Confirmed! Steve Burton OUT at Y&R

SteveBurtonrecastSteve Burton left his 21 year run on ABC’s General Hospital in 2012. He played the iconic role of Jason Quartermaine/Morgan, and become the Daytime TV face of the Port Charles mob, alongside c0-star Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos).

Burton’s departure from his role as Jason on GH became one of the biggest upsets in Daytime. Burton’s decision came as a result of what was said to be what was best for his family. He joined the cast of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, as Dylan McAvoy.

The role of Jason Morgan was recast by Y&R vet, Billy Miller. It was hard for fans to accept at the beginning, however, JaSam fans have accepted and embraced the new role.

Steve Burton has confirmed via Twitter, his departure from Y&R this coming December, at his contract’s end.

What will Steve decide next?

Would you like to see him reprise his role as Jason Morgan on General Hospital?

Jason Morgan: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

This year, there may just be a Christmas miracle. Although Jason is technically “home,” he doesn’t actually know it. He doesn’t know his place in this world, he doesn’t even know his own real name. What he does know right now, is that he has a true friend in Elizabeth Webber, and that he has an undeniable connection to Danny.

Brand new General Hospital spoilers insinuate that Jake will finally remember exactly who he is, who is son, is, who his wife is, and who is friends and family are. At this point is has not been confirmed, but there is a strong believe that Jake will be revealed as Jason the week of December 22nd. If General Hospital rumors regarding this are true, this would mean that Jason would be home for Christmas. Fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for a JaSam reunion, and it looks like we might get our Christmas miracle.

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Steve Burton’s Last Day at General Hospital

Yesterday September 27, 2012, was the last day of Steve Burton’s 21 year long career of playing GH’s Jason (Quartermaine) Morgan. All throughout the day, cast mates posted pictures, Tweeted, and posted Facebook messages showing their love and support for such a dear friend and asset to General Hospital. The entire cast wore black T shirts on Steve’s last day taping on the GH set in honor of Jason. Steve Burton is off to live in Tennessee with his family, something he has always wanted to do, and felt that now is the best time to fulfill that dream. As a fan, and like most of us, I do not know what comes next for Jason Morgan and all the ways he fit into the story lines. My heart breaks for JaSam and the fact that if Jason is written off, Sam will lose her soul mate in some way or another, Sonny, Spinelli, and Carly will lose their best friend. And who knows, that may be good for Liz, out of sight, out of mind, right? haha. Might be just what she needs to get over him. Here are some featured Tweets regarding Steve’s last day.

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and this one just breaks my heart… actually crying now.

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