kept watching all these years. Their love has been so full of fun, joy,
    laughter, intreage, adventure, protection and steamy romance. I can’t remember ever there
    being a more perfectly matched couple on GH! They always had eachother’s back, and did
    anything it took to save or protect eachother. Sam always accepted Jason for who he is, and
    Jason also accepted Sam for exactly who she is. All they have ever wanted is to be together,
    get married and have their own baby. So finally we fans got to see them get married and
    start a fun honeymoon. But, the writers decided to bring in so much pain for them to deal
    with. Making them believe that Sam was rapped and from then on RC decided to rip this so
    precious couple apart. We JASAM fans have been again waiting for these two to find their way
    back to eachother. But each time they get close we have to deal with Elizabeth scheming to
    keep them apart. So it saddens me to think that these new writers don’t really know the Sam
    and Jason characters at all. It seems to be their desire to refuse to let JASAM reunite with
    their deep love, and find thir very own baby boy. Jason would be speechless in so much love
    to know he’s the father of his and SAM’s baby. And that Sam was never even raped. It was
    all a lie to destroy them. When they are together and their love song starts to play, it’s hard
    holding the tears back. It’s funny to think that two characters on a soap opera can have such
    huge effect on us. But they do, because we’ve been watching them for so many years. We
    feel like we know them. This JASAM COUPLE has been easy to fall in love with. I can’t even
    imagine Steve as our most beloved Jason Morgan, never to be seen again on the show. It’s
    heartbreaking. Please writers, get JASAM REUNITED AND THEIR BABY, before Steve leaves
    the show. Do the right thing! They deserve it and so do their loyal fans. Anyway it’s almost
    time for Steve to leave, and it’s going to be a very sad day for all his and the JASAM FANS.
    No one can fill Steve’s shoes. He is the only Jason Morgan for all of us fans. He suits that roll
    like it was made just for him.

    So, goodbye for now Steve. I wish you the very best in life with future endevors. You will
    be so deeply missed, and tears will be shed by many. I hope you come back to GH someday.
    Much love and blessings to you from one of your many many JASAM FANS…….

  2. angie says:

    I am going to miss you.. but I wish you all the blessings with your family..I have been watching GH since the first time it aired..That was 50 years ago…xxoo

  3. angie says:

    sorry it was 49 years ago.. 1963…

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