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John York (Mac Scorpio) and Rick Hears (Ric Lansing)

When: June 20th, 2014 8PM

Where: Jesters Comedy Club Chester, NY

Tickets: or call 845-345-1039

John York (Mac Scorpio) and Rick Hears (Ric Lansing)

When: June 21st, 2014

Where: Private Dinner, Astoria, NY

Tickets: Call 718-728-8581

John York (Mac Scorpio) and Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing)

When: June 21st, 2014

Where: Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Tickets:Β www.unclevinniescomedyclub.comΒ or call 1-877-Uncle Vin

John York (Mac Scorpio) and Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing)

When: June 22nd, 2014

Where: Sutton Place Long Beach, NY

Tickets: CallΒ 718-728-8581

Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos Jacks)

When: August 1st, 2014

Where: Sportsman Lodge and Event Center Studio City, CA


William DeVry (Julian Jerome) and Ryan Paevy (Nathan (James) West)

When: August 24th, 2014

Where: Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy CLub Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Tickets: or call 1-877-Uncle Vin

Kin Shriner and Lynn Herring

When: September 21st, 2014

Where: Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Tickets: or call 1-877-Uncle Vin

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July 31 – Aug. 4, 2014
Sportsmen Hotel & Event Center
Studio City, CA

81 Replies to “GH Fan Events”

  1. Thanks for Liason!! I’m find with their friendship now, but man! they were ssssmokin hott! Jake had such a promising storyline! I still can’t believe what they did!

    1. ITA! Liason are hot! So sad they did not get their due time as a couple. Killing Jake was Guza’s most evil plan to destroy Liason. Thankfully the new team is at least allowing their friendship to continue! Friends is better than nothing.

  2. I have always loved Jonathan Jackson and Rebecca Hearst as a on screen couple. They just have it, whether they are a couple or not. Liz and Lucky should have stayed together. About him sleeping with Sarah, was Lucky really himself totally. Helena had done serious damage to him by then…that is if I am getting my facts right.
    I am still praying Andrea Bogart comes back as Abby and she and Michael find their way back to each other. They were happy, the only thing that got in their way was Michael obsession with the Mob. Love them forever as played by AB and CD. πŸ™‚

  3. The fav couple is Jasam all the way!!!!! I love them and they are the it couple. They have chemistry and connection and most importantly passion. Jasam is true love. TeamJasam :-).

  4. I love JaSam. Happy with Liz and Jason as friends. I like your other couples, too. Still a JOlivia fan but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen again.

  5. I agree with your favorite couples. I love Jason and Sam together!! They are so alike. They are very
    HOT romantically and also have so much fun together. Sam is the only person who makes Jason giggle
    and lighten up. They are fantastic out on adventures together solving crimes. It’s finally time for both of
    them to be a happy married couple after all these years, and enjoy loving and caring for their own baby together. LET THEM FINALLY BE HAPPY! We love a happy and fun couple. Not everyone on the show
    has to be unhappy. Hurry and let Heather get caught changing the paternity of JASAM’s baby!
    I love Elizabeth with the original Lucky. I can’t believe how they finally bring him back to the show, and
    give him horrible story plots. Then write him off the show. He and Elizabeth are adorable together. They share that deep old love they had way back as teenagers, when Elizabeth was raped. He has always been there for her and she for him. Bring the original Lucky back on the show ASAP. A cute family.

  6. Jasam is the supercouple!! I’ve waited 8 years for them to get married and have a baby, and finally it came true. What Jasam have is true love. Steve and Kelly have such an amazing chemistry and it shows every time Jason and Sam are on screen. I love that they mixed comedy with their unconditional love for one another. There is so much to say about Jason and Sam Morgan, but you don’t need to say a lot, you just have to watch them together. Sam’s baby brought them together, Jason’s son tore them apart, and Jasam’s son will heal them and make them stronger than ever.

    Jason and Samanthan Morgan for life!!!

  7. Jason and Liz were fantastic together and opposites attract is what made them so great.Couples who are too much alike or have no angst are just plain boring!

    1. Agree with you 100%!! Maybe at one time jason and sam were good together. But then she slept with ric her stepdad.then had the nerve to get pissed off when jason turned to liz and got her pregnant. Seem like jason turns to liz everytime sam lets him down.

    2. Liz slept with her Brother-in-Law/ best friend’s husband. And, isn’t Jason closely related to her. Like a cousin or something, EWWWW. Another thing, opposites only attract if there is a balance somewhere down the line. Being TOOOO opposite is boring. But, then again it may not be the opposite thing. It’s really the fact that Liz is TOOO WEAK!!! Oh and don’t get me started on her being such an opportunist taking any chance in the book to cheat on her husband. Keeping him as the father figure, while searching out bad boys. She is disgusting and the sad part she think she has every right to be so.

  8. JaSam is the only couple worth watching for! they need to quit messing with them! ~ and think about putting Liz with Spinelli ! They both have to get the heck over someone who doesn’t love them back – they would make a good couple they could be ElizaSpin!

  9. You can put John/Sam and Jason/Liz together but it’s nothing compare to Jason and Sam Morgan. It’s heartbreaking to watch what’s going on with Jason and Sam, but at the same time I don’t even doubt Jason and Sam’s love for one another. They are so much in love.

    I don’t think Jason will repeat 06 cause he is married and in love with his wife. I see a different Jason, a grown up Jason who is so much in love with his wife. He has never fought for his other marriages, but this time he is and that shows you how much he loves Sam.

    Like RC said, their love will never be question, it’s how they handle the obstacles they are facing right now.

  10. The chemistry between Sam and John McBain is undeniable! Let’s face the truth… Sam and Jason are NOT hot together. Also, please allow Sam to be the sexy woman she is address her that way. She is gorgeous but her wardrobe needs to be spruced up. Keep up the McBam story. It’s great!

  11. In all honesty, I don’t mind Jason and Sam together BUT I prefer him to be with Liz. Lately the recent storylines have made Sam and Jason just very boring to watch and it just seems to me that the chemistry is dead along with Franco. I have to admit, I am sorta REALLY liking Sam and John. I actually really hope that the chemistry between these two, don’t die anytime soon.This could be really interesting……….

  12. Okay…how hot was that kiss with Sam and John. Michael Easton’s facial expressions and sexy looks he gives to Sam are crazy sexy. I watched YouTube all weekend replaying that scene. FV and RC know what they have with them. Just let them slow simmer until they explode… Long May You Run John and Sam!

    1. believe me, you’re not the only one replaying that scene on youtube constantly! I’ve been replaying that scene all week long. I really hope they have more scenes together!

  13. Okay…how hot was that kiss with Sam and John. Michael Easton’s facial expressions and sexy looks he gives to Sam are crazy sexy. I watched YouTube all weekend replaying that scene. FV and RC know what they have with them. Just let them slow simmer until they explode… Long May You Run John and Sam!

  14. Jasam all the way!!! They will never fall out of love with each other. What RC need to do is have something happen to them where they are trap no where to go, then have all that angst and emotions out in the open, who knows maybe add some love in the afternoon to it.

    Anyway, Jason and Sam will always choose each other.

    I can’t explain just how amazing Steve and Kelly are when they bring Jasam to the screen. They deliver Jasam on screen with a whole lot of “EMOTIONS” and “PASSION”. The only thing I can say is, THANK YOU “STELLY”, you totally rock GH.

    The Morgans aka Jasam are here to stay.

  15. My favorite couple is Lante, Dante and Lulu are meant to be together, their chemistry is amazing and everytime they are together you can see the love and passion they have for each other. LANTE 4 EVER

  16. hello! by far for Me it is Sonny and Kate, Skate,and Johnny and Carly Jocar, I also think Johnny is SO FREAKING! HOT! and SO! FREAKING! GORGEOUS! and you can defintely see the chemistry and passion between Him and Carly, so please don’t break-up My favorite Couples….

  17. Hey Where’s John McBain? I miss him. Loving all the story lines right now. Todd is great with Carly. Michael and Starr rock. John and Sam is so hot. Not loving the new Kristina, Trey Mob Princess story. Also, no sparks with Dante and Lulu. He’s hot, she whines. Jason and Elizabeth work, Ewen has to go. I feel so sorry for Patrick, I hope he finds his way. Excellent actor! I hope all my fellow bloggers are telling your family and friends to tune in. I would hate for GH to go off the air. It’s such an excellent show. Thank you FV and RC. You turned this show around and I can’t get enough.

  18. I am so happy that Robin is coming back. Things are just not the same. Where is Sam & Jason? They need to work things out and get back together. I think that John McBain should show up in Port Charles with Sam’s baby. But show up with Natalie and maybe Liam. Whith all Todd’s issues, Vickie needs to show up and be there for him too! Hell….lets bring all of OLTL to Port Charles!

  19. I DISAGREE with JaSam!!!!I DO NOT LIKE SAM AT ALL!!!She is a a lying,selfish,brat.
    I TOTALLY AGREE with Liason!!!!I love Jason and Liz together..they are the perfect couple.Sorry to JaSam fans.

  20. Olivia and Steve, Sonny and Kate, Philicia and Max, Blair and Todd, and Lulu and Dante, Anna and Luke,
    Elizabeth and Jason, Sam and John,
    Bring back Dr. Winters, the young Black female and couple her with the young Black kid’s uncle.

  21. I just like any scene with Steve Burton (Jason) in it. I have watched him for the whole time even as a teen and he just gets better with age. He is my favorite. Always has been, always will be. More Jason, Jason, Jason. I love his tough exterior, but I love it even more when he has that sensitive side, too. When he kisses the ladies on the show, the way he touches them, oooh yummmy. Don’t you wish it were you?

  22. Ok, I have watched GH since Luke Laura and the ice princess!!! What I want to talk about today is can we just quit draging out storylines!! I mean come on already!!! Lets get to Jason and Sam finding out about the baby! Johnny needs to get caught for killing Anthony!! Heather needs to just go!!! The Robing thing come on if she was not going to come back for good, why have her in this kidnap thing!! Jerry Jax’s Please!! I want Jason and Sam to get back together and get there baby!!! I want Todd and Carley to get together!! I don’t know what it is but I think Todd brings some spark to GH!!! Star gets on my nerves!! I want to know how Jerry and the head Dr got together!! I wish sometimes they would take Elizabeth off the show!!! She is just there with all her kids by different men!! I did feel sorry for her when Jake died but I don’t want her with Jason!!!

  23. Don’t forget …
    Nikolas and Emily (such a beautiful love story)
    Dillon and Georgie (a funny and innocent love)
    Luke and Laura (best of the best

    I know these characters are no longer on the show but they are unforgettable.

  24. I actually cried tears watching Jasam breaking up today. When their song started
    playing and they were kissing with tears pouring down SAMs face just was heart
    wrenching to watch. They have been adorable together for at least 8 years. Finally
    they get married and have a baby and everything is ripped away from them!! I hope
    they find their baby and the truth that Jason is the father. And mostly I hope they do
    find their way back to eachother. I loved how they showed old scenes of them together
    in the past during their kiss goodbye. I love watching the old vintage Jasam on you tube.
    That’s the Jasam the writers of the show (RON C.) needs to review! He doesn’t seem to know
    the adorable and hot Jasam, who kept the show exciting, fun, and steamy!!!! Please get them
    on an adventure together so they can find their way back. Their love can make it especially
    when their own baby returns to them. It’s time for them to have happiness, intrigue , and
    romance to start up together ASAP!!!!

  25. This is the greatest show on television today. So much emotion. I really like the chemistry between John and Sam but watching the farewell kiss with Jason was so sad. Looking back on the clips of them together made me laugh and cry. Did anyone notice the glance between Jason and Sam in the hospital today and how quick John looked at Sam? This story line has me on the edge of my seat. All of these subtle glances, touches, smiles are adding up to an explosive story. Thank you for bringing GH back πŸ˜‰

  26. Jason & Elizabeth are my all time favorite couple. I love that their personalities compliment each other and that caring enduring friendship is the backbone of their relationship. I love the chemisty between these 2, and I also like that they seem to always find their way back to one another despite the fact that they have very different lives and they keep the depths of their feeling for each other so private.

  27. I keep repeating the scenes between John and Sam. I love that they are slowly simmering that when they do get together it’s an explosion. I am loving GH right now. McBam all the way. Can’t wait for that to happen πŸ™‚

  28. I keep watching John and Sam. They are truly the Best couple on GH. They have the Best Chemistry out of all the couples. I can’t wait to see McBam on my screen. McBam Forever

  29. I am sooooooo sad that Steve who plays Jason is leaving the show! I have been
    watching him since he started on the show. How can Jaxon leave! GH will never be
    the same without Steve Burton playing our beloved Jason Morgan. I have been so hoping
    that Sam and Jason would find their son and that Jason is the father. Then hopefully that
    Jason and Sam would find their way back to eachother. They love eachother so much and
    have all thes 8 years together!!! All they ever wanted is to be married and have their own
    little family with their own children. This is heartbreaking! Today when Sam was telling Jason
    and imagining how their lives would have been so wonderful together if their own baby didn’t
    die. It was so sad and then they played JASAM’s love song, and I sobbed. Come back to GH
    Steve someday. We all love you and mill miss you always. Jasam forever.

  30. Hard to believe no one blogged about Wednesday scenes with John and Sam. Chemistry between 2 people is not how big the muscles look or how blue someone’s eyes are. It’s about eye contact looking at the other person as if they want to devour them right then and there. John looks at Sam as if she were the only woman inthe world he wants. He is so hot. I am loving this couple Sooooooo Muuuch

    1. Totally agree with you Lisa!! LUV your post!! John and Sam are amazing to watch!!! ME and KM have chemistry that is off the charts!! Explosive HOT chemistry!! They steam the screen with every scene they have together!!! They pull you into their scenes leaving you wanting more!! It is CRAZY how HOT and gorgeous they are together! The looks they give each other are so powerful!! The desire and passion they have for each other is EXPLOSIVE!!! LUV McBam!! RC and FV know what they have with John and Sam!! They are amazing and I can NOT wait for more McBam!!

  31. Watching today as Jason finally believes that SAMs baby may be alive finally
    sowed the real Jason. Also, watching Sam cry with Jason and as he held her it
    brought tears to my eyes. They have loved eachother for so long and have been
    put through hell. I hope Jason is the one who finds THEIR baby and returns it to Sam.
    I hope he finds out he’s the baby’s father. That’s what he and Sam have always wanted.
    Knowing Steve Burton is leavin the Jason Morgan character is sooooooo sad. I Wonder
    how his end will be? Hope he and Sam reunite before he leaves!!!!!

  32. Good Morning everyone. Does anyone have a comment about the rain scene with my favorite couple John and Sam? They are so great together and John is totally hot. I am rooting for them but I got to say that I was totally confused about Sam’s decision to forgive Jason. She gave John hope that they will get together and he was so patient then the next day she decides to go after Jason! I didn’t like that! John was there for her every step of the way and gave her support when Jason was not there for her during the pregnancy. Jason did not go after Sam or try to make it right. If he really loved her he wouldn’t have let her move out. Now John is in love with her and she is going to break his heart. Not liking that. Just my opinion. What do you all think?

  33. I think that the long romantic, fun and exciting story lines of JASAM over these past 8
    years has really been what has kept GH on the air. They have been adorable ever since
    Sam became pregnant with Sonny’s baby eight or nine years ago. And it has been so
    interesting and fun to watch Jason and Sam fall in love with eachother. They have been
    like the modern day Bonnie and Clyde out on their adventures saving themselves and others.
    They have always had eachother’s back. Jason killed for Sam and Sam killed protecting Jason.
    They have been hot and steamy together, but also made eachother laugh. Sam is the only girl
    who ever made Jason laugh a lot. I miss them dearly. Now it’s time for that story line to get
    wrapped up. Jason needs to find their son and that he is the father. This couple have been given
    the most difficult and unfair story lines, more than anyone else. They need to come together as a
    family and spend the remaining time loving eachother and their precious son, until Steve Burton
    as Jason, leaves the show. During that time John needs to get his life and son in order, and deal
    with Natalie. Then once Jason is gone, Sam and John can begin to have a relationship. But for now,
    Jasam needs to finally come together and show the long time fans of theirs a truly loving and
    beautiful story. They deserve that and so do their fans. Maybe someday Steve will return?

  34. GH will not be the same w/o Jasam. Jasam made you believed in love over and over and over again. I’m just speechless and my heart is filled with tears (happy and sad). This would have been the greatest, greatest love story of all time!!!! Jasam/Stelly will be missed, but you will forever be in our hearts. Best wishes to Steve and his family!!!

    JASAM aka STELLY aka JASON N SAMANTHA MORGAN… always, one of your many fans.

  35. I agree with you 100% that GH will not be the same without our great JASAM COUPLE!!
    It’s so sad to see the writers continue to rip them apart before Steve Burton leaves the show.
    Jasam still loves eachother so much. You can see it so clearly. So please get this beautiful
    couple back together, with their very own baby boy ASAP. We, their fans want this reunion so
    much. It’s what we’ve been waiting for all these 8 years. Do this before Steve leaves GH. It’s
    so sad. Just hearing the beginning of that beautiful JASAM SONG play today, brought tears to
    my eyes. So many of us loved watching you all these years Steve and Kelly. You have been
    the most fun, adventurous, and HOTTEST couple ever on GH! We will truly miss you Steve and
    the great couple you’ve been with Kelly. I hope you come back to GH some day Steve. You have
    a huge fan base,and Noone can ever fill your shoes or play the Jason Morgan role except you!

    Lots of love to you Steve (and Jasam) from another one of your many fans.

  36. The look on Jason’s face when Liz confessed to what she has done was priceless. He was speechless, shocked, disbelief, who is this woman standing infront of me, Saint Liz went out the door the minute she lied about her n Jason being together and making Sam believed that he moved on. Jason’s face expressions said it all. I’m glad the writers have finally put Liason to rest before SB left. We’ve said it over and over again, Jason never loved Liz the way he loves Sam, and today’s episode confirmed it.

    Sam is Jason’s heart and soul. It was like he didn’t care if Sam will take him back, he just want to give Sam back her son, cause she has always wanted to be a mother. That is the act of ‘TRUE LOVE”. This could have been the greatest, greatest love story of all, if only the writers knew what we see. Maybe someday, hopefully next year, SB will decide to come back, until then, thank you STELLY AND JASAM for the best ride ever on GH. It’s not over…

    Always, from one of your many, many, many fans.

  37. Good morning everyone…don’t understand why no one is talking about the hot sex scene with John and Sam today. He looks at Sam with such lust in his eyes like he just wants every drop of her. Sorry Jason fans but Jason never looked at Sam that way or touched her like that. I love Jason but he’s not hot and sexy the same way john is with sam. When these two finally get together they are going to explode! Can’t wait but I’m definitely enjoying this slow sexy torture. Love u ME and KeMo. πŸ™‚

  38. McBam all the way. John is hot and he looked READY but Sam’s face told another story. He has such expression in his eyes. Did anyone notice how high his hands were on her thighs? The wardrobe team need to dress him better. Suede instead of leather. He always looked good but he could look better. The other boards have not been kind to McBam and I’m hoping this couple will grow to be the hottest couple on daytime. Give it time and please fire their dresser. Sam has such a hot body but she’s always wearing the same drab clothes. If TPTB are reading this please let them look hotter. Thanks;)

  39. To me it wll always be JASAM FOREVER! I know that McBam can make a very good
    couple. But, John to me isn’t Jason, and I just love Jason. He is GH’s heartthrob for
    sure. I remember very well Jason looking at Sam definitely with so much desire in his
    eyes. Just go back in time watching vintage years of them together, and you will see it.
    JaSam has truly been to me, THE GREAT LOVESTORY ON GH! They held this show up
    for years. I have to say, they are why I’ve watched the show. I will really miss this
    gorgeous couple together. Their 8 year love story kept us all watching their precious
    times of fun, laughter, intreage, adventure, sorrows, and HOT STEAMY ROMANCE! Jason
    is vulnerable with Sam. I agree Sam is Jason’s heart and soul. He loves her more than he’s
    ever loved anyone. And he’s said that over and over. Sam also loves Jason with all of her
    heart and soul as well. It’s sad to see this end. I hope RC gets JASAM AND THEIR SON
    together, with Jason’s true paternity so they can have a wonderful ending. I will be sobbing!
    I hope some day Steve returns to GH. He will truly be so missed. There is plenty of time for
    Sam to be with John after Steve leaves the show. JASAM deserves that, and so do their fans.

  40. Writers hate what Elizabeth and Jason have between them start out friendship they love each other they have Jake love storyline was history writers are to mess this up again.Writers kill off Jake and this never make sense do this to LIASON and fans and viewers.

  41. Favorite couples are Jason and Elizabeth they writers try to ease they history between them is wrong.Jason and Sam never did all this thing together i don’t buy what they writers sale this carp bull storyline everything copying off LIASON.They writers really to trash Elizabeth character over and over again the wrong.

  42. Jason and Sam got together first time great 2nd put for them i was fan.But now them boring together again.Sam want what Elizabeth have Jason baby don’t give bull carp about Sam and Jason she have baby.

  43. Sam did more to Elizabeth be watch Jake be kidnapped and never said ever thing about that watch Elizabeth and Jason everybody in pain.Sam have gun men to threaten Elizabeth her kids.Jason threaten to kill Sam what she did to Elizabeth and they kids.Writers go change Sam white wash her character give break.

  44. All writers was do put Elizabeth back with Lucky was stupid just to keep Elizabeth way from Jason and Jason way from Elizabeth.Glad Elizabeth out of Jason and Sam bull carp storyline tried of it now.

  45. Jason belongs with Sam, since he has repeatedly said over and over many times that he
    loves Sam more than he has ever loved ANYONE!!!! They are adorable together, and
    have loved eachother for 8 -9 years now. They are perfect for eachother. Jason has never
    ever loved Elizabeth this same deep way at all. He loves her as a close and dear friend, but
    not the steamy hot love and devotion he has always had with Sam. The only reason why he
    ever was with Elizabeth so briefly, is when Sam hurt him. Elizabeth had a big love story with
    the adorable Lucky Spender! They belong together. I wish they would bring Lucky back.
    Lucky belongs with Elizabeth, and Jason belongs with Sam. Jasam’s chemistry has always been
    so great. They are loved by soooooooo many fans.

    I hope they get Jason and Sam back together with their adorable little baby, and the three of
    them get to live together so happy before Steve leaves the show. It’s so sad that our beloved
    Jason will not ever be the same without Steve playing that character. I hope someday he returns
    to GH. It won’t be the same at all without him. Get Jasam back together ASAP!!!!

  46. Today’s episode was beautiful and sad at the same time. This week, you can see Stellys teary eyes. Their scenes was filled with love and hope.
    Loved Sonny and Jason’s scenes, you can hear the sadness in MB’s voice, he was like a big brother to SB, the advice he gave Jason, it came from MB, straight from his heart, their scenes were priceless.

    We’ve waited so long for Jasam to reunite with their son, and then Jason is gone just like that. I was hoping the writers would give them (at least give us Jasam fans) one day filled with happy family memories, but well this is soap opera world.

    AGAIN, THANK YOU STELLY FOR AN AMAZING JOB!!! YOU REALLY DO BRING OUT THE BEST IN JASAM AND YOU MADE IT REAL, that is why it’s so hard to let go!!!!! THROUGH IT ALL, IT HAS BEEN AN AMAZING 9 YEARS OF JASAM!!! I hope SB will come back (soon), there is still a lot of s/l for Jasam.

    Until next time, one of your many many many many fans!!!

  47. I’m sobbing watching Carli, Sonny, Monica, Michael, Spinelli all devastated thinking Jason is
    dead. I’m with Sam, believing that Jason is still alive hurt somewhere. Hopefully a stranger is
    taking good care of him. Maybe he will lose his memory for a while, keeping him away. Please
    be okay Jason. I hope Steve Burton our one and only believed Jason will decide to return to GH
    after being away for a while. We need Jason on GH. He needs to come back to Sam the love of his
    life, and his very own little baby he’s wanted so much. Let’s keep hope alive for Jason to come back.
    Monica has me in tears. I remember Jason when he came to GH 21 years ago, so cute. Then he
    became the heartthrob of GH and day time TV. So sad…..

    Thanks a lot Elizabeth for keeping him from Sam, you selfish little victim. All you ever did was run
    and cry to Jason with all your problems. Always trying to take him from Sam. He just doesn’t love
    you that way Elizabeth!!! Move on and spare us all.

  48. Who cares about Elizabeth! All she does is wine and play the victim. She needs to start taking
    care of her own children. She is not very interesting, and was so cruel to keep Jason from Sam
    and His own baby!! All that time wasted because of Elizabeth.

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