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Dante and Lulu: Whose Side Are You On? Find Out What Team We Are On!

ValDanteFor us over at General Hospital Blog, this one is a no-brainer. However, there have been many General Hospital fans who have been arguing the opposing side. There have been countless debates in General Hospital Facebook groups such as Loyal General Hospital fans, arguing for and against each party. Here is what we think…

I’m just going to lay it out on the table, nice and bluntly. Dante was just diagnosed with foot in mouth disease. Seriously, I mean, how stupid should he feel right now? Jumping to the assumption that his wife, Lulu, would immediately jump into bed with her ex, Dillon Quartermaine just days after he arrived back in Port Charles, I mean, come on! Does he not know his wife at all? After all they have been through, dating, through marriage, and through trying to conceive little Rocco, does Dante think Lulu would throw that all away at the drop of a dime? Apparently, he does think that, and it’s actually what HE ended up doing. Yes Lulu lied to her husband, but lying to protect her brother’s life doesn’t even come close to justify being cheated on.

The opposing side, those who blame Lulu, claim that she is at fault for not trusting her own husband. When will Dante (and the fans) realize that this ISN’T about Dante? Certain situations have a great way of exposing people’s egotistical mind set. Dante just had to make this about HIMSELF. God forbid he put himself in Lulu’s shoes, and tried to understand that her own brother’s life was at stake, and that her parents made her swear not to tell a soul, especially a cop. The risk was just too great. If anything had happened to Lucky because Lulu felt the need to feed Dante’s ego and let him in on the secret, life threatening situation, that would be an awful burden for her to bare for the rest of her life.

Not only did Dante ASSUME his loving, devoted, wife, his partner in life, was screwing around with her ex-boyfriend from her teen years, he then tried justifying his continued anger with her due to the fact that “she lied.”

As stated before, this to GH Blog is a no-brainer. Dante should have waited to confront his wife before acting out on what he THOUGHT his wife had done to him. Was this just an excuse for him to get with Valerie? Deep down, did Dante want a reason to sleep with Lulu’s cousin?

We won’t go that far as of yet, but we do feel that Dante is reaching.┬áNow Dante must justify his betrayal to himself and he is coming up with an excuse for his behavior. He is even throwing Luke into this argument. He is displaying feelings of jealousy toward his father-in-law, and his wife’s devotion to helping him. Dante has some serious insecurity issues that he needs to address STAT, in our honest opinion.

We want to know what the fans think! Are you #TeamDante or #TeamLulu?

General Hospital Casting News: Genie Francis Update

Genie Francis is one fan favorite among quite a few that have been set up for a return to General Hospital as part of the farewell to Anthony Geary. Laura Spencer is essential to Luke, as they have made history together for decades.

Jonathan Jackson will be returning to GH to reprise his role as Lucky Spencer this Summer, but it will not be for an extended amount of time. The actor is currently on the ABC primetime hit, Nashville, and will be working on episodes for the new season. Nathan Parsons will also be making a return to GH as Ethan Lovett, along with his mother Holly Sutton, played by Emma Samms. These returns are believed to be short lived, and will play a major role in Geary’s exit, as Luke Spencer makes his way out of Port Charles.

Good news is that Genie Francis will be sticking around General Hospital even after Anthony Geary leaves the canvas. General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Laura will be sticking around Port Charles for some unfinished business. Perhaps she will be there to set her son Nikolas straight, or if General Hospital rumors are true, she may have to come to Lulu’s resuce with yet another Cassadine catastrophe.


What’s REALLY Going On With Luke Spencer

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer as we know him is gone. So far gone that he is unrecognizable to his daughter Lulu Falconeri, and his love, Tracy Quartermaine. The two most important women in Luke’s life are at a loss, not knowing what has come over the ones loving, sincere man they once knew.

Lulu and Tracy had their hopes high with the idea of being able to blame Helena Cassadine for Luke’s 180 in his personality. For the past year, he has been acting like a completely different person, so much so that his loved ones and residents of PC actually began to believe that Luke WAS another person. When Faison turned out to be just a decoy so that Fluke could continue on withreeking havoc on the city of PC, everyone was convinced that Helena had perform mind conditioning on Luke, as she had done on Jake Doe (Jason Morgan). Lulu did not want to face the conclusion that her adoring father had actually tried to kill her and everyone he/they care about. She and Tracy needed someone to blame for Luke’s behavior and they had their minds set on Luke’s arch enemy, Helena.

When it turned out that Jake Doe was found to have a microchip in his brain as Helena disclosed, Luke however did not. As of now, there is no reason to believe that Helena has used a microchip to control Luke Spencer. That doesn’t mean that it ends there. As Tracy told Luke today, it is clear that there is much more to this than Luke is leading on. He claims these acts are his and his alone. That the way he treated his daughter, Tracy, and wanting what Sonny has has been in him this whole time, and that he just now figured out how to TAKE all the power.

Just as we as fans and the characters of GH thought that had this Fluke mystery all figured out, we encountered yet another setback. The story feels like a never ending mystery and many fans are ready to through their hands in the air and give up trying to solve it. Hopefully it won’t be much longer until Tracy, Lulu, Nikolas, or whoever has the power to get to the bottom of this does just that.

What do you think is really going on with Luke Spencer? Since he is NOT an impostor, and Helena claims she is not controlling him, what could have happened? Did the drugs he was given in Miscavige effect his brain this severely? Will we ever get our beloved Luke back? Will Lulu get to see her dad enjoy his grandson Rocco when this is all over? We will just have to stick it out a little longer and watch it all unfold in upcoming episodes of General Hospital.