General Hospital News: CONFIRMED! GH Head Writer Confirms Nelle Is Nina’s Daughter

The big speculation is over! Although the clues surrounding the half heart necklace, the area in Florida, Nelle’s age, and more, point to Nelle being revealed as Nina’s long lost daughter, some GH fans were stuck on the notion that there would be another twist.

General Hospital spoilers reveal there will be no big twist in discovering the identity of Nina’s daughter. Many fans believed that Nelle and Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) could possibly have been twins, or the big twist would be that Harmony was involved and Willow was actually Nina’s daughter.

General Hospital news reports, soap journalist, Michael Fairman had an interview with one of GH’s Head Writers, Dan O’Connor. In the interview, major spoilers were revealed with it comes to Nina’s long lost daughter saga.

Soaps In Depth reported, and according to O’Connor, Nelle is definitely Nina’s daughter. Not only is she her daughter now, he revealed that the plan was always to make Nelle Benson be Nina’s child. He explained, “The truth is, the idea that Nelle was Nina’s daughter has been part of the conception of that character,” he said, “and over the last few years, the story evolved, and we ultimately got to reveal the truth to the audience.”

As for Chloe Lanier, General Hospital rumors claim that just as Josslyn (Eden McCoy) suspected, Nelle isn’t done with the Corinthos family just yet. GH Blog will keep fans posted on any GH comings and goings news regarding a possible return for Chloe Lanier as Nelle Benson.

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