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Sonny Corinthos Suicide

“We all flirt with the tiniest notion, of self conclusion in one simplified notion, the trick is that you’re never supposed to act on it.” A line from a really great band, The Spill Canvas, in their song titled, Self Conclusion. Today, Sonny flirted with the thoughts of suicide. Sonny was fortunate enough to have Olivia and his sons there to plead with him, and try to talk him out of this state of mind. Sonny is bipolar, therefore he has extreme highs as well as lows. And when faced with the loss of someone he loves, he feels as if he has no where to turn, and that the world would be a better place if he left to be with Connie. Olivia told him who and how much he would be leaving behind, and that if he went through with this, he would be causing harm and pain to the ones he loves, who love him.

Maurice has really been bringing on the drama and intensity with this story. He has brought Sonny to the darkest place he as ever been. Connie has taken him to a place not even Brenda could take him. Losing Connie has mad Sonny lose himself.┬áMaurice is showing the fans a portrayal of Sonny on a whole new level. We have seen Sonny’s dark days, his manic, days, his great days, and now we have seen this, rock bottom.

Every single person in that scene gave it their all today. Brian Craig (Morgan), Chad Duell (Michael), Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), and Maurice Benard himself (Sonny). The dynamic was so powerful and the chemistry the actors portrayed as a family really shown through.

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Michael Corinthos and Kiki Jerome… Too Late?

Michael busted into the court room as if he were going to stop the wedding between his brother, Morgan, and the girl of his dreams, Kikki Jerome. Much to his surprise, he arrives just a tad too late. Morgan and Kiki had already said ‘I do’ when he burst in to tell her that she was not a Quartermaine after all, and they she is not related to him. Thus meaning they would be able to be together. What will happen between them now that Kiki is a married woman, and to Morgan nonetheless? Did he lose his chance at true love?


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What’s REALLY Going on With Kiki and Michael?

After the exit of fan favorite Starr Manning, Kristen Alderson took on the role of Kiki Jerome. Her love interest is Morgan Corinthos which is a bit ironic since when she played Starr, she and Michael were a hot item. Fans nicknamed the popular duo MiStarr. Now, her role as the multi faceted Kiki is causing a buzz with the fan bases. Those who were die hard Starr fans still miss their sweet girl tremendously. Those open to change are embracing Kiki’s new attitude. One thing remains constant is that fans are still head over heals for Chad Duell and Kristen Alderson’s chemistry. Whether Alderson is Starr or Kiki, it’s obvious that fans want the actress paired with her real life sweetheart, Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos). There is just one thing… most people don’t take too well to “Kissing Cousins.”

Kiki, although dating Michael’s brother Morgan, cannot keep her mind off of Michael. There is intense chemistry. Call it forbidden fruit, or call it fantastic acting, the two really do seem to be able to steam up a scene just by thinking of one another.

Franco is back and we have been led to believe that Kiki is his long lost daughter Lauren, (Lauren Katherine Jerome). Which ultimately means that since Franco and Jason are twins, Kiki and Michael would be first cousins. We also know that the Jerome family was a mob family in Port Charles back in the day. Ava, Kiki’s mom, comes off as a very sleek, sly, and manipulative woman. There are a lot of “what ifs” in this story. What if Heather Webber lied and Jason and Franco were never twins? What if the sneaky and manipulative Ava is lying about something? That being said, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to believe that Kiki isn’t Franco’s daughter at all. If that is the case, then eventually, when Michael and Kiki find out they are not really related, although Morgan is still in the middle, they would be able to be together.

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