Someone is Back from the Dead!

In the latest spoilers that were sent out by ABC, The week of July 7th includes someone coming back from the dead! There have been numerous rumors surrounding who actually dies this week, which ultimately led to theories of who comes back from the dead. The rumor that Alice dies has been going on for a few weeks and since she suffered a heart attack at ELQ the other day, it looks as though it could possible be true. Do you think Alice could come back to warn Michael about Tracy?We certainly hope The Dominator doesn’t pass away and is able to make a speedy recovery.

We have also heard that Rafe is going to die. After Thursday’s car accident with Molly in the passenger seat, Rafe and Molly are left unconscious. It’s been rumored that Rafe will be operated on by Dr. Drake. With all of Dr. Drakes anger toward Rafe for causing the accident, no one knows what Patrick will do on that operating table. Will Rafe die and be resurrected?

Of course there are many other characters that are supposedly “dead” that could be coming back for a surprise visit. Let us know who you think it could be by commenting below.

Haley Pullos (Molly Davis Lansing) Weighs in on Tomorrow’s GH

Even though the episode on Friday, July 4th was a repeat, there was still quite the cliffhanger on Thursday’s episode. A scared and confused Molly was riding passenger in Silas’ car, with Rafe Kovich as the driver. Rafe has done the unthinkable and is running away instead of facing the people he hurt. Lives were shattered after Patrick and Sabrina were ran off the road coming home from Emma’s dance recital. Rafe admitted to Molly that he was behind the wheel that night and caused the accident. However, he also disclosed that it wasn’t an accident, he wasn’t high, and that someone put him up to it. Molly was shocked but before she could find out who would talk Rafe into such a thing, Rafe crashed into the road block the police set up to catch him. Both kids are unconscious and unresponsive. In the preview for the next episode Sam is standing over Molly yelling “She isn’t waking up!”

Fans are dying to know if actress Haley Pullos and/or actor Jimmy Deshler are leaving General Hospital. Will Rafe and Molly survive the accident? Find out this week on General Hospital!

Haley Pullos sent out a tweet to General Hospital fans, reminding them not to miss General Hospital tomorrow, Monday, July 7th. Check out what she had to say in her tweet below.


Executive Producer Frank Valentini Tells What’s in Store for Patrick Drake

We have been watching Jason Thompson play the role of Dr. Patrick Drake for 7 years now. Since 2007 we have been able to recognize and appreciate his abilities as an actor. It’s always great to hear what General Hospital co-workers and TPTB think of our favorite stars.

In a recent article from Michael Fairman, he explains that in an interview on the red carpet for the 41st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Frank Valentini let him in on what Patrick Drake will be up to throughout this Summer. He gives kudos to Jason Thompson for his amazing portrayal of the talented, good looking, father of the year, Dr. Patrick Drake. Frank Valentini revealed, “A lot will happen with Patrick over the summer and into the Fall, and we also have Sabrina’s return.  Jason Thompson is a tremendous actor who is constantly refining and reworking his craft.  He’s always in class, and he is such a wonderful guy and amazing.”

Valentini also gave major props to other actors on General Hospital. He explain that when casting new actors, they do it very carefully in order to keep up with the incredible talent that already exists in Port Charles. He mentioned Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos Jacks), and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis). In response to a question asking about the casting of Maura West (Ava Jerome), Donna Mills (Madeline Reeves), and Michelle Stafford (Nina Clay), he stated, “We have a tremendous cast, and we choose everyone very carefully, because of the caliber of actors such as Maurice Benard (Sonny), Laura Wright (Carly,) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) … you’ve got to bring in some pretty big guns to compete with them.  You will see Donna Mills (Madeline) again this summer.”

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