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Betsy Franco Returns to General Hospital!

The newest word out on the street is that during Franco’s relapse into being a psycho freak, his adoptive mom will be back in the picture. Illegally adopted, Franco was raised by Elizabeth Frank, aka Karen Anderson and believe her to be his mother. He most recently discovered that he isn’t a Quartermaine, and that his parents are actually Scott Baldwin and Heather Webber. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because Franco may be just as, if not more, crazy than Heather.

General Hospital rumors have be floating around that Betsy Franco will be returning to General Hospital to reprise her role as the woman who raised Franco… whether she is going by Elizabeth Frank, or Karen Anderson, we shall see which direction her return will take this character.


Roger Howarth Still On Contract with General Hospital

In the midst of learning that many of our favorite actors/characters have either dropped down to recurring, or are down right leaving the show, it is very easy to inform fans that is not the case with Roger. After today’s episode, many fans were worried that Howarth, along with Kelly Thiebaud (Dr. Britt Westbourne aka The Britch), John J. York (Mac Scorpio), and Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix DuBois), would also be making himself scarce and leaving General Hospital.

For the record, Roger Howarth is not leaving General Hospital in his role as Franco, he also has not dropped to recurring. He is still on contract with General Hospital, according to Executive Producer, Frank Valentini. Roger Howarth will be taping for his Prime Time role as Mason Bridge on the CW’s ‘The Flash’ during General Hospital’s hiatus. In a quote from Valentini regarding Roger’s new project, he states, “We are thrilled for Roger and this opportunity. Fans can rest assure he is not off the show, as the timing for this role worked out so that he can shoot during our current “GH” hiatus.”

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Marc Anthony Samuel Off-Contract at General Hospital

It looks like we will be seeing less of yet another GH actor/character we love to see light up our screen.

Along with the news that Kelly Thiebaud (Dr. Britt Westbourne) is now on recurring status, along with long time GH vet, John J. York (Mac Scorpio aka Uncle Mac), it has been confirmed that Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix DuBois) will also be placed on recurring status with General Hospital.

As of now, these actors are not leaving General Hospital entirely, they just have not signed/renewed a contract with the soap. We will still be seeing them, they will just be involved in less of the story lines.

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CONFIRMED! Brandon Barash Returning to General Hospital

Yesterday, General Hospital Blog reported that there was a General Hospital rumor with an extremely strong inclination that actor Brandon Barash would be returning to General Hospital. Sources have indivated that this is not just a rumor, but it is fact. Barash, husband of General Hospital co-star Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones), will be returning to GH to reprise his role as Johnny Zacchara.

Sources say that this will not be a long term gig, however. Speculations point to an interesting story line which includes Johnny Zacchara running into Port Charles mob boss, Sonny Corinthos in Pentonville. Since Johnny is behind bars for the murder of Anthony Zacchara, and Sonny just got arrested for the murder of AJ Quartermaine, it isn’t unlikely that these two will cross paths while they are serving time in the slammer.

John J. York No Longer on Contract with GH

It seems like there are a lot of changes happening over at the set of General Hospital. As confirmation of Kelly Thiebaud’s status change with General Hospital has been revealed, more changes are about to become public. Kelly isn’t the only actor placed on recurring status with the popular daytime soap.

General Hospital vet, John J. York who plays the long time charmer, Mac Scorpio, has been on recurring status since the beginning of October.

The list of General Hospital ins and outs is ever changing and it seems as though there is always an actor on his/her way in and one on their way out. Fortunately, John J. York will not be leaving his role as “Uncle Mac” behind, we will just be seeing a little less of him on screen.