9 Replies to “Will Jason Morgan Die?”

  1. I hope the writers don’t kill off Jason!! Why can’t these horrible writers get Sam and Jason
    back together with their son, and let them know that Jason is the true father of their adorable
    baby!!! JaSam deserves to get together and be a happy loving family together before Steve goes.
    I feel like Steve is leaving due to these new writers poor storylines. They drag out every single
    story line until we are nauseated!!! Time to wrap up the stupid and cruel whole Jasam storyline
    of ripping them apart right after they finally gor married, faked Sam’s rape, stole her baby, keeping paternity test of their baby a secret, and refuses to get JaSam back together! I am so sick of these
    writers being so cruel to the Sam and Jason characters. It’s like they hate those two. If they
    keep it up, they’ll cause GH to be cancelled, just like they caused their prior soap OLTL cancelled.
    GIVE US A HAPPY JASAM ENDING! I hope Steve comes back someday. GH won’t be the same….
    without our heartthrob Jason Morgan/ Steve Burton. Only he can play that role.

  2. You notice that they didn’t find his body. That way he (or another actor playing Jason) can com back. Maybe with amnesia. May GH is just waiting to find a replacement for Steve Burton. We will miss you Steve.

    1. I totally agree with you but I don’t think after 21 years there can be another Jason. If Steven burton doesn’t come back then I say just kill the character altogether. Maybe Steve will come back later for a brief time.

  3. Yes, Mellie I agree that Jason probably is alive because he never dies with all of his gunshots.
    I’m hoping he is alive and hurt someplace, and rescued by someone who may be taking care of
    him. Jason could be unconscious or lost his memory. I don’t think GH could ever be the same
    without Jason. So yes, they may wait for Steve to return, or re-cast him. My deep hope as
    with all the other Jason fans, is that Steve will decide to return after a long rest period and does
    some projects he wants to do. What a thrill it would be to see our beloved Steve/Jason walk through
    his door to return home to Sam and little adorable Daniel. That would shoot the ratings through
    the roof!!!! So come back Steve. We miss you already.

  4. I just want a happy ending for Jason and Sam and baby. Not him dieing that has been done and done, come on can’t they just walk into the sunset and have a happy ending for once. Bring the characters back if they want when show needs story line. If they let Jason and Sam go now happily: Sam could have a twin and she could show up after Jason and Sam leave the show. So, no one loses job!!! Yeah that works for me!! Her twin could be evil!!

    I agree with Mary, Elizabeth needs more air time!! She is great and she needs awesome script here!

    I love GH and am glad ABC at least kept one show. Sick of Dr. show now, its like going to the Dr. Every Day!! Bring back ONE LIFE TO LIVE AND ALL MY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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