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  1. Like many GH fans I’m going to miss Steve Burton in the role of Jason Morgan. It will be interesting to see what changes Sam goes through as a result of this loss.

    I know Alexis had Sam as a teenager, but to my knowledge, the GH writers have never really said who Sam’s biological father really is? If I recall that story line from years ago, Alexis was not raped, but her father forced her to give up Sam when she was a baby. Alexis must know who he is. In addition to caring for Daniel, Sam’s going to something to occupy her time. She could put some of her PI resources to use and find out who her biologial father is…

    1. Alex claimed she was to drunk to remember who the father is. I think she was hypnotized and remember his name became with a J. Why don’t they just do a DNA test to see if Julian is really her dad. I think the Jason with a new face is ok but it seems it has been done so many times before and unless they really do something different it will just play out like it did when Robin came back and broke up Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding.

  2. HI! I was tv surfing…and happened on General Hospital…the stories really suck you in…(except for the relish one, not sure what that’s about?) Some of the actors are really good…anyways, I did get a chance to watch today’s episode (on soapnet-W) and I just wanted to know…does anyone know the actors name that played the sergeant (he was the only cop with the line)? oh my gosh…very sexy! Is he a a regular on the show? b/c if he’s not he needs to be! He was really good! Can any of the regulars let me know if they have info on that guy….I’m seriously going to start watching the show now!

  3. I don’t know who the Asian actress is that they had on the show Tues 3/12 but she is not a good actress Please replace her YUCK YUCK YUCK I know you could get someone better

  4. Please bring Robin back. Although, I like Sebrina but not for Dr. Drake. Robin is the best Gal Pal for him. Please put Maxie and Spanelli back together again. Lulu needs to be pregnant immediately when they find out that Maxie’s baby is not theres. She needs to go to the hospital sick but be far along where the baby will carry to term. This will be an awesome miracle story line. Everyone deserves to have a little love and romance since the Nurses Ball will be a HIT…..

    1. I totally agree with this analogy. I thought they were going to bring Robin back into her families life but they just dropped off from it. Sabrina is definitely not a match for Patrick don’t like this story line at all. I really want to know what happened to the real LuLu this one now is not a good match to Laura the other LuLu looked like she could have been her actual daughter. When the new LuLu was lying on the table not responding her eyes were blinking really bad. Please bring Jason back to the story in his absence Sonny has gotten really soft and there is no bad guy in a good way in the story anymore. These hit and misses could determine the livelyhood of the soap remember what happened to All My Children, and One Life to Live for writing those unattractive story lines.

    2. I agree about Maxie and Spinelli….get them back together! And I hadn’t thought about Lulu being pregnant…but that’s a good idea — wow, she thinks Stavros is her husband, the baby could even be his–what a story line (although I like it being Dante’s, that would be too easy and not enough twist and turn for GH). But I LOVE Sabrina and Dr. Drake together…

    3. I agree. I am sick of demented women involved with Patrick, especially this one. I would love to see her leave the show and Robin come back. Poor Sabrina though! I always wondered if Britt was wrong and Lulu could get pregnant. However, I am SICK OF THE CASSADINES!! Enough of them.

      Also, I am sick of PIC-A-LILA. This is really a stupid idea. When I DVR GH I always skip over this part. I do not like AJ and esp. AJ with Michael.

  5. My Son is 8 yr old and every time he watches GH with me he starts whinning about Jason not being on the show. He loves Jason and wants him back. Jason is and was awesome. I know he is exploring better things and I think alot has to do with him Spiritually BUT Jason dude we really love your character so please CAN A BROTHER RECONSIDER????? LOL….I am for Real though

    1. Tell this precious little guy I am hearing Him. I want Jason back tooI so wish Jason would reconsider He is missed soooo much I also watch Young and the Restless and I can’t stand Jason on that show HE BELONGS on GENERAL HOSPITAL Please JASON come Back!!!

  6. I have watched General Hospital since I can remember. I used to run home from kindergarten, 36 yrs ago, just to finish watching. Now, I thank GOD for DVR. I still never miss an episode. Congratulations on 50 yrs General Hospital!!!!!

    1. You Go. This 60 year old lady can remember watching with my Mother as a child and I still record it when i am not going to be home I SO LOVE it. I have been bummed lately with all the changes Don’t like Abby playing LULU, I wan’t Jason back, Robin home where she belongs. And i wish they would bring out that LuLu and Dante are the real parents of the Britches baby boy , they would get their baby, And The Britch and her whacked out family would be gone. and i would Love for LUCKY to come Home to Eliz and the boys it is TIME

      1. I also watched GH when I was 11th grade back in 1961 to 1962 Loved then and more now. I am tired of sonny and the mob scene. I don’t like Ava coming back as another person. I am really tired of Franco he is boring. I like Nina.

  7. i wish they would keep the same Lulu. I love all of the characters and I can really connect to sam ( being raped and losing someone she loved and shot) Elizabeth (being raped) lulu ( having a crazy misunderstood life). love the show nd they need to brinb robin back and stop changing characters

  8. I have watched General Hospital all my life love the show. Really wish GH would quit dragging out the Robin situation. Cant wait for her return and really looking forward to it. Please please bring her back already.

    1. I agree. I can’t stand Britt and that whole story line, especially her parents! What gives with that!
      Why isn’t Patrick ordering a DNA test and why is Britt so BIG when she supposedly just got pregnant.
      Something smells here. I am not sure I like the writing on this show anymore. Between Britt and Pic-a-Lila I am ready to turn it off.

  9. Just wondering! Can a woman that miscarried get pregnant the same day? Is she even ovulating? Wondering if Maxie could still be pregnant with Lulu & Dante’s baby? Maybe she originally was pregnant with twins. Just a thought!

    1. Just my thoughts, but I wonder if Dr. Britt actually implanted Dante and Lulu’s eggs in herself and Maxie was never pregnant — just had her monthly and thought she miscarried. That would explain how she got pregnant with Spinelli’s baby.

    2. that is what you call the ridiculous nature of soaps. Things always happen that are not reality based. For example, when Sonny shot Dante, any forensic team worth its while would have reconstructed the crime scene. There is no way Max and Milo could clean up the scene so that no evidence could be found.

      also, who freezes somebody and then have them come back to life??? They are rather ridiculous. How many times have people come back from the dead??

  10. I am OVER the whole Robin storeyline….. Bring her back already!!! Why show her on 1 episode and than not for like a month or 2…..If Jason is not coming back, which really really stinks, than sam should be with john mcbain… there no way to bring him back?? I don’t know about the whole marc clay brother of steven clay the crazy vampire wanna be caleb morley..REALLY!! and I swear if they show anymore vampire crap I will be a watcher of 35 years who does not watch anymore!!! Bring Todd back….. and liz and nikolas need to be together!!!!! Britt needs to fall down the stairs or something and lose the baby!!! and bring bck the real LULU

    1. Everything you said is so true. Bring Robin back to the show already this is ridiculous. The whole Britt strory line is crazy being that her father is the man that acted like he was Robin’s stepdad and the women that was helping him out turns out to be her mother and no one seems to know about these two villians. Where is LuLu? This storyline now is crazy this actress should have another place on General Hospital not as LuLu. Jason was never found please bring him back to the cast with his memory at least let something have a real life atmosphere. These superficial storylines can destroy veiwer watching. There are not many soaps left on the air. I am glad that all of the One Life to Live stars are no longer apart of General Hospital seemed out of place. I definitely do not want Elizabeth with Nicholas or AJ. Nicholas is Lucky’s brother and AJ is Jason’s brother both of which Elizabeth have children with. I am sure this happens in real time but I pray not often morals should play apart even in the soaps. *

  11. Being curious about Lulu’s exit, I researched & found Julie Bremen read future script & gave her notice. She had already planned to go on to other things,but it seems she was astounded by the storyline, including the “freezer” bit. Now, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet,but this has a ring of truth to it.
    Actors of past story lines often reappear for sweeps and/or Special shows. The Nurses Ball sure made it easy to bring back some real great memories with the reappearance of a few good characters.
    Next item. Jason’s exit was reported to be the show Leaders’ idea. He has another job , was said to be leaving behind the black t-shirts & leather jacket…not for long. His new character has a new wardrobe in the closet: black t-shirts with wording on the front. And at least a couple of leather jackets.
    Next thing Tyler Christopher, “Nicholas”, will play for a while, then be ready to move on again.
    Jonathan Jackson , Lucky, and another “Lucky ” Greg. Vaughan, have found success on other TV. But both can return. You know “A. J” had a good run on other shows while he “recouped from death”, .
    The vampire should only return in Port Charles programming not to ” General Hospital”
    Although the character is not John McBain per the last sighting of Caleb, vampires have many special powers, etc to make holograms of McBain while Caleb is in the same room is likely one of those powers.
    Now for “Robin”. Kimberly M. Is striking out on her own. Writing, directing, really doing what she is familiar with.
    To have her back after college, etc was a treat. But don’t expect any return until Patrick is settled with Elizabeth. Whoops, did I type Liz. I meant ” Sabrina “.
    I am sure the writing team must have a challenge when the contracts end and the character is really difficult to replace. Like Lulu. The lady in Lulu’s shoes will be replaced soon ,if the show leaders are truly thinking about keeping fans who love believe able characters.
    To keep the stories fresh and full of suspense,they must have a very vivid imagination. Thank them every chance you get. 50 years and counting is truly remarkable. Bye, for now

  12. I have been watching General Hospital since the early 70’s. My baby sitter watched YR, All My Children, OLTL and GH… I have been hooked for 40 years, but as half my shows are gone and no more SoapNet on my cable network it is nice to see fans are still out in the world.. I am glad that Laura is back, but I want Jason back and the way Star left was very sad. Something creepy was going on today in the church with Sam so I went searching for spoilers on the internet and discovered this blog. It is so good to see that their are still fans out in the world! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  13. GH has gone off the deep casting old Todd as Franco. I have been watching GH since its inception.So disappointed the direction writers are taking. Stories are just awful.

    Now watching Y&R started because of Steve Burton but now familiar with all characters. Much better stories . Very enjoyable.

  14. I do not care for the new roles played by the actors borrowed from another soap.
    The most notable failure is the new Franco. You cannot replace an actor like James Franco.
    The new Franco is not believable. I have loved the actor in other
    roles, but not here.

    The story line is becoming predictable and not interesting. The baby
    gets cancer either Franco or Kiki will be the bone marrow

    The new Lulu does not compare to the old
    After 50 years, this is sad. Please improve

  15. When is Jason Morgan coming back to GH? I Love Jason. GH is just not the same without Jason. He’s been gone long enough. Please find a way to bring Jason back to GH really soon. Why was Jason even taken off of the soap in the fist place?????????

  16. If Sabrina ends up pregnant with Patrick’s baby I am done watching!! I have been a fan for 25 years and they need to let Patrick and Robin be together already. First crazy Lisa, then Robin’s death was faked, then crazy Brit and now Sabrina. Enough already!!!

  17. I love Patrick and Sabrina together!..We knew Kimberly was only staying to end her storyline!

    Her last air date is February 24th!…With Sabrina being pregnant with Patrick’s baby, I am hoping for a reunion!..Now that Emma knows about her new baby brother or sister, Sabrina will be telling Patrick he is her baby’s father on Valentine’s Day!


  18. I hope Patrick and Sabrina will bond when their baby is born, and Patrick will realize Sabrina is the one he wants to be with! Because Robin left her husband and daughter to search for her ex boyfriend!
    Robin shattered their world!..When Patrina wait for their baby to be born, Patrick will realize that Sabrina was in front of him all this time, while he was grieving for Robin, and will realize just how much he loves her!..

    Can’t wait for their baby is born!..Emma will be excited and happy to have a new baby brother or sister!

    I also hope by next Christmas Patrick will propose to Sabrina, and they will finally be together!

  19. So is it me or are thing just being recycled? We need fresh new ideas. And this Luke thing is getting old now. It really is getting to point that I don’t have to watch for days and I can still know what is going on.

  20. Please get rid of Dunkleman. Any time he is on I just speed through my tape. I seem to be doing a lot of fast forwarding on GH. Spencer – the kid – is the most obnoxious kid on tv. He actually is the worst I have ever seen. This whole nonsense with Emma – reeks of what he may be like when he gets older – stalker. Get rid of him. Send him away with Levi. We want our Old Maxie back. SHe needs a redo. Her hair, makeup and appearance could use a boost.

  21. Maxie will probably try to get together with Nathan. However, once Nathan finds out he is a Cassadine, He may have to arrest his own father. .. He is already angry with his mother. Maxie and he may have to carve out a niche to block out all unpleasant relatives. LOL!
    I’ll bet that Levi and the fake immigration guy are on the Cassadine payroll. Victor has his hands into a lot of behind the scenes machinations.

  22. The writers need to rethink the direction the show is taking having Stavros and Helena back. I was very glad when that story line final ended the last time. It is overdone and don’t want to go there again. Not too many soaps left and this will probably be a loss of more views. Come up with something new and fresh, forget bringing the same people back from the dead over and over again. Its getting old and stale.

  23. Hi all! I’m new to this board. I was a strong GHer back in high school. I got back into GH during their 50th anniversary. Loving the story lines. Any guesses on who is Nathan’s father?

  24. Any chance that Jason being hit by a car could bring him out of his amnesia? Surely, he’s going to get his memory back before GH goes off air. That’s going to be interesting.

  25. Where to begin??! I’ve watched for 30+ years. Fluke, in my opinion is Lukes twin; both the children of Patricia and her father–their mother–hell maybe she had triplets and bill eckhart went to live with the cousins and patricia kept fluke and luke well got to be bobby’s brother instead of her nephew. Point is its made for some interesting tv but thats quickly becoming a muck. Meanwhile the ‘actor’ now playing Sloan is dreadful. Lets just hope he can improve–

  26. every one has an opinion about who Jason should end up with, well i think that he should find out how Elizabeth has betrayed him and kick her to the curb first and then i see him going on an adventure with Anna to try and rescue Robin and in the end he should be with Robin. i like Sam with Patrick..she is less whinny

  27. OK, first, why so much nasty unprotected sex. Olivia now sad Valarie. Olivia too old and come on now, Valarie pregnant for Dante. Give us a break, please, please, please NO BABY for Valarie. She needs to leave show ASAP! It’s so past time for Jake to know he is Jason and get back with SAM. Elizabeth needs to pack up her kids and leave Port Charles for good. She has dropped lower than a snake. How low will U go. She needs to go. Too many lives affected. I am glad the writer is gone because its really ridiculous this story line. I hope the two co writers have a better life and will therefore put some reality and goodness in the show. Grown people should know to use protection. Valarie is not a like able character and she needs to go before any baby drama. The same people having bad lives all the time. Haven’t LuLu and Dante been thru enough and this slut suppose to be family. And. Whoa Sam and Jason NOW. It has really gotten old. The writers at GH has no morality about. Everybody is NASTY!

  28. After reading other opinions, we want suspense not all the time the same people doing stupid things. Everybody gets pregnant on one night of nasty unprotected sex. All we have to do is screw or f_ _ _ and our lives are alright. You are losing a lot of viewers with sense. WE ARE TIRED OF THE SAME PLOTS JUST DIFFERENT PEOPLE. ALL MOB BOSS HAS STRONG SPERM, ONE HIT AND U PREGNANT. Please look it up and write a better show before U go off the air. Hell, ONE LIVE TO LIVE WAS BETTER AT THIS POINT!!!!!

  29. People are dismissing this as just gossip, but I think there may be something to the rumors that Steve Burton is coming back to his role as Jason Morgan.

    Reason being, the cable guide on my dvr mentioned Jake getting memory flashbacks in Tuesday and Thursday’s episodes.

    However, Jake didn’t have any memory flashbacks on Tuesday’s episode.

    The guide for Thursday says that Sam is going to ask Jake about his flashbacks….and on Friday Elizabeth is supposed to be worried about Jake’s “flashes of memory.”

    Now, if none of those things happen today and tomorrow…’s reasonable to believe that GH and Steve Burton are at least in talks about him reprising the role.

    Basically, GH doesn’t want to back themselves into a corner by writing something into the storyline that will make it impossible for Burton to come back.

    If he does come back, the storyline will probably be similar to the Grant Putnam situation in the 80’s.

    Granted, that character wasn’t as major as Jason’s….but that’s the only way they could reasonably explain that Jake isn’t really Jason.

    What will probably happen is Jake will genuinely believe he’s Jason, then Steve will come back…..and Jake believing he is Jason will be explained away as a byproduct of Helena’s mind control.

    Meaning, they’re gonna say Jake was “conditioned” to believe he was really Jason.

    So, he really will be a Jake Doe if the original Jason comes back.

  30. Here’s why I’ve been fast forwarding through GH for the past six months — and even more so since the new writers took — complete lack of creativity and originality. Halloween video reveal on the Haunted Star two years in a row. Really?? Carly knows another secret to devastate Liz within six months. Really?? Two amnesia storylines running simultaneously. Really?? Tracy’s played a fool again and again and again (Anthony, Luke, Paul)?? Thoughtless dialogue. Unrealistic, convoluted plot details (“Drink from my water bottle” so I can get your DNA — who does that??) Spinelli shipped off canvas so Carly can be the one to discover the BIG Jake/Jason reveal via technology. Really?? Bad young female casting and recasts (Lulu, Kiki, Sabrina, Valarie) with no depth — all whiny emotion. Where are the Francises, McCulloughs of this generation? Avid viewer from 1965 – early 80s, then on/off until the Valentini/Carlivati team came aboard and started off with dynamite material, production values, veterans, rich history compelling story — all that got lost within the last year. What happened?! So sad to watch it deteriorate yet again. Well, I’m done ranting — and watching — for now.

  31. That would be great if Steve Burton comes back as Jason but I don’t like the idea of Jake doe really not being the real Jason. As far as his relation ship with Elizabeth it sickenes me to the point where Im considering never watching the show again .She is evil & is the new Helena & should end up miserable with Nicholas

  32. Please DO NOT reunite Jason and Sam. Do something different please!!!!! I have been watching GH for 37 years. This is the only time I have to say that I can’t stand them both together. Change it for Jason please. This is a new character and he is funny and different from old Jason. Please have something different for this Jason. Again not with Sam, I’m tired of her character.

  33. I love Elizabeth and it is so sad that she is never happy. I loved it when she was with Jake Doe. Sorry I am tired of Sam and maybe we need more characters to change it a little.

  34. Would love to c Steve burton back as Jason ,I am sure Billy’s Miller is a good actor ,but there r just some actors you can just not replace and Steve is one of them the Jason and Sam store line never really got finished and Steve and Kelly were great together ,they were a great super couple on a soap there r very few of them left bow and hope off days of are lives they were truly a great super couple I quit watching after they left the show it has not been the same so I started watching general hospital and loved the show and have been watching since that day now Jason has left the show and it has not been the same ever since ,now they have brought bully Miller in to play Jason and it is not the same noooo one cane replace Jason . things on the show were really good with sonny ,Carly ,Sam and Jason back then so here is to hoping that they wise up at general hospital and make Steve an offer to come back and let Jason and Sam have them happy ending u know Sam dream of 2 children and her and Jason and put gh back on the map cause right now the show is losing ground I done watch as much now because the sh ow as lose its flare, but I tune in to c sonny and Carly and hoping to c Steve come back

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