Ted King Ready to Return to General Hospital

Lorenzo Alcazar helped Carly deliver baby Morgan when she went into labor. But he wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. He was bad. Very bad. His twin brother, Luis was even worse. In 2002 Luis Alcazar came to Port Charles with one main goal, to be responsible for the demise of Sonny Corinthos.

Luis Alcazar has a laundry list of criminal offenses which include but aren’t limited to the following: Keeping the beautiful Brenda Barrett captive for about 4 years, convincing her that she was mentally ill. All the while he was drugging her. He caused the death of Alexis’ sister Kristina by blowing up Sonny’s house. Alcazar also tried to kill Zander Smith when he threw him overboard… There are many more heinous crimes where those came from which ultimately led to his death. Alexis killed Luis in self defense by pushing him off a balcony.

In 2003, Ted King returned to GH as Luis’ brother, Lorenzo Alcazar. He played this role until 2007 and left quite a mark throughout his time in Port Charles. Lorenzo was a lot like his brother when it came to his reason to be in Port Charles. He wanted to take Sonny down and would stop at nothing until that happened. Lorenzo was responsible for kidnapping Sonny, sleeping with Carly, kidnapped Spinelli and Lulu and ordered a hit on them, kidnapped Sonny’s sister, Courtney, and the list goes on…

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ted King tells sources that he is ready to return to General Hospital. After accepting a role on One Life to Live as Tea Delgado’s brother, Tomas, the show was prematurely canceled and Ted King was out of a job. On coming back to GH as Alcazar, King tells a source, “There’s a lot to work out logistically. They teased the audience about a year ago with bringing him on, but that’s up to Head Writer, Ron Carlivati and Executive Producer, Frank Valentini. I certainly know that those guys are creative enough to figure it out.”

Could Lorenzo come back to Port Charles after being shot and killed by Sonny’s hit-man Jason Morgan in 2007? Stranger things have happened in this town. Would you like to see Ted King return to General Hospital, bringing his character Lorenzo Alcazar back to Port Charles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Will Live and Who Will DIE?

General Hospital drama is on fire right now and February Sweeps is about to take fans by storm. With the Fluke mystery finally about to explode, we can say this February Sweeps will be one for the books.

GH spoilers have warned fans that Fluke’s plan for a party could end in catastrophe. Any party held in the city of Port Charles is bound to end badly. What will go down at The Haunted Star?

General Hospital spoilers from the cover of Soaps in Depth magazine indicate mayhem is about to go down! With upcoming explosions and a shootout, it is uncertain whether or not everyone will make it out alive.

Many changes have been taking place with the cast of GH. Several news reports of the ins and outs of the actors, contract renewing, and actors moving on into new directions. Nothing has been confirmed of an actor/actress leaving the show as of yet. So far we know that Kristen Alderson has decided to not renew her contract, but the role of Kiki Jerome has already been recast with Hayley Erin.

Who is going to die this February Sweeps on General Hospital? The residents of Port Charles better take cover.

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Kiki Jerome Recast

General Hospital News…

As fans come to terms with the fact that Kristen Alderson has decided to leave General Hospital, it was inevitable that the role of Kiki Jerome would have to be recast. Kiki is too involved in current story lines to just have the character killed off the show or move away. Also, Kristen Alderson has already taped her final episode, which would leave no time to develop a story for the character’s demise.

TPTB moved quite quickly in hiring the new actress to play Kiki Jerome. The Young and the Restless star (Abby, 2008-2010), Hayley Erin will take on the role and step into Kristen Alderson’s shoes.

General Hospital Blog sends well wishes to Kristen in her life’s new direction! Kristen as been part of the ABC Network since she was 6 years old. Her role as Starr Manning on ABC’s One Life to Live has left a lasting impression with soap fans everywhere. We also welcome Hayley with open arms to the GH family.

What are your thoughts regarding this recast?

Tristan Rogers Entertains the Idea of Returning to General Hospital

This past year, ABC’s General Hospital and CBS’ The Young and the Restless seem to be having fun playing a good game of actor swap. From Maura West to Steve Burton, 2014 was full of exchanging stars from one soap to the other.

Tristan Rogers is yet another daytime star that has bounced from Y&R to GH from time to time. Although the actor, and GH legendary character Robert Scorpio is currently away from GH as he plays Colin on Y&R, there is hope that he will be able to work out a deal that allows him to take part in both daytime dramas. Rogers just signed on with The Young and the Restless for another year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he cannot appear on General Hospital as Robert Scorpio.

Rogers expressed via Twitter that the issue regarding being able to appear on GH while still under contract with Y&R has yet to be resolved. That being said, it is highly possible that the two networks are ironing out an agreement to let Tristan Rogers return to General Hospital while he is also playing Colin on Y&R.

Rogers’ character, Robert Scorpio would fit perfectly into current story lines over in Port Charles. The identity of Fluke is about to be revealed, which Luke and Robert have a long history with each other. Also, Robin, Robert’s daughter, is still being held by Helena Cassadine. General Hospital rumors have indicated the return of Robin Scorpio in the near future. What better timing for dear old dad to return as well, right?

Let us know if you’d be excited to see Tristan Rogers reprise his role as Robert Scorpio on General Hospital. Comment below!