Sam Believes Jason is Alive!

Sam has great instincts. Her women’s intuition was spot on when she felt in her heart that her son was not gone, and it turned out he was healthy and safe and is now back in her arms. Whens he finds out the truth, that Jason is the true Father of Danny, she will know she was right about that too. We all know that Steve Burton is on a new life journey and has no plans or indication of returning any time soon. But that does not mean a thing in the soap world. Jason Morgan’s body was not found and he could very well be alive and just unable to contact Sam for any reason. Sam has made it clear to her loved ones that she really believes Jason is alive. She looked to her P.I. partner and best friend, Spinelli for help along with her new friend John McBain. John is supporting her instinct and wants to help her keep the hope alive and find Jason. I love this. I love that they have made Jason have a dramatic exit, yet open for the character to return. Whether it will be Steve Burton himself to reprise the role sometime down the road, or a recast sooner than later, either way, I am with Sam. I believe Jason is alive.

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  1. I agree with Sam! She does have great instincts especially where Jason is concerned! I believe he is alive too! Steve Burton is not coming back but I hope they recast the role! Kelly has great chemistry with whomever they pair her with! Steve is Jason but we can accept someone new until if and when he decides he may come back. I never thought I could see anyone but Laura with Luke but after years it was nice seeing him with Tracy and now I love him with Anna. I think the only man for Sam is Jason. I don’t want to see her bed McBain or hear Danny call him Daddy!!!

  2. I agree completely with Sam that Jason is still alive! She in her heart and soul knows he’s alive.
    It is my hope that our beloved Jason Morgan is definitely alive. He is probably hurt somewhere,
    or unconscious, may have memory loss from being shot, and is being cared for by someone who
    found his injured body. Let’s hope that down the road when Steve Burton has had a break and
    completed other projects, he’ll decide to return home to GH where Sam, baby Danny, and all
    his many many fans will be waiting for him. Come back Steve/Jason someday!

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