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General Hospital Preview Video: The Shock waves Keep Coming


NizbedWhat is this we see in the latest General Hospital spoiler video? The aftermath of the Jason Morgan reveal hasn’t even begun and the shock waves keep on coming.
Check out the video below where you will get first glimpse at the return of Robin Scorpio Drake, a kiss between Jason and Sam, an encounter with Jason and Sonny… and what appears to be Nikolas and Elizabeth in bed together!
Things are really starting to heat up in Port Charles!

The shockwaves just keep coming. #GH

Posted by General Hospital on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Revealed! Carly Makes it to Jake with Evidence

JasonEvidence1November 6th, 2015 is finally here. The dreaded wedding date for many Jason and Sam fans, today is the dad Elizabeth and Jason/Jake fans have been anticipating. Although things are looking grim for Liason (Jason and Liz) fans.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that the time has come! Jake Doe will finally know that he is Jason Morgan, and the news is brought to him by none other than his best friend, Carly Corinthos.

Carly tells Jake that he is Jason and at first he thinks she is just delusional and not letting her friend’s memory go. But Carly has the paperwork to prove to Jake that he is indeed Jason Morgan, already a husband to Sam.

This will be a Port Charles event the entire town will never forget…

Be sure to watch General Hospital TODAY for the JASON MORGAN REVEAL!


General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Revealed with Huge Fallout

JasonRevealedThis is the day General Hospital fans everywhere have all been waiting for… The beginning of the end of Jake Doe. Fans and a few residents of Port Charles have known Jake’s true identity for far too long. But the ones who matter most, Jason’s loved ones, including Sam Morgan, Sonny Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, Monica Quartermaine, and many more have been in the dark for long enough.

Carly has learned the truth, and despite being in an accident, Carly is going everything in her power to get to Jake before he marries Elizabeth Webber. General Hospital spoilers reveal that today begins the Jason Morgan reveal story we have all been waiting for. ABC’s GH Facebook page warns fans that the fallout will be HUGE. As Liz plans to marry a man she knows is married to Sam Morgan, she hopes she can bury the truth and live happily ever after with a man who belongs to another family. Nothing will be the same for Elizabeth after her lies are exposed, and Jake Doe’s true identity is brought to light.

You won’t want to miss a SECOND of this unforgettable revelation on General Hospital. Watch GH today at 2PM Eastern!