General Hospital News: Kelly Thiebaud Address Hairstyle Backlash; Why Must We Bring Others Down?

The internet can be a beautiful place for many reasons. For TV fandoms, it’s a place where fans can gather to discuss their favorite shows and characters. The internet can also become very ugly. And the internet itself is not to blame. It’s simply just another outlet for mean people to show their true colors.

General Hospital comings and goings brought news that Kelly Thiebaud would be retuning to GH to reprise her role as Britt Westbourne, aka The Britch.

Kelly Thiebaud made her return debut on Friday, September 11th, as Britt Westbourne arrived back in Port Charles.

After General Hospital spoilers revealed Thiebaud would return some time after the COVID-19 hiatus, GH fans started speculating potential story lines for Britt Westbourne. General Hospital spoilers and rumors hinted that Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) would appoint Britt as the new Chief of Staff over at General Hospital. GH rumors claim Britt would return pregnant with Julian Jerome’s (William DeVry) baby. The hype and excitement for Britt’s return was real- but no one really expected this fan reaction.

Kelly debuted as Britt with a new look, and fans have lost their mind. Kelly now has bangs, and apparently people can’t get over it. It’s very brave for someone to be able to handle being in the public eye when they are always subject to scrutiny. Kelly Thiebaud felt she had to address the haters after tweets and comments about her returned revolved more around her hairstyle than the fact that she and her character were back on the soap.

Why must people be so hateful? It’s important we build each other up as opposed to tearing them down. Especially when it comes to physical appearance. It truly is a shame that Kelly had to address this nonsense, but thankfully she had co-stars like Marcus Anthony Samuel, who plays Felix DuBois, among others, that have her back.

Kelly addressed the issue via twitter, reminding fans there are more important things to discuss than her hair.

Hopefully people can look at this as a wake up call to focus on being positive instead of being a hater.

We are grateful the gorgeous, talented, and kind, Kelly Thiebaud has returned! The Britch is back!


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