General Hospital New And Spoilers: Hayden Barnes Returns With A New Face, Tension Runs High Between Sisters

Elizabeth Webber Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) has been off the canvas as she was sent away to Shady Brook to recover from a recent breakdown.

Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), along with Liz’s children, Cameron Webber (William Lipton), Jake Webber (Hudson West), and Aiden Spencer (Enzo De Angelis), have been worried about Elizabeth’s state of mind after figuring out she was the one behind the mysterious events surround her late husband, Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) memory.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Dr. Kevin Collins is about to head to Shady Brook to check on his patient. Recent General Hospital comings and goings reports indicate that an upcoming return will be part of Elizabeth’s storyline.

GH spoilers hint that Dr. Collins will bring a surprise visitor to lift Elizabeth’s spirits, while GH rumors claim Hayden Barnes will accompany Dr. Collins to Shady Brook to visit her sister but will show up with a new look. Things could turn south when Hayden learns her sister has been shacking up with her man and her daughter’s father. Hayden would have expected Finn to move on agter she left Port Charles, but moving on with her own sister never crossed her mind. Will the tension between Hayden and Elizabeth become a setback for Elizabeth’s mental health?

Rebecca Budig maintains a close relationship with her TV daughter, Violet Finn (Jophielle Love), and from time to time they will share photos with each other on social media. However, Budig has previously addressed that she has not been asked to return.