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Today’s featured YouTube video… ENJOY!

Hey fans! This video seems fitting right about now… with Jennifer Smith back to win Luke over!



YouTube Video of the night! JaSam “Bonnie and Clyde”

By user: Ro Blackett


Rafe’s recent passing put me in an emotional mood. Found this video on YouTube. It would have been great to have Molly with Rafe. RIP Rafe Kovich. 🙁

My ALL time favorite General Hospital song!


JaSam fans!!!

Video by:JonobeckyLL2 Song: Marry You by Bruno Mars


Sonny and Brenda Amazing Grace Montage Video by: Uploader06


Song by City and Colour, video created by MMlover28


9 Replies to “General Hospital Video Clips”

  1. Loved the videos except for the Sam /Mcbain one. In my opinion he has pursued her from day 1!!She was vulnerable because of Jason and the whole rape/baby mess. Sam and Jason could have been back together when Ronnie helld her and Lulu captive at the haunted Star if MCBAIN would have let Dante call Jason!!!But he wanted to be her savior!!!!Don’t get me wrong, I do like the McBain character but not over Jason!!! Sam and Jason belong together. She is the perfect mate to him. John goes by the book and he and Sam would never get along in the long run. It’s the writers fault for this awful story line. Bring JaSam back together!!!

  2. Oh how I love Sam and John together..They are hot. Any doubts then check out their chemistry on YouTube as Caleb and Livvie. ME is so sexy and Sam need to look more like the sexy woman she is. Please don’t let these characters not be together but let it simmer Also I’m loving Todd and Carly together. Great chemistry however Carly needs to learn how to kiss her leading men. She is beautiful and sexy but she can’t kiss!

  3. WOO!!!! I still Love Liason! They’ll never put them back together but, whoosh, they were hott! Thanks for the video, M~ I know you love JaSam~ 😉 Personally, Becky is so great with anyone she gets paired with. She is STUNNING!

    McBam has cRaZY chemistry! Love!

  4. I still love Jason and Sam all the way!!!! hoping Jasam forever.So sad Steve Burton
    is leaving. GH without our beloved Jason Morgan is a shame. JASAM FOREVER!!!!
    Come back to the show at some point Steve. We will truly miss you and Jason Morgan
    always. The you tube videos of JASAM are adorable, fun, adventurous and steamy!!
    Heart breaking for the JASAM adorable family to never be. It’s what the JASAM fans
    have been waiting for all these 8 years of them loving eachother, soooooooo sad.

  5. Writers try to keep Jason and Sam together throw Elizabeth in this mash too just for Sam to come out on top again with Jason baby.Be trash Elizabeth character again with this stupid storyline DNA test just to hurt Jason and Elizabeth have between them the was wrong with they writers did.Writers drag storyline on for so long now enough already.

  6. Writers drop the ball on this storyline really John should tell Tea the truly about the baby Heather take the baby was miss.John should sit Tea down tell truly he watch cry in pain over this wait for Todd tell tea truly watch her cry out over this baby and no body tell her what go on was stupid.they both drop the on this again Tea watch Sam and Jason take the baby way from her she don’t notice what go on Sam be not so sweet to her yesterday.Writers try to make Sam be nice and sweet to Tea today give a break the real Sam to me.

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