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After baby Gabriel’s funeral, Sabrina left for Puerto Rico with her cousin Juan. But not before reassuring Patrick that she will be back soon.

Anna had to fake Ric’s death in order to protect him and his family.

Nathan lied to the judge to cover for Maxie. He said he thought her court order for the hearing regarding baby Georgie was junk mail, so he threw it away, causing Maxie to miss the hearing. When Maxie told Levi about this he expressed he thought that i was wrong of Nathan to lie.

Maxie’s hearing got called a day early and the judge accused Nathan of lying. Nathan agreed to make his statement under oath.

Michael hooks Morgan up with a place to live thanks to an ELQ project.

Kiki went to visit Ava at Sonny’s and demanded answers as to why she and Sonny are still connected.

Franco moved in with Carly.

Morgan and Josslyn are not happy with Franco moving in.

Josslyn called Franco a psycho to his face.

Lulu and Dante decide to go forward with a procedure that will tell Lulu is she is able to carry a child to term.

Olivia continues to be sad about Sonny and Ava.

Olivia is starting to plan the Christening for baby Rocco.

Dante and Sonny had an intense argument about Sonny cheating on Olivia with Ava.

Sonny was really close to telling Dante the truth about Ava killing Connie and what he did to AJ.