General Hospital News: William deVry Slams GH Writers To Fan, “You’re Not Wrong”

General Hospital news has confirmed that GH actor, William deVry, is exiting the role of Julian Jerome after seven years. General Hospital spoilers revealed deVry announced he would never return to the daytime drama once officially let go from his role.

General Hospital rumors hint there is a bit of bad blood after the bitter taste the shocking news has left with deVry and many GH fans.

In a recent tweet, deVry replied to a fan stating, “You’re not wrong,” after the fan gave her opinion on how the writers at GH should be ashamed for ruining the Julian Jerome character. The fan goes into detail, pointing out how Julian almost killed Alexis, his true love, and keeping a Corinthos baby from his rightful family.

Do you agree with William deVry and this fan? Are the writers to blame for the direction Julian has gone, leading to his ultimate demise?

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