General Hospital News And Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Opens Up About Producers Killing Off Nikolas Cassadine

Marcus Coloma opens up about his fears surrounding his role as Nikolas Cassadine. Coloma took over the role of the Dark Prince, Nikolas Cassadine, in 2019, and is currently on the front burner of what’s happening in Port Charles. He had big shoes to fill after Tyler Christopher’s portrayal of the role became iconic. Now that Marcus has settled in, will the producers be killing off Nikolas Cassadine?

Bringing a character to life is a big responsibility, let alone trying to step in after another actor has made that role their own. General Hospital spoilers reveal Marcus Coloma recently sat down with co-star and host of State of Mind, Maurice Benard. The two friends discussed Coloma’s anxiety over the written script, along with his fear that the producers over at General Hospital were trying to kill off Nikolas Cassadine. 

Coloma admits to Benard, his experience with the role for the first two years brought on a significant amount of anxiety. Marcus explained, “a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of anxiety because you read a storyline where you’re going to stab your son and you think, the producers, they obviously want my character to die. Like, they’re trying to kill me off.” Marcus went on to explain this type of scenario happened about four times throughout his first two years in the role.

Coloma’s anxiety and fears about the role didn’t end there. He revealed his fear that producers were “really dissatisfied with my work and I was going to die.”

Much time has passed since his arrival on the set of General Hospital. In that time, Marcus has been able to let go of his fears as he settled into and became comfortable with the role. He realized the nature of the soap opera/ daytime drama industry and what it entails. Coloma stated,  “I think I’ve finally come to a peace on it and honestly, as silly as it is or social media has helped a lot with it because it wasn’t just General Hospital, it’s this industry in general.”

Marcus and Maurice are not only co-stars but friends in real life. Coloma admitted how he gets through the stressful times, and Maurice has a hand in that. He touched on controversy within storylines and now fans perceive the characters. Explaining how he deals with the dark side of his role and the opinions of fans, he said, “And that’s my big thing… Let’s say work is super stressful because you’re sleeping with your son’s girlfriend and you just know that’s not going to go well for you in a month from now, people are going to hate you,” Coloma shared. “We have this great, funny comedy… people see it. I actually love being on General Hospital, I love being on the soap, but it’s really nice to counteract that and the amount of comments that say ‘Hey, I hate your character but I think you and Maurice are so funny and you seem like such a good guy’.”

A little comedic relief goes a long way when it comes to making it though daily struggles. Thankfully Marcus has a place to call home and a friend to help him through. General Hospital spoilers hint it’s safe to say Marcus doesn’t have to worry about TPTB killing off Nikolas Cassadine. 

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