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AJ woke up for a brief moment and told Carly that Sonny was the one who shot him… because of Ava.

After weeks of fighting for his life, AJ Quartermaine has died.

Luke is continuously acting bazaar and has been making passes at Kiki.

Luke told Tracy that Kiki was coming onto him, but when confronted by Tracy, Kiki told her that Luke was the one coming on to her.

“Luke” is working with Julian to plot against Sonny.

Ric escorted Elizabeth to Britt and Nik’s engagement party.

Ric told Liz he will not give up on her.

Britt’s secret was blown out of the water when Elizabeth found her confession written on the back of a Nurses Ball flyer.

Liz told Lulu the truth that Ben is her and Dante’s son.

Dr. Obrecht kidnapped Ben and is hiding out at Liz’s house.

Nik came to apologize to Liz.

Silas has learned that his wife Nina has passed away (according to her Mother)

Detective West is Nina’s sister.

Sonny continues to struggle with the guilt of going against his word to Michael and shooting AJ.

Sam and Silas keep trying to find ways to prove Silas’ innocence regarding Nina. They believe Ava is setting him up.