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General Hospital Spoilers: Proof that Carlos is Alive

CarlosaliveAnna is being eaten up with the guilt of killing Carlos Rivera. Although Anna killed Carlos to avenge the murder of the love of her life, Duke Lavery, Anna is still unsettled by the impulsive decision she made to kill another human being. Anna shot Carlos point blank on the docks, leading her to believe that she killed him. Recently, a body washed up and DA Hornsby declared that body to be that of Carlos Rivera. However, Anna knows better, and she has a strong feeling that Carlos may not even be dead at all.

Here in this photo, we see Teresa Castillo who plays the lovely Sabrina Santiago, in an encounter with her former love and long time friend, Carlos Rivera, played by the extremely talented, Jeffrey Vincent Parise.

Fans were upset by the news that Parise’s character had been killed off General Hospital, and we expect nothing less than rejoice now that fans have learned that Jeffrey Vincent Parise has returned to General Hospital as Carlos Rivera.

What is in store for Carlos now that he has returned? Could he be the father of Sabrina’s baby and they can finally be together? Carlos has been in love wit his “Carina” for many years, this could be his chance to make a family with Sabrina. On the other hand we have the budding romance of Michael and Sabrina, which Michael could very well be the father of Sabrina’s baby as well. Which road will Sabrina choose?

What do Anna, Sabrina, and Michael, All Have in Common?

MichaeltrioIt’s about to get quite interesting in Port Charles as secrets rise to the surface for one Hell of a Halloween week.

Almost everyone in Port Charles is hiding something, or someone they care about is trying to pull the wool over their eyes. Some have deep dark secrets that could break their image as upstanding parents/grandparents, and some may lose it all if the truth comes out.

Anna (Finola Hughes) is hiding something from the rest of the town, and from what it looks like, Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) is also… and what they both are hiding has to do with the same man- Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise). So fans, would you like to know what Anna, Sabrina, and Michael all have in common? Carlos.

Sabrina is pregnant and Michael has no reason to believe that her baby isn’t his. Anna (as far as she knows) shot and killed who may actually be the Father of Sabrina’s baby. This trio is complete with Anna connected to Carlos, Carlos connected to Sabrina and her baby, and Michael connected to Sabrina.

Anna is so consumed with guilt for killing Carlos when she was out to get revenge for Duke, but it isn’t clouding her intelligence one bit. Anna knows that something isn’t write with Carlos’ autopsy report, and has a gut feeling that the body found isn’t even that of the man she thinks she killed.

Although we never saw Sabrina and Carlos sleep together on-screen, it’s highly likely that this story will be written that Sabrina and Carlos had a one night stand just before he died. This would explain Sabrina’s hesitation when talking about the pregnancy, and her reluctant behavior when asked to marry Michael (Chad Duell).

Two General Hospital rumors could very well be true; 1) Carlos could actually be alive, and 2) Carlos could be the Father of Sabrina’s baby, not Michael.

General Hospital spoilers tease that this Halloween with leave fans at the edge of their seats, with intense drama as the secrets we all have known about will blow apart the lives of those involved by them.

We want to know what you think! Is Carlos Rivera actually alive? Will Anna be able to sleep at night once she knows that she didn’t end up killing him? Could Carlos be the Father of Sabrina’s baby, and will Sabrina and Michael be able to weather that storm? Perhaps Carly is right… Sabrina and Michael have to prove to one another that they can be there for each other through it all- even if it turns out Michael isn’t the Father.

Baby Bliss for Michael and Sabrina

MichaelSabrinaMichael and Sabrina have been turning up the heat since this Summer, and it looks like things aren’t going to cool down for this couple, even as we coast into Fall.

Michael knows that Sabrina would be a great mother, since he hired her to be the nanny for his sister, baby Avery. Together, the two loved and cared for her during her time at the Quartermaine mansion. Since then, Michael has returned Avery to his Dad, Sonny, and since Sonny and Carly are engaged, Carly has been the active Mother figure for baby Avery.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors point to baby bliss of their own for Michael and Sabrina. It’s no secret that actress, Teresa Castillo is pregnant with her second child. After Castillo’s first pregnancy with daughter Victoria was written into the script, it was uncertain whether the writers would go down that road. During that time, Teresa’s character Sabrina was pregnant with Patrick Drake’s baby, but sadly, she lost the baby after being involved in a car accident that Victor Cassadine was behind- which tied into the entire Jason/Robin story line.

It looks as though Sabrina will end up pregnant and she and Michael will be happy to be expecting. Hopefully this time around Sabrina will be able to hold on to her pregnancy with no drama. What do you think? Are Michael and Sabrina ready to become parents together?