Is Luke Returning to Read Helena’s Will?

GearyreturnAnthony Geary retired from General Hospital last year with the love and support of his cast mates, crew, fans, and loved ones. It had been noted by GH Execs that they would like it if Geary would make cameo appearances from time to time, However, the point of retirement, is to actually stop working. SO fans ask the question, “Will Anthony Geary return to General Hospital as the iconic Luke Spencer, even just for a short time?”

In a past article with Entertainment Weekly, Geary stated, “If the story is interesting to me and it works out, I may come back to the show for six weeks or so.” GH Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, welcomes this idea.

Recent General Hospital spoilers have revealed that the reading of Helena’s will, will take place on Friday, March 11th. GH rumors have been swirling that the big surprise (other than Helena continuing to reek havoc from the grave), is that Luke Spencer will be at the reading, and actually reading the will.

This is ONLY a rumor, but definitely something to think about. What more perfect time for Luke to make a cameo than a story involving Helena Cassadine and Laura Spencer?

We shall see how this all unfolds and GH Blog will update fans with any confirmation for or against this rumor. Stay tuned!

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Confronts Liz

SamLizdoorThe aftermath of the Jason Morgan reveal has just begun… although the entire town of Port Charles has been well aware that Jake Doe is actually Sonny Corinthos’ right hand man, Jason Morgan, what they don’t know is that the lies involved in keeping Jason’s identity on the down-low, involve a few people that are close to Jason and his wife, Sam.

Sam has figured out that Elizabeth has known all along that Jake was really Jason. General Hospital spoilers reveal that today on General Hospital, Sam confronts Liz with her new found knowledge. Although Sam mentioned to Alexis that she didn’t want to use this information to break up Liz and Jason, it looks as though she still needs to get it off her chest. Previews for Monday’s episode for 12/7/15 show Sam at Liz’s house, telling her she knows that she has done to Jason.

Will Elizabeth try and lie her way out of this one, and will she OUT Nikolas in the process?

Watch today’s GH to find out what will happen between Sam and Liz.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura is Back TODAY and Has Something to Say!

geniefrancisGeneral Hospital spoilers have been confirmed that Genie Francis will return to General Hospital as Laura Spencer, on today’s episode.

Genie made her announcement on her Facebook page this morning. She let fans know that Laura is back and she brought her big mouth.” Check out her post below!


Today on #GH Laura’s back and she brought her big mouth with her… #staytuned

Posted by Genie Francis onĀ Friday, October 2, 2015

Will Laura tell someone else what she knows about Jake being Jason Morgan? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out!


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