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GH News: Shawn Returns, Find Out When

ShawntreturnsSean Blakemore has just received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor as Shawn Butler on ABC’s General Hospital.

General Hospital fans and Sean have another thing to be excited about. His return to GH as Shawn Butler. General Hospital spoilers revealed the big news that Blakemore will return to GH on April 4th!

However, his appearance as Shawn will be short lived, as it is only for one episode. Although his return will be brief, there is reason behind this character’s return, and fans now have assurance that Shawn has not been forgotten, and that we WILL be seeing more of him in the future.

James Nigbor on Twitter and the Emotional Message to Fans

JakeJasGeneral Hospital Breaking News surfaced yesterday afternoon as we all learned that the boy who plays Liz and Jason’s son, Jake Webber, is on his way OUT at GH.
The parent or guardian in charge of the young star’s Twitter account, sent out a tweet to fans, thanking them for “loving my boy.”
A follow up tweet has been posted, as an emotional statement to GH and James Nigbor fans.
It reads, “Just wanted to say thank you for all the love for James. After the tears I showed him all your comments and the biggest smile emerged <3" What are your thoughts on General Hospital letting go of the Liason Baby? Do you think this character will be SORASed? Check out the Tweet below!