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General Hospital Spoilers: Laura is Back TODAY and Has Something to Say!

geniefrancisGeneral Hospital spoilers have been confirmed that Genie Francis will return to General Hospital as Laura Spencer, on today’s episode.

Genie made her announcement on her Facebook page this morning. She let fans know that Laura is back and she brought her big mouth.” Check out her post below!


Today on #GH Laura’s back and she brought her big mouth with her… #staytuned

Posted by Genie Francis onĀ Friday, October 2, 2015

Will Laura tell someone else what she knows about Jake being Jason Morgan? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out!


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The Corinthos Family Prepares for the Worst

Sonnyshot1Carly on her wedding day, along with their children, Michael and Morgan, friends, and loved ones, prepare themselves for the worst. Sonny Corinthos has been shot- on his and Carly’s wedding day. They all gather around, anxiously waiting to see if the father, mobster, and friend will live or die.

Jake arrived at Sonny’s covered in blood. The look on his and Carly’s face says it all. Carly and Jake have connected just as Jason Morgan and Carly had many years ago. Carly knows that Jake has come bringing the dark news that something terrible has happened to Sonny. Jake will be there for the Corinthos clan, just as Jason Morgan was always there for them in the past.

Jake, Sam, Carly, and Sonny, will grow closer in their bond due to this recent tragedy. Sooner, rather than later, Jake will know is actually Jason Morgan.




Does Sam Have Nikolas Right Where She Wants Him?

JakeSam2It will definitely be one for the books when Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) are exposed for keeping Jake’s (Billy Miller) true identity to themselves. Sam and Jake are closing in on Nikolas and his web of lies. As General Hospital inches closer and closer to November Sweeps, the rest of Port Charles will be zeroing in on the explosive truth in regard to Nik and Liz’s lies.

Sam is about to get find out that Jake is actually her husband, Jason Morgan. It looks as though Sam has Nikolas right where she wants him, exposing him for crimes he has committed and swept under the rug. With Nik’s plans unraveling rapidly, will Sam stumble upon his biggest deceitful secret yet? It’s only a matter of time before Nikolas and Elizabeth are outed for keeping Jason away from his real wife and rest of his family.

Jake and Sam work together to expose Nikolas… will they discover the shocking truth?