General Hospital BLOOPERS!

We don’t typically get to see the silly side of General Hospital. Once in a while, there will be a breath of fresh air when humor is written into the script. Luke, Tracy, The Qs, Spinelli, Maxie, and many others have made us laugh on the show.

Here’s your chance to catch your favorite GH stars in their funniest moments that were never meant to be put on screen!

Check out these hilarious General Hospital Bloopers!


Vanessa Marcil Returns, Brenda Barrett Headed to Port Charles

Vanessa Marcil has played the unforgettable role of Brenda Barrett on and off on General Hospital for many years. Vanessa originated the role in 1992, and later left the role for 4 years, to return again in short term appearances.

Brenda Barrett and mobster Sonny Corinthos had an epic love affair that fans still swoon over to this day. Brenda has also been in love with another high powered Port Charles businessman, Jasper Jacks. Sonny and Jacks have been at odds for years as they were both in love with the beautiful Brenda.

Recently, Vanessa spoke with Soaps in Depth regarding the possible return of her character, Brenda. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the actress has been talking to sources at SID about a possible return to GH. Marcil said, “There’s always conversations. I’m a big fan of surprises, there won’t be an announcement before you see me on air. Like how they brought me back during the 2013 Nurses Ball, I was on set before people found out.”

Vanessa may be returning to the canvas, but it is uncertain whether she would be a long term player. She is currently working on other projects, including opening a restaurant.

No confirmations of her return have been made, and Executive Producer, Frank Valentini has not commented on either side of this news.

Now that Carly and Sonny seem to be in a happy place together once again, do you think it’s time for Brenda to waltz in and make a mess of things for Carly? Let us know what you think? Are you excited at the possibility of having Brenda Barrett back in Port Charles?

A Warm Welcome for GH’s New Kiki Jerome

On today’s episode of General Hospital, actress Hayley Erin made her debut as the new Kiki Jerome. General Hospital Blog previously reported that Kristen Alderson chose to leave GH to pursue other projects. In a video to her fans, Kristen explains her decision to depart from General Hospital. You can watch that video by clicking here.¬†GH Blog wishes Kristen all the best in her future career endeavors.

General Hospital Blog would like to welcome the recast of Kiki Jerome, Hayley Erin. We wish her the best of luck on her new journey with ABC’s General Hospital.

Do NOT Miss The First 10 Seconds of General Hospital Today! Find Out Why!

Typically, we see commercials on ABC advertising for a week’s worth of episodes, an entire month, or a specific hot story line. Fans enjoy the weekly promos, General Hospital spoilers, and GH previews that get everyone anxious and excited for what’s about to happen next.

The benefit of having a Twitter account is being able to have information regarding General Hospital right at our finger tips. The executives over at GH use Twitter quite a bit to reach out to fans, and to promote the show. This morning, GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati sent out a tweet to fans, encouraging them not to miss the first 10 seconds of General Hospital on today’s episode. Why you wonder? He said that there will be a “very importnant announcement.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Check out Ron’s tweet below, and do not miss the beginning of GH today!



General Hospital Spoilers: Michael and Sonny Battle In Court! Who Crashes the Courtroom?

Michael is actually going through with trying to get custody of his sister, Avery Corinthos. Although they are not related by blood, Michael and Avery are legally brother and sister, due to the fact that Michael is Sonny’s legally adoptive son.

In a new issue of Soaps in Depth, the cover reveals a major General Hospital spoiler. In the custody battle over Avery, spoilers indicate that there will be a shocking courtroom crasher!

Ava Jerome has been presumed dead for weeks, but no one has ever found her body. General Hospital rumors have speculated that Ava is actually alive and Silas may be helping her hide out. When it comes down to the judge’s decision, will Ava be the one to show up in the courtroom? Major General Hospital rumors have been floating around, saying that Sonny isn’t the father of baby Avery, and that Morgan acutally is.

Do you think Ava Jerome will the the one to crash the courtroom? Perhaps she has some information regarding Avery’s paternity that he judge needs to know before a decision is made.

Let us know what you think? Who could be the courtroom crasher? Ava? AJ Quartermaine? Make your guess and leave it in a comment below!