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General Hospital comings and goings…

Kimberly McCullough returns as Robin on October 27th

Ingo Rademacher returns as Jasper Jacks for Fall Sweeps


RUMORS! Rumors always peek our interest, but remember, they are just rumors. No promises. 😉



Morgan Corinthos is alive and the role will be recast.

Nelle wants to get rid of Carly for good and take her place.

Jax knows exactly what Nelle’s true intentions are.

Claudette’s daughter Charlotte may be the daughter of Valentin Cassadine.

Nikolas will resurface.





66 Replies to “GH News and Rumors”

  1. I pray that the RUMOR about Farrah Fath coming to “GH” is just that, a rumor!!! I canNOT stand Her ond iota!!! She was horrible on bogh “DAYS” and “OLTL” and I sure do NOT want Her landing in Port Chuckles!!!

  2. Oh, and I do NOT want Dante or Johnny leaving the show!!! Two of the hottest Men on “GH” please let this be just a rumor!!! I would dearly LOVE for OUR Angel, LAURA to come Home, and that Ethan, another hottie to return… While We’re at it, bring Greg Vaughan’s Lucky back too, He is just SOOOOOOOO sexy!!! Good riddance to Ronnie, I am more than convinced it was HE that has beating up all the Dancers, deleted the files, framed Delores’ hubby, as well as responsible for Lulu’s disappearance!!! Laura needs to come HOME, like yesterday, for Lulu, Lucky, and Nik!!! NOW that “GH” has been renewed, She needs to be released from Her CBS/”Y&R” Contract… Also, I want Bobbie bak on contract, as well as Our Chief-of-Staff, Monica Quartermaine to have more Screen-time, as well as good juicy storyline!!! And ALL said, kudos to Frank for pulling a Gloria Monty… IF He can manage to accomplish all He has in 3 short months, I can ONLY imagine what He will be able to do to raise the ratings in the coming months!!! WE “may” even be able to topple “Y&R” in the ratings war, and EVEN place “GH” back in the TOP rated, #1 spot where it should be…. And also kudos to Anne Sweeny for keeping her promise ‘the show with the most eys watching would be saved’… Here’s to 50 more years of OUR beloved Family members and “General Hospital as well!!!

  3. Writters you have messed up GH Royally…don’t like any of the new characters…I think I could write the scripts myself….make Star have a little more backbone…tired of seeing her cry all the time…I guess everything has to change…NEED JONATHAN BACK!!!!!

  4. I want Jason and Sam to find their baby and reunite! Sam can find it in her heart to forgive Jason, but
    also forgive herself for going out in the rainstorm with her newborn infant. The two of them deserve to
    FINALLY be happy with their precious family. Sam lost her first child, now she deserves to find her second
    baby and live a happy married life as a mother and a wife. Sam and Jason are so fun to watch. I love it
    when they are out on adventures together, always covering eachother’s backs. Also, all the events that
    included the entire cast in the past were so interesting to watch. Such as, the Hospital on fire, Carly and
    Jax’s hotel hold up, the train crash underground, Sam and Jason in Hawaii, Sam and Jason searching in the south for Michael when kidnapped etc. Bring Nicholas and Emily back. They were a great couple.
    Definitely bring the original Lucky back. I love Lucky and Elizabeth together. They finally deserve to be
    back together. Alan Quartermaine should turn up alive as well as Emily Quartermaine. A Great family.

  5. Sam needs 2 leave the show,everytime she is with jason she becomes a whiney,possesive,insecure,hypocritical wimp. Lets not forget how she watched jake be kidnapped.They should bring natalie down from llanview to kick her butt.Liz and jason should reunite. Is Kristen storms ever comeing back?

    1. She was not being whiny and possessive and the other stuff you ar e saying she is confused. Sho does not need to kicked out of the show. She is not the one who’s writing the scripts you know the director is telling her how to act.

    2. Sam is only being like that because she lost her child! Elizabeth shouldn’t be with Jason JASAM FOREVER! Elizabeth doesn’t know go she wants First lucky than Nicholas than back to Jason she is desperate remember when she checked herself in shady brook just so lucky wouldn’t leave her DESPERATE! She has a kid for everyone of them! Sam lost her first child than her second how would you feel if that happened to you? She was only like that around Jason because he didn’t let Mcbain get to her in time to take her to the hospital! And yea JASAM FOREVER! Their the cutest! Couple on the show. Mcbain is SAMs friend but she truly loves Jason an Jason truly loves her. Sam should kick Elizabeth’s butt! And she only kissed McBain because ELIZABETH kissed Jason! Maybe she watchs Elizabeth’s kid get kidnapped because Elizabeth was careless that’s why she let jake wander outside. I like Elizabeth she’s pretty and everything but Sam and Jason is my favorite JaSam!

  6. I’m so glad to hear that Kirsten is coming back. I miss the comedy side with Jason, Sam, Maxie and Spinelli, especially Maxie. GH, you put these 4 together, it’s great comedy scenes. We all need comedy andddddddd romance in the afternoon and these 4 will deliver them.

  7. Hope John McBain’s only connection to Sam is helping her find her son!!1I’m hoping that he doesn’t tell Sam about his hunch about baby Victor. I don’t want to see her get let down again!I’m hoping he tells Jason what he feels and that he and Jason can work together. I hope that Spinelli csn help Sam find the boy. If John brings him home,then that will connect him and Sam even more!! Why would Jason ask Liz to talk to Sam? I think she talks on her own to Sam. But she should just but out. She wants him for herself!!!!!
    I think the new guy is Trey’s father Joe Skully Jr and I think he may also turn out to be Sam’s father!!!!!

  8. That is why you all should not believe in rumors or spoilers until you watch it. It’s just a way of getting fans mad and crazy.

    I don’t see Jason or Sam cheating on each other again, they love each other too much. If anything, they will turn to other people to vent. I saw today’s episode and Jason only has his wife (Sam) in his eyes and heart. Just the way he talk about her and once Jason finds out the baby is alive, he will find him and bring him home. He still wants a life with Sam, and it will happen.

    We just have to stay positive and believe that the phoenix and the dragon will rise again, and this time they will be stronger than ever before.

    Jasam aka The Morgans 4life!!!

  9. I think that Todd should say he found Jasam’s DNA results in Heather’s desk at work and now he thinks that Heather might have switched the babies while he wasn’t looking when they were at the shack. He can be very convincing when he wants to be. He could blame it all on Heather, she sure has enough that she has done around Port Charles. No one would believe anything she says anyway!!

  10. Sam and Jason got stale. She belongs with Mcbain. I love them together. Any doubts go to you tube. And check out Caleb and Livvie. It doesn’t get hotter then those two. Absolutely loving GH now. I love all the stories..Keep watching everyone and tell your friends and family to tune in !!!!!

  11. So glad Ingo will be back along with Jerry(sebastian)! Love them. Jossylyn needs her Daddy! So want this baby switch thing to be done with. Read that Steve Burton is in contract talks and its not going well! Hope he doesn’t leave! We need JaSam reunited with tbe baby.

  12. I really miss Sam and Jason together. I’m still hoping that she and Jason find their
    way back to eachother and find their baby. It will be so great if that adorable family gets
    back together. It would be a wonderful reunion. They are so fun together, and also very
    hot and steamy! Sorry, but Jason and Elizabeth never had a real loving romance. He turned
    to her when he got hurt by Sam. Elizabeth and Lucky had the real strong love story. They
    really need to bring Lucky back and get Elizabeth and Lucky back together, since they do have
    their son together. I say get rid of Elizabeth and bring Natalie and her son to the show!!! Two
    very hot couples with Jason and Sam, and John and Natalie. That could be exciting!

  13. I hope these new writers who were previously writing for One Life To Live
    don’t turn General Hospital into One Live to live!!!!! General Hospital was
    always great, so they don’t need to get rid of all the greats on GH and replace
    them with OLTL characters. Enough is enough. It’s a shame that Steve Burton
    is leaving the show after all these years. He has always been the lead heart
    throb of the show. How sad for GH to lose him. The writers trashed Jasam after
    all these years. Now replacing GH stars with OLTL stars is the Pitts. I love John,
    Todd, and Star(maybe). Leave out Tea and Blair! They were so sickening on OLTL.
    Remember that show was cancelled, so don’t get GH cancelled!!! Hope Jasam finds
    their baby and reunite to be the adorable family they’ve wanted all these yrs. before
    Steve ( Jason) leaves the show. Sooooo sad.

  14. Ingle looked Ill, reacted odd to Emma. So he may be ill in real life. He has years of training and coaches too, so, it could have just been stellar acting. Bit since his wife past recently, usually the spouse does too (broken heart, et el). I wish him well regardless. He’s filled in wonderfully for the original Edward Q!

  15. I would like to see Jax return, if Jason is going KEEP JAX I like him and he adds to the show. Like John and Sam together. Would like to see Jason make peace with Edward before he leaves sooo sad:(
    The baby switch please lets move on. I don’t think JERRY IS DONE yet!!!

  16. I can’t believe it but, I do kind of like Jerry. I don’t think he or Jax are dead.
    I want Jax to stay and get back with Carly. I can’t help it, I want Jason, Sam
    and their baby to reunite and live a happy loving life together until Jason leaves!
    Then they can get Sam and John together. Have him deal with Natlaie and his
    own baby while Jasam are together. I want a very beautiful and romantic ending
    for Sam and Jason. They have been the adorable couple for sooooo many years.
    Hope Jason comes back someday!! Only Steve can play that roll of Jason Morgan.

  17. COME ON WRITERS, lets get Jasam back together ASAP, before Steve leaves the show!
    They deserve that. Why are you writing all this rediculous nonsense keeping Jason
    and Sam apart? What is Elizabeth up to! Please let the true paternity of JASAM’s baby
    be found out now! Jasam have loved eachother so deeply all these 9 years together, and
    you writers just refuse to let them FINALLY BE HAPPY as a family together with their own
    precious baby. Their huge fan base wants this so much, and you keep it from Jasam and the
    fans. What do you writers have against this couple? It has been so fun watching them all 9
    years. The best story line on GH in so many years was when heartthrob Jason Morgan met
    the beautiful Sam McCall and fell deeply in love with her, and she with him. They have
    had so much fun, laughter, intreage, adventure, romance and HOT STEAMY loving times.
    Stop the nonsense, and it’s time to reunite Jasam together with their son and give them
    some loving wonderful time together as a family before Steve leaves the role of our very
    beloved Jason Morgan!!! He will truly be so missed. No one can fill his shoes in that role.

    Best of luck to you Steve. I hope you come back to GH someday. Much love and blessings
    to you from one of your many many fans.

  18. They writers put Jason and Sam back together become Steve leave show this stupid.Writers should make Jake come back and Jason fine out the Jake is life that would be great way to leave the show give Elizabeth back her son.Sam get to have Jason son back the suck writers did it wrong.

  19. Finally Sam has her baby back from the cruel storyline the writers put Sam and Jason
    through. It’s high time now to get Jason and Sam reunited together with their own adorable
    baby. It’s what theyve always wanted. Get the true paternity test out that Jason is the dad!!
    Stop dragging this sickening, wornout, cruel storyline of breaking JaSam apart and not knowing
    that Jason is the father. Get this beautiful JaSam couple, and their baby all back together as a
    family living together before Steve leaves the show! Give JaSam and all their many many fans a
    happy and truely loving reunion and life together, before the Jason’s ending. Soooooo sad…….

    I Hope Steve/Jason comes back someday. No one can play Jason Morgan except him!!!

  20. I hope they recast jason with the old aj they look so much alike i dont think you could tell them apart.
    I wonder if Drake didnt have someone take jason out of the water and to where robin is at? maybe he will help robin get back home to patrick and emma and then patrick might be happy robin saved him.
    It would also be interesting it elena cassidine came back and we found out she has had baby jake all along to get back at luke.

  21. One to many Quartermaines have been killed or died. Jason needs to come back. Let Steve have the same type of contract as Anthony Garry. He can have his home in Tenessee and still work on GH sometimes. No one can really replace Steve as Jason. Just a thought….

  22. Bring Jason Back! No one can play the role of Jason but Steve! Jason and Sam finally found their kid and reunited why did he have to leave. The show kinda feels incomplete without the main star :'(! JaSam FOREVER <3

  23. Been a huge fan of GH for a long time. Every show keeps me wanting more. Jason had been my favorite character dating back to the final fight between him and Aj. I honestly did not see him leaving. Feel like Sam was cheated. Cant let things end this. Hopefully his character lives even though Steve is gone. Steve added something special to that character. All i know whomever is his successor is will have some pretty big shoes to fill. Maybe someday he returns to resume. Thank you Steve and goodluck and god bless you and your family …….

  24. I agree that it’s hard watching GH without seeing Jason. It’s so sad seeing beautiful Sam with
    their adorable baby boy Danny, just waiting for Jason to come home. I’m with Sam agreeing that
    Jason is still alive and hurt somewhere. He may be hurt, lost his memory, unconscious and being
    cared for by some stranger who found his hurt or injured body. Let’s hope that after a long rest
    and finishing other projects, Steve Burton will decide to return home to GH where Sam, baby Danny
    and all his many many fans will be ready and excited to welcome our Jason home!

  25. Today’s episode was amazing. I am so excited that the OLTL actors are coming back. I was scared when Jason left but GH has not let me down. They are back and better then ever.

  26. Well I hope that Luke and Laura find Lulu soon & that nikloas is going to be all right.
    I also want them to get rid of Dr.WestBourne but I am also interested in finding out who her father is.I Definitely want To see Robin return for good & would also be happy if Jason returned.

  27. There’s a Facebook page called “Save General Hospital Now” and they give information where to write. Is this legitimate? Is General Hospital in danger of being cancelled?

  28. You about gave me a heart attack! Above Story says…Confirmed news- Bryan Craig has be cast as the new and aged Michael Corinthos. Michael?! No, say it isnt so… I think you mean Morgan right?!

  29. There’s a new rumor that Peter Reckell (Bo Brady from Days Of Our Lives) will show up and play Sam’s dad who is Evan Jerome(Ava’s brother). And thats he’s going to save Danny.

  30. If they SORAS Josslyn Jacks and Spencer Cassadine they will have to do the same with Emma and Cameron, they all have done scenes together (play dates etc…) Hate to Robyn leave again, but please don’t put Patrick with Sabrina.. there is no chemistry there.. she’s too young to be paired with him. I’m liking the new Britt..

  31. I, for one, am happy to hear that Jason will return to General Hospital August 7th! I cannot wait to see him and Sam together again.

    In reading the above rumors, a good story would be that Mickey Diamond is Alice’s brother (not lover for pete’s sake), and how would the story go for Levi to be related to Jerry Jacks? He would be young enough to be his son, or a younger sibling? No one wants Maxie to marry him; however, if he would cut his hair he would be more appealing – he could still resume his act of protecting the environment, being vegan, etc.

    Back to Mickey, is he really a drug dealer or with the agency (same as Jordin) wanting to bring them down? Give us some hints, ‘ya all!!!!

  32. Now that we’ve heard the good news about Jason and Robin returning, wouldn’t it be great if James Franco would appear as well! Like I speculated before, he is making movies, and lots of money, and probably would not even consider it.

  33. I can’t wait for Nina to be exposed that she can walk instead of pretending she needs the wheelchair. Dr. O is a pro and Nina is a fool to try to go against her.
    If Victor resurrects the main two Cassadines, whats to stop him from starting a baby factory. If he can’t get the woman he wants, he could have a group of surrogates produce a dozen Cassadine babies at once. Then he can fill up the mansion. I also want that lady with the heart transplant to expose Fluke’s wife for all her tricks.

  34. I just saw the news that Billy Miller will be the new Jason… He did a great job on Y&R. He is a good actor. The actor who previously played Jason is on Y&R to stay for a while. This will be interesting.

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