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Will There Be an On Screen Romance for This Real Life Couple?

It looks as though the rumors about Morgan setting his sights on a new lady just might come true. Morgan Corinthos and Dr. Britt Westbourne have yet to really cross paths in Port Charles. However, actor Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) and actress Kelly Thiebaud (Britt Westbourne) have been an item in real life for quite some time.

The fans have been asking when Britt and Morgan would, if ever, have scenes together. Looks like wishes are about to come true.

Is it possible that these two will have a budding romance, or will Morgan just be a pawn in Dr. Obrecht’s little game to get Britt back with Nikolas?

In a recent Daytime Confidential interview, Bryan Craig gave a little insight on what fans can expect for Morgan and Britt. He said, “They’re doing things to bring our characters closer and closer to meeting. She’s running into people I’m related to and vice versa, so it could happen. We honestly don’t know. We hope it does.


Bring Out The Britch!

Just when Britt Westbourne seems to be trying to redeem herself in the eyes of Nikolas, (and the fans), she takes a step (or 10) back and is starting to revert back to her old ways. The very sight of Elizabeth and Nikolas talking, embracing, or anything makes Britt’s blood boil. She approached Elizabeth while at work, picking childish arguments with her out of jealousy after seeing Nik console Liz with an embrace. Nik gave Britt the cold shoulder when she tried to make small talk. He accused her and Brad of scheming once again and you could see the embarrassment and fury in Britt’s body language.

Instead of learning from her mistakes, and continuing to try to make Nikolas forgive her by doing the right things, Britt will most likely bring out The Britch once again. She has a goal and that goal is to get her man back. It looks as though Britt will stop at nothing, including trash talking, lying, and scheming to get what she wants once again. Do you think she will be successful in winning Nik back if she takes this route? For the character’s sake, hopefully she doesn’t listen to her good friend Brad and she leaves the ways of The Britch far behind her. Watching Britt act like The Britch is actually very entertaining. Kelly Thiebaud is a great actress, we love to hate her and she puts such humor into her scenes. What do you think Britt will do to try and get Nikolas back? What will is cost Elizabeth?

Elizabeth’s Love Triangle

It’s been a while since Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) love life was front and center. For many years she and Lucky stole the stage. After Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) left her and Port Charles, Liz has been looking for love and finding it in the wrong people (AJ- Sean Kanan). What I am thinking now is that Elizabeth may find herself in a new love triangle. After Lucky, she rekindled her old feelings for Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) but her feelings for AJ stood in their way. Now that she realizes she loves Nikolas, and their affair wasn’t just a pointless mistake, he has moved on with Britt (Kelly Thiebaud). I can’t help but wonder what Nikolas will do once the truth comes out about baby Ben. Once Nikolas knows that Britt stole his own sister Lulu’s baby, how would they ever get back from that? Can their relationship be repaired after such a betrayal? My guess is that he will turn to Elizabeth.

At the same time, Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), Liz’s ex-husband and brother of mobster, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is back in town. Sonny isn’t the only one in that family with a dangerous reputation. Ric has committed his fair share of crimes including kidnapping a pregnant Carly and keeping her captive in a panic room- all the while Elizabeth was living in the same house without a clue. He has lied, cheated, and manipulated.

There are two very strong fan bases for Elizabeth and Nik and Elizabeth and Ric. It will be interesting to see where the writers will take this. If Elizabeth was presented with a choice of Nik or Ric, who do you think she should choose? Weigh in and leave comments below!

Britt Finally Confesses!

It’s been a long road for Britt and all involved in her baby saga since she announced she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby last year at the nurses ball. Since then there have been many twists and turns. Britt has made a few “confessions” but never to the full extent of telling the entire truth to her story. Firts, she claimed her baby was Patrick’s, then “admitted” the baby was not Patrick’s but she had used the sperm donation of a random man. Then, it came out that Brad was the babies Father, by implementation. Finally and most recently, the truth was revealed that Dante Falconeri is actually baby Ben’s Father. Britt told Nikolas, Dante, Lulu, Elizabeth, and everyone else concerned that she and her Mother conspired to create this pregnancy. She said her Mother used Dante’s sperm sample that had been in storage for the use of an embryo for Dante and Lulu. However, even still, that is not the whole truth.

Brad is the only person other than Dr, Obrecht and Dr. Britt Westbourne herself that know the whole story about baby Ben. Now that Britt is about to marry Nikolas. the guilt over stealing his sister’s baby is eating her alive. The truth in it’s entirety, is that Britt and her Mother stole the entire embryo that was supposed to be used to create a baby for Dante and Lulu Falconeri. Baby Ben is indeed the biological son of Dante and Lulu. Since the guilt is rising and about to swallow Britt whole, she came to Brad with her feelings and played around with the idea of telling the truth. Brad reminded her that they are both involved in stealing a child and that they would both go to jail. Instead of outing the truth to the rightful parents, Brad suggested that Britt right her confession down. He told her that maybe getting it off her chest in that way would help to relieve her from her guilt and forgive herself so that she can move on and have a life with Nikolas. That is exactly the confession Britt made. Dr. Westbourne poured her soul into a letter to Lulu that she never intends to send. Now the question is… Whose hands will this letter fall into? I am sure that soon enough, someone will get a hold of Britt’s written confession and the truth will finally be out that Lulu and Dante are Ben’s biological parents.


Faison is Dr. Britt Westbourne’s Father!

What a show! Although we have to wait until tomorrow to find out what Britta will say at the Nurses Ball, we know that Faison is her Papa! Dr. Obrecht was speaking to a photo of Cesar Faison saying how he would be such a proud Papa of Britt for what she is about to do. No wonder Britt lives up to her nickname given by fans, BRITCH. She comes from a lethal family, poison runs through her veins. There will be a lot in store for the residents of Port Charles. Especially the Scorpios and Drakes and those who love them.

Dr. Obrecht is Britt’s Mother! But Who is Her Father?

It makes sense that Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) is the spawn of the evil woman holding Robin hostage since Britt is quite a nasty person herself. However, she hasn’t displayed pure evil quite yet. Britt has been a disappointment to her Mother with failing to secure her relationship with Dr. Drake. Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) seems to be very interested in her daughter Britt’s love life and expressed that she wants Britt to keep trying to get back together with Patrick. She admitted that nothing and nobody should stand in her way. The evil shrew threatened her own child by telling her that she brought her into this world and has the ability to take her out! That wasn’t the only threat that she made against her own daughter. She threatened to contact her Father and let him know what is going on and that Britt isn’t trying hard enough to get things done. Who could her Father be? Do you think it’s a past resident of Port Charles, or maybe someone currently residing near Britt? Please feel free to comment below and let us know what you think. Who could Britt’s Father be and why is she so afraid of him?

Don’t forget to vote on our poll and let us know who you think her Father might be!

Dr. Britt Westbourne on Crutches

In case anyone wondered what the heck they missed when they saw Dr. Westborn on crutches, here’s the scoop… Soap Opera Digest informed fans today that actress Kelly Thiebaud has injured herself in real life. The TV villain broke her femur and the writers decided to incorporate her injury into the script.

Ron Carlivati wanted to write in as if Frisco may have had something to do with Britt falling in the parking lot. I like that Britt is afraid of Frisco, and that he is being such a hard ass for Maxie’s sake.


General Hospital Blog wishes Kelly a speedy recovery!

Sabrina Stands up to Britt

Finally. Sabrina opens her mouth and stands up for what is right. Emma (Brooklyn Silzer) ran off and Sabrina happened to be walking by the docks and spotted her. She was feeding the ducks as she had done before with Sabrina because it makes her happy. When Sabrina found the emotionally hurt little girl, she asked her what she was doing out there all alone. Emma replied by telling Sabrina that Britt told her she didn’t like her, but she didn’t care because the feeling was mutual. Sabrina was able to bring Emma back to Kelly’s, where they encountered Patrick, Anna, Mac, and Britt. I was so glad when Sabrina just came out with it and told Patrick that Britt told Emma she didn’t like her, AND that she was sure she wasn’t making it all up. It will be interesting to see Patrick elaborate on his reaction since today we only got to see a blank stare. Anna will most definitely not be happy with this news. I really hope Britt gets it for this one. She deserves the wrath of Commissioner DeVane aka (Grandma)!!! It’s great that little actress Brooklyn is getting this big story. She really does a fantastic job playing Emma.

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