General Hospital Spoilers: Head Writer Explains Why He Decided to Resurrect Little Jake Webber

RonCIt all makes perfect sense really. It was nothing the General Hospital writing team had planned on doing, but to them, and now to the fans, it completely makes sense in regard to Luke Spencer’s (Tony Geary) exit story. However, the lasting impact on resurrecting Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason Morgan’s (Billy Miler) son, Jake, will have a lasting impact on the people of Port Charles as a whole.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati explains why they decided to bring little Jake back from the dead. He said, “It really was not something we were planning to do.”

Luke Spencer’s exist story had to be one for the books. Since Luke was the one who actually hit little Jake and caused his “death,” the writing team felt this was the perfect way to make Luke and Laura’s (Genie Francis) adventure to be as memorable as possible, while also leaving a great story for the rest of the town, even after Luke leaves the canvas.With all that is going on with Sam and Jason, Elizabeth and Jason (Jake), and Liz and Nikolas, having Jake be alive will stir the pot for many story lines.

For all the fans that have questioned little Jake’s organ donation, Carlivati explains, “We had to pull out a bag of tricks, and go to our go-to person, Helena Cassadine, for help, and made it work.”

So what does this mean for Elizabeth and Jake Doe? Sam and Jake (Jason)?…

Elizabeth is still hiding Jake’s true identity from him. Knowing that he is actually Jason Morgan, Liz is depriving the man she claims to love of his real wife, Sam (Kelly Monaco), and his son, Danny Morgan. General Hospital rumors speculated that Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), little Jake’s adoptive father, is on his way to inform Elizabeth of the news regarding their son. Once Liz finds out that Jake, her son with Jason is actually alive, will she finally tell Jake Doe that he is actually Jason? We think so. Judging from Liz’s past behaviors, it isn’t enough right now that Jason has a wife and son out there, but once she finds out THEIR son is alive, her whole tune is likely to change. In our opinion, we predict that Elizabeth will want the real Jason Morgan to get to know their son, little Jake and will ponder her decision to finally come clean, now that she too has a family again with Jason.

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Little Jake is Alive! Check Out Recaps of His Death, It Will Bring You to Tears

LuckyJakedeathGeneral Hospital’s Summer Stunner is no doubt one of the biggest shocks we could have ever asked for. A few years ago Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan lost their son when he got out of Liz’s house and was hit by a car. His adoptive father Lucky was beside himself at the loss of his son and the fact that his own father, Luke, was the hit and run driver.

These gut wrenching scenes will bring you to tears as you watch Elizabeth, Jason, Lucky, and their loved ones go through what no parent should ever have to experience… the loss of a child.

Helena has always been evil, but we have just realized her maximum capacity at evil doing. As it turns out, little Jake is not dead, in fact, he is very much alive. In this week’s scenes where Luke Spencer and Helena Cassadine said their goodbyes, she informed Luke that she has a parting gift for him. That gift, is that the grandson he thought he killed while he was drunk driving, is not dead at all. Instead, little Jake was part of another one of Helena’s evil plots to put the Spencer family though Hell.

Take a look at this amazing video recap created by a GH fan, YouTube user. It will definitely bring you to tears, and give you a little history refresher in the process. Take a look!


Jason and Sam May Not Be an Item Yet, But Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller Might Be

KellyBilly2General Hospital fans, particularly, JaSam (Jason and Sam) fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for Sam to reunite with her husband Jason. Currently, Sam is still unaware that Jason is alive and well and right under her feet in Port Charles. Jake Doe also doesn’t know that he is actually Jason Morgan. Fans are at their wits end, trying to keep composed as they anxiously wait for the day Sam realizes Jason is alive.

Although we are waiting for Jason and Sam to be together as a couple, Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller may have taken that leap in real life. According to Soap Opera Digest, Kelly and Billy were spotted over 4th of July weekend in Malibu. Photos of the two co-stars were taken of them being very friendly and close. General Hospital rumors have been flying that these two are now a real life couple with a budding romance. Maybe they got sick of waiting for their characters to reunite and decided to get together for real!

Check out the photos from this past weekend in Malibu

BillyKelly2 BillyKelly1 BillyKelly

General Hospital Chaos! Characters Acting Out Of Character

If you have been watching General Hospital lately, the same things have been running through the minds of fans across the board. It seems as the something has been off with the residents of Port Charles. Many of the people, who have distinct personality traits and almost predictable behaviors have been acting out of character recently. Or have they?

Let’s start with Elizabeth. The sweet, do-gooder, Nurse Webber has crossed a line with fans (and haters) that she may never be able to come back from. Liz has just lied about the biggest story in Port Charles. So that Liz can have Jason Morgan all to herself, she is concealing the information she knows about his true identity. She is lying to keep a man for herself, when he has a wife and son right under his nose. This seems very extreme and out of character, but at the same time, is it, really? Liz has lied in the past to get what she wants, especially when it comes to a man. She has even lied about the paternity of her child, making Lucky believe Jake was his for so long, knowing that Jason was his father. And that was just one example. She and Sam have always had a battle over Jason Morgan, a battle that Sam won. Now Elizabeth feels that it’s her turn for happiness, and she doesn’t care that she is leaving Sam and Danny without a husband and father.

Anna just shot and killed Carlos in cold blood (or so they say). Her actions were not out of self defense, but out of revenge. Anna was hurting, and she killed the man who killed the love of her life, Duke Lavery. Anna is a cop, she is a special agent, a mother, and grandmother. It’s easy to see her as someone who wouldn’t just shoot a man point blank, but in actuality, Anna has done more than some fans realize. When is came to Faison, she locked him in Wyndemere without any expectation that he could escape. She has protected those she loves and is never afraid to use force. She loved Duke so much that she felt his death had to be avenged, which led her to kill Carlos Rivera on Pier 54.

Then there is Nikolas. The Cassadine outcast. The one member of the Cassadine family who isn’t violent or ruthless. Nik suddenly made a move that shocked General Hospital fans. When it was revealed that Nikolas put out the hit on Hayden Barnes, we couldn’t believe that the one sane Cassadine had become so completely detached. HOwever, we have always known that Nik would go to extreme lengths to protect those he loves and those in which he is loyal. Elizabeth obviously falls into that category. As Nik explained to Valerie, he was protecting Elizabeth from Hayden’s truth. Although everyone knows that Liz is wrong for keeping this secret about Jake/Jason, Nik will still protect her at all costs.

As we see some of these characters shock us with their recent behaviors, we wonder why all of a sudden are they making these bold moves? Perhaps if we look at their past, we can see that they have had it in them all along.


General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Makes A Shocking Discovery Regarding Jake



The most recent General Hospital spoilers are big ones, and we won’t have to wait long for their big reveal. Coming up by the end of this week, much will unfold in the story line revolving around Jake (Jason Morgan), Sam, Julian, and Duke. Fans are expected to witness some heat between Jake and Julian Jerome, ultimately involving Sam. It has been revealed in gh spoilers that Sam will make a shocking discovery.
GH rumors claim that the residents of Port Charles believe that Jake is the one who killed Duke Lavery. In Sam’s shocking discovery, will she learn that Jake DID kill Duke, he did NOT kill Duke, or will she get closer to finding out that Jake Doe is really her husband, Jason Morgan?
Watch General Hospital this week to find out!