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Who Called Immigration on Dunkleman?

It would be Mac and Nathan’s wildest dream for the Department of Immigration to come knocking on Levi Dunkleman’s (Zachary Garred) door to whisk him away to a land far, far away. Levi Dunkleman is from Australia and came to Port Charles with Maxie after they met on her personal eat, pray, love retreat. After losing custody of her baby girl, Georgie, Maxie felt she needed time to heal. It’s clear to those around her that Levi found Maxie at a vulnerable state and is manipulating and taking advantage of her. She defends him to Mac, Nathan, Lulu and anyone else that is trying to get her to see the light.

Levi is in the US on an expired Visa and he, Maxie, Nathan, and since Nathan told Dante, the four of them are the only ones who know this information. So who called immigration and is Dunkleman really getting deported? It doesn’t seem like Nathan because he told Maxie he would keep their secret, and we all know how he feels about Maxie.  It technically could have been Dante, since Nathan disclosed the situation to him at the PCPD, but it’s doubtful. It has been rumored that Levi called immigration on himself in order for Maxie to blame Nathan. Upcoming spoilers reveal that there is strong evidence against Nathan regarding Levi’s visa.  It’s obvious that Levi is trying to drive a wedge between Maxie and Nathan and what a better way to do it other than making Maxie think Nathan went against his word? Perhaps this will persuade Maxie into marrying Levi in order to keep him in the country.

Do you think Maxie will go through with marrying Levi in order to keep him in the US?


Will There Be Wedding Bells in Port Charles?

It seems like it’s been a while since anyone has gotten married in the busy town of Port Charles. Patrick and Sabrina may be the latest wedding but they technically didn’t even get married. Timing is a bit overdue and fans are looking forward to seeing their favorite couples dive in to wedded bliss. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case when in Port Charles. People marry for all sorts of reasons, including protection against the law, like when Jason married Brenda in order to avoid testifying in court. Or when Jax married Alexis and Ned married Chloe just to name a few.

So what will it be this time? Will Maxie Jones marry Aussie Levi Dunkleman? Rumor has it that Levi will be facing deportation due to an expired or non existent visa. Maxie is hell bent on blaming Nathan for setting the deportation in motion. Will she self destruct and choose to blindly disregard Nathan’s concerns? Perhaps she will marry Levi in order to keep him in the country. Levi seems to have quite a hold on Maxie’s thought process. It is very possible that he will play his little mind games and convince her that the two should wed.

We all hope Maxie wakes up and sees Levi for the deceitful, manipulative little control freak he really is. She really needs to surrender to her knight in shining armor, aka, Detective Nathan West.

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Is There a Connection Between Fluke, Levi, and Jerry Jacks?

The Fluke saga has been an ongoing mystery that we have been trying to solve for many months. We know that the real Luke Spencer has been drugged and locked up at miscavige where the crazy Heather Webber was institutionalized. Someone “stole” Luke’s face and is running around Port Charles living Luke’s life. He has interjected himself into Luke’s love life with Tracy, his family life with Lulu and Dante, and he is getting close to long time friend of Luke, Sonny Corinthos. Fluke is manipulating everyone in town, especially Tracy. Fluke is in this to take down Sonny and to get his hands on ELQ.

There are still many missing pieces to this puzzle, but some seem to be coming together rather nicely. Who has been ruthless and crazy with no limitations of what he is capable of ? Jerry Jacks. He has committed some completely erratic crimes in Port Charles. We know Jerry is still alive because the last time we saw him he had Bobbie held hostage on top of the Metro Court. Why was he there holding Bobbie hostage? Well because LUKE stole his cure for polonium poisoning. There is motive right there. How is Jerry Jacks involved with Julian? Well when Jerry and Luke were fighting on top pf the Metro court, we saw Jerry fall, but we also saw him get rescued and driven away by Julian Jerome.

Now… how does this tie in with the obnoxious newcomer Maxie brought back with her? Levi is an Aussie. Jerry Jacks is an Aussie. Big connection possibility right there. Levi is manipulative and deceitful and he is trying to get his mitts involved with sabotaging ELQ, just like Fluke. Could Levi be Jerry’s son? Levi quite possibly be using Maxie as his ticket into the lives of the residents in Port Charles. Inching his way into situations he doesn’t belong, he is causing trouble for everyone. On today’s episode of GH, Levi convinced Maxie to protest with him where Michael, Morgan, and Kiki are preparing for the revival of the new ELQ Brownstone project. In conversation, Maxie brought up Jerry Jacks to Levi. That right there seems like  a hint that there is a connection between the two Australians. Rumor has it that Levi is muc more sinister than we could ever imagine… not a far stretch from being related to the evil Jerry Jacks.

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What Does Levi Want with Maxie?

Ever since Maxie brought Levi to Port Charles back from her soul searching journey, he has been nothing short of controlling, sneaky, and down right annoying. He is obviously manipulating Maxie. There is some reason that Levi doesn’t want Maxie to be with her daughter Georgie. We all know that he was the one who told the judge that Nathan lied to protect her. When he made that phone call, he conveniently lost his Aussie accent. The question is, does he even have an Aussie accent at all, or did he drop his accent to disguise his voice when giving his anonymous tip to the court? Maybe he isn’t from Australia at all and perhaps he only is pretending he is to get in better with Mac. Regardless, Levi is definitely up to something. Who is he connected to? What does he want in Port Charles, and why is he deliberately sabotaging Maxie’s chances with baby Georgie?

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Did Levi Ruin Maxie’s Chance With Her Daughter?

When Maxie came back from her soul searching journey, she brought something back with her, a complete nuisance! At this point, GH fans and friends of Maxie alike are sick and tired of Levi’s antics.

Aside from being self righteous and annoying, he may have done something that Maxie will never forgive him for. Maxie has a very important court hearing this week in regards to the custody of her daughter, Georgie. She missed the first hearing because she was afraid and wasn’t ready to face things. Levi also had a part in convincing her that she should just “let it go.” When she asked Diane to ask the jusde for a new hearing, the judge was ready to give her a flat out “NO” until Nathan stepped in. He told the judge that it was his fault and he thought the court order Maxie received in the mail was junk main and he threw it away. Levi, knowing the truth, and expressing to Maxie that it was not OK to lie to the judge, may have something to do with the judges decision this week.

Do you think Levi told the court the truth? Do you think he told the judge that Nathan lied to cover for Maxie?

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Bradford Anderson Returning to General Hospital Full Time?

Last week General Hospital brought back one of the fan’s most favorite characters, Damien Spinelli and his counterpart Ellie Trout (Emily Wilson). Good friend Carly really needed Spinelli’s help to solve the mystery that involved Ava, AJ, and Sonny. Spinelli’s tech support never falls short when his friends are in need.

Spinelli and Ellie left Port Charles to move to Portland Oregon to chase Ellie’s dream job, running her own lab. However, they didn’t move to Portland alone. Since Spinelli was granted custody of baby Georgie, his and Maxie’s baby girl, the three of them said goodbye to their loved ones in Port Charles and started a new life. The court had ordered that Maxie be reevaluated in 6 months, with the potential of getting custody of her daughter. Now that those 6 months are up, we may be seeing a lot more of Spinelli.

With the Maxie/Georgie custody story line in the works, Spinelli may just have to be front and center for again for a while. Not only does the story seem to be leading towards a Spinelli return, but the actor himself has divulged his thoughts on the idea. Ina  recent interview for Soaps in Depth, actor Bradford Anderson made it clear that we would want nothing more than for his character of 8 years Damien Spinelli, to return to the GH canvas. Bradford Anderson told Soaps in Depth about the arrangement that he has with the show, “I think [what just aired] was to establish Spinelli and Ellie in the reality of living in Portland and keeping us on the canvas [in some way]. I think that’s nice! When I left, they very clearly said there was an open door. So by establishing us where we are and having people still use Spinelli for things, that means they can call me any time.”

Fans have been giving positive feedback ever since Spinelli and Ellie were brought back to the screen last week. If you would like to see Bradford Anderson/Damien Spinelli return to General Hospital full time, please let us know by commenting below and sharing this post.



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General Hospital Welcomes Newcomer Zachary Garred!

Port Charles will be getting a new resident and he will debut this April 3. Australian actor Zachary Garred will be playing the role of Levi. He is said to cross paths with Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) as she returns from maternity leave.

Congratulations Brandon and Kirsten (Storms) Barash!

General Hospital real life married couple, Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) welcomed a baby girl into their lives! Congratulations to these GH favorites on their new family member!

General Hospital Blog will keep fans posted as details come in.

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Photo taken from Kirsten Storms Instagram

Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) Leaving General Hospital

In regards to many fan concerns about Maxie leaving Port Charles, and her portrayer, Kirsten Storms, leaving General Hospital, General Hospital Blog is happy to inform you all that her leave is only temporary. Kirsten Storms will be on maternity leave, as she and husband Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) are expecting their first child this January. Kirsten Storms has confirmed viz Twitter that she will be returning to General Hospital as Maxie Jones in March, 2014.