General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nina Tell Nathan Who His Real Father Is?

The subject of Nathan’s paternity has been put on the back burner for a long time. Back when Nathan come to Port Charles, everyone including Nathan, was under the impression that his mother was Madeline Reeves.

It turns out that she is actually his aunt, sister of Dr. Liesl Obrecht, Making Dr. O Nathan’s mother. The question of Nathan’s paternity came up along with all these new discoveries, including Nina now his cousin, not his sister. Dr. Obrecht told Nathan that Victor Cassadine is his father, but we all know that’s not the truth. Dr. O even mentioned that his real father, who has not yet been named, is far worse a man than Victor. Who could be so bad that even Dr. Obrecht doesn’t want to admit she fathered his child? GH rumors have speculated everyone from Cesar Faison to Jerry Jacks.  We aren’t exactly sure but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nina has some information regarding Nathan’s biological dad. If Nina does know the truth, it’s highly likely she will use it to her advantage, to hang over Dr. O’s head.

Do you know who Nathan’s father could be? If you have a guess, leave it in the comments below.


Kirsten Storms’ New Role in ‘Winterthorne’

General Hospital news…

Kirsten Storms joins former Days of Our Lives alum, Martha Madison (ex-Belle Black DOOL), and General Hospital co-star Kathleen Gati (Dr. Liesl Obrecht) in the new series, Winterthorne.

Kirsten Storms and Martha Madison both played the role of Belle Black on Days of Our Lives and are looking forward to working on a project together. Actress Martha Madison will be playing the role of the lead character, Miranda Winterthorne. Kirsten’s role will be Miranda’s younger sister, Selene Winterthorne. Selene is said to be stylish, sexy, and witty… which is a lot like Kirsten’s portrayal of Maxie Jones.

Among the cast will be Dallas star, Linda Gray, Josh Thrower from The Young and the Restless, and  Gordon Thompson from Dynasty.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated on the debut of this online series. Congratulations to GH’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) on her new role.


General Hospital Spoilers: Nathan Gets Closer To Fluke’s True Identity!

This has to be the most confusing story line mysteries in General Hospital history. Even with what was supposed to be the huge revelation of Fluke’s true identity LAST Friday, confusion still remains. After Dante woke up from being unconscious, and saw a rotten corpse in the chair he expected to see his father-in-law, Luke Spencer, fans were led to the conclusion that Fluke and Luke are one in the same.

Recent General Hospital spoilers entertain the idea that Nathan will go to his mother, Dr. Leisl Obrecht for answers, getting closer to the true identity of Fluke. As Chief of Staff, Dr. O has the free reign of General Hospital, taking Nathan into the lab. Obrecht lets her son in on a little secret as she tells him, “All the answers you seek about Luke Spencer will be found here.”  Dr. Obrecht has been entangled with the Cassadine’s and the evil work of Faison for quite some time. She told Nathan that his father was Victor Cassadine, but we the audience know that isn’t the truth. Obrecht admitted that Nathan’s father is far worse than Victor.

Just how much does Dr. O know about Helena and Fluke? Will Nathan learn that Fluke’s identity is far more worse than everyone actually thought?

Kelly Thiebaud’s (The Britch) Goodbye Message to Fans! MUST READ

Social media ran wild today as Kelly Thiebaud aired her last episode as Dr. Britt(a) Westbourne, aka The Britch. Daughter of iconic villain, Cesar Faison, and the eccentric Dr. Liesl Obrecht, Britta was one of a kind. A coniving little Britch but with a soft heart when it came to a certain few. The ones that truly brought out the good in her were Nikolas Cassadine, his son Spencer, and we got to see that she could actually be nice to someone when she was with her pal, Brad. Britt did a lot of damage around PC including meddling in and disrupting the lives of Patrick Drake, his wife Robin, daughter Emma, and her fellow co worker, Sabrina Santiago.

Today on General Hospital, Britta left Port Charles with her father, Cesar Faison. Dr. O stayed behind to look after her son and Britt’s brother, Nathan West.

After the airing of her last performance on General Hospital, Kelly Thiebaud sent out a heartfelt message to fans via Twitter and Instagram. Check out what she has to say to all her fans.

Kelly Thiebaud Leaving GH

Back in early November, it was confirmed that Kelly Thiebaud will be off of her contract with ABC’s General Hospital. The actress has gone from contract to recurring status with the 51 year old daytime drama. More recently, there has been rumors that Kelly’s character, Dr. Britt Westbourne will be leaving the canvas altogether.

From the looks of the onscreen evidence, it seems to be that the General Hospital rumors regarding Britt’s departure from Port Charles is actually true. Britt is leaving town with her father, Cesar Faison, after Nikolas found out about her scheme with Spencer to get back into Nikolas’ heart. Helena was helping Dr. Obrecht and Faison out of town, and Obrecht was bringing Britta along with her. But when Nathan got shot, Dr. O decided to stay to keep watch over her precious son.

Keep checking back with GH Blog for more info regarding comings and goings and the status of your favorite GH actors.