Carly Hits Rock Bottom- But Will it Lead to Exposing Nelle?

It’s no secret that Carly (Laura Wright) has been put through the ringer lately. As she said herself, just as she thought she was starting to heal, a year after Morgan’s death, she is now feeling like she is losing her mind. -All because of one person, Nelle (Chloe Lanier).
We all know that she is indeed the Carly we know and love, strong, sharp, feisty, and dead on about Nelle. Although Sonny seems to think otherwise. Jason is always in Carly’s corner, and rightfully so. Sonny underestimates Jason’s point of view of what is going on with Carly since Jason wasn’t around to see her grieve for Morgan. However, Jason has always been more in tune to Carly’s true self than her own husband. That being said, her daughter, Josslyn is also questioning the well being of her mother. She has noticed some changes in Carly’s behavior and is sensing there is something going on that Carly isn’t disclosing. Although Joss is right about that, there is something Carly hasn’t disclosed to Joss, but that doesn’t mean Carly is losing her mind.
So far she lacks support from Sonny, is being pressured by Michael to back off, Dr. Collins believes Carly is just anxiety ridden and prescribed pills to “take the edge off,” and her mom, Bobbie, is also skeptical to believe Carly. If someone doesn’t show Carly some faith and support, she could fall so far down hill that she could hit rock bottom.

After all, that is Nelle’s intentions. Nelle plans to destroy Carly and get her out of the way, so that nothing stands between her and Michael. Carly is her biggest obstacle, however, Nelle doesn’t know Carly as well most. Carly isn’t the type to buckle. Carly isn’t going to just crumble and accept her new, weakened spirit. Right now, Nelle thinks she is smart, she thinks they harder she pushes Carly, she will be able to drive her so far off the rails that she won’t be a problem any longer. Luckily, that’s not how Carly operates. The further she is tested, the more she will come back fighting, and that’s just what she is going to do to expose Nelle once and for all. Carly has a sixth sense for snakes like Nelle, and Carly will come out on top as always.

Are you tired of Nelle sneaking around Port Charles? Let us know what you think! Is this story line ready to wrap up? What will happen to Nelle’s character? Will she be pushed out of Port Charles, or stick around to pester another PC family?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nelle’s Plan Unravel?

nellecreepNelle Hayes is such a saint. She gave her kidney that saved Josslyn Jacks. She stuck around in Port Charles to help Carly with Avery. She is looking out for Sonny in his time of grief, all while staying completely loyal to her job at the Metro Court, and Carly Corinthos.

Except, some people just aren’t buying it. When it comes to her children, Carly tends to get caught up in anything that may shed light on their safety and well being. Ever since Nelle came to town, Carly has been eternally grateful to her for saving Josslyn’s life with her kidney donation. Now that Carly is mourning the loss of her son Morgan, she finds comfort in Nelle’s persistence and dedication. Carly thinks Nelle has a heart of gold and can do no wrong. On the other hand, there is Carly’s mother, Bobbie Spencer. Bobbie has seen first hand what deceit and a hidden agenda looks like, and she found that out the hard way when her daughter, Caroline (Carly), arrived in Port Charles. Just as Nelle is doing, Carly worked her way into Bobbie’s life, got close to her husband, and then… seduced him! Now we haven’t gotten that far yet with Nelle, but if history repeats itself, and General Hospital rumors come true, Nelle is being set up to be Carly 2.0

General Hospital spoilers reveal that not only Bobbie is suspicious of Nelle, This week on General Hospital, Michael begins to question Nelle. Could this be the beginning of the end to Nelle’s true intentions?

What does she want and who is she really? General Hospital news and spoilers confirmed in October, that Ingo Rademacher will be returning to Port Charles as Jasper Jacks. GH rumors have been circling, claiming Jax knows much more about Nelle than he is making aware.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller Signs New Contract

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Show coverage of ABC's "General Hospital" airing the week of March 28, 2016.  The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.    GH16  (ABC/Michael Yada) BILLY MILLER, KELLY MONACO

As previously reported, General Hospital Blog shared the news regarding Steve Burton leaving his role on CBS’ The Young and the Restless after only 3 years.┬áBurton left his 21 year role as Jason (Quartermaine) Morgan in 2012, and joined Y&R as Dylan McAvoy in 2013.

In the midst of all the actor swapping drama that went on between ABC’s General Hospital and CBS’ Y&R, GH was able to snag up Billy Miller (ex- Billy Abbott, Y&R) to take over the role of the iconic ‘Stonecold’, Jason Morgan.

Fast forward to this Fall, there was much confusion once again caused by news revolving around Steve Burton, Billy Miller, and their respective daytime dramas. General Hospital rumors were swirling after news broke out of Steve’s departure from Y&R, and fans automatically started to speculate, wondering if Billy Miller was on his way out of GH, leaving room for Steve Burton to reprise his role.

When Steve left in 2012, it was one of the biggest upsets in General Hospital history. Fans were upset and angry, and many didn’t want to welcome Billy Miller (or anyone for that matter) into the role of their beloved Jason Morgan. Much to our surprise, General Hospital Blog conducted a poll, which resulted in fans choosing Billy Miller as Jason at 61%, leaving fans who chose Steve Burton to come back at a shocking 39%.

It looks like this time around, fans got what they wanted. General Hospital spoilers broke the news that Billy Miller has signed on for another year long contract with GH.

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