Who Took Ethan and Lucky?

EthanLuckyLuke and Laura’s adventure has barely just begun… They have to rescue Luke’s sons, Ethan Lovett and Lucky Spencer, but that doesn’t look like it will be the end of their quest. Who is behind all this drama anyway? What person in General Hospital history would want both Luke and Laura on a wild goose chase, making them suffer in fear for their children?

Luke, Laura, Lucky, and Ethan, get closer to the truth as the Summer progresses.

Remember, Anthony Geary’s last air date as Luke Spencer is July 27h. That being said, we would think it is safe to assume that this mystery will be solved by that date.

Who do you think has taken Ethan and Lucky? Could Helena be behind all that is evil when it comes to the Spencer family?


General Hospital Sizzling Promo: Summer Stunner

JJreturnCheck out what is to come for the residents of Port Charles. Here is a sneak peak of what will be poppin’ this Fourth of July and beyond with your favorite characters and couples.
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General Hospital Spoilers and News: Tony Geary’s Last Air Date

LukeairdateGeneral Hospital co-stars and fans of Tony Geary have been preparing for his big farewell from General Hospital, as he is retiring from the show. His character, Luke Spencer is involved in his last adventure with his great love, Laura (Genie Francis). Everyone is tangled up in this story line as Luke and Laura set out to save their son Lucky (Jonathan Jackson). Jennifer Smith (Holly Gagnier) was contacted to lure Luke and Laura, and mke them aware that Lucky has been captured. We will soon be seeing Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) and Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons) involved. Lulu (Emme Rylan) is currently in Port Charles awaiting any information on her brother. Tracy (Jane Elliot) was left broken hearted, in order for Luke to get his son back before it’s too late.

This story will mark Tony Geary’s last air date on General Hospital. That date has now been revealed as July 27th, 2015.

We have less than one month left with the iconic character Luke, and legendary actor Tony Geary on our favorite soap. Geary is excited to begin a new chapter in his life, and we at General Hospital Blog will miss him and wish him all the best.

Don’t miss a beat of this sizzling how drama this Summer on General Hospital!

The Spencer Adventure of the Summer

EpicSpencerIn the last few weeks, General Hospital Blog has been able to share exciting casting news with the fans due to recent General Hospital spoilers. This Summer will be one for the books, and it will involve an iconic General Hospital family. GH casting news and spoilers have revealed that there will be quite a few character returns for Luke Spencer’s big send off story.
ABC’s General Hospital teases fans with an intriguing, upcoming story. This Summer will lead to “An Epic Spencer Adventure,” according to those over at GH. As we say goodbye to a legend, Anthony Geary will be accompanied by Luke’s closest loved ones. Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer), Nathan Parsons (Ethan Lovett), and Emma Samms (Holly Sutton), will be joining Genie and Anthony as Luke and Laura set out to save their son, Lucky.

If Jennifer Smith, Frank Smith’s daughter doesn’t really have Lucky, then who does? Jennifer told Luke and Laura that she received a phone call with instructions to go about the scheme she pulled on the Spencer’s. Who could it be? If you have any thoughts or theories, let us know in the comment section.

We can’t wait to see how this story will unfold and we are certainly looking forward to seeing Nathan, Jonathan, Emma, and more to bid farewell to Luke!

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Anthony Geary Says Goodbye to General Hospital As He Tapes His Last Scenes

EWGearyCheck out the video clip below of Tony’s last day on the set of General Hospital!

We all knew this day was coming, but it has really crept up on us all rather quickly. A few months back, General Hospital Blog shared the news that Anthony Geary had announces his retirement, after over 3 decades on the daytime drama, General Hospital. His character Luke Spencer is legendary to say the least. Geary and co-star Genie Francis made history as the infamous Luke and Laura.

Tuesday, June 22nd, Anthony Geary taped his very last seen as Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. Luke will be departing Port Charles later this Summer. It was an emotional goodbye, as his friends and cast mates bid him farewell after 37 years in the iconic role. Geary was surrounded by GH stars including Finola Hughes (Anna Devane), Leslie Charleson (Monica Quartermaine), Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe), Kristina Wagner (Felicia Jones), Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin), and more. At the farewell, friend Maurice Benard told Geary, “Not having you here is going to be sad for me.”

Anthony Geary has won 8 Daytime Emmy Awards for his role as Luke Spencer. He has called GH his home for 37 climactic years.

Leaving General Hospital is bitter sweet for Geary. Although it’s sad to say goodbye, he looks forward to what the future holds for his personal life and his career. Geary tells Entertainment Weekly, “I’m excited to raise the curtain on act 3, to reinvent myself in my new home to pursue whatever opportunity there may be. It’s  an exciting prospect to me. They’ve done a wonderful job of wrapping up the character. So this seems like the ideal time to go.”

As Geary walks away from the Daytime genre, he leaves with words of hope and encouragement for the industry and fans. In regard to the survival of daytime soaps, and the stir up involving the cancellation of One Life to Live and All My Children, Geary tells EW, “It was scary there for two or three years when every thing was being cancelled. The network thought that talk shows should take over because people weren’t going to be interested in soaps. But there has been a resurgence and I think that’s hopeful sign. I don’t believe it’s the end of the medium. Serialization is a great way to tell stories.”

Anthony Geary and Luke Spencer will be greatly missed by us at General Hospital Blog. Geary is an extremely talented actor, and Luke will never be forgotten. We wish him the absolute best in everything that comes his way going forward. It is sad to say goodbye, but there is a warm place in our hearts knowing that he gave so much to the industry for so long. Thank you Anthony Geary! We love you!

Anthony Geary final day on General Hospital