General Hospital Spoilers: Austin And Ava Co-Conspire When Mason Becomes A Bigger Problem

Ava helps Austin with Mason. …Austin Holt (Roger Howarth) wants to live a peaceful life in Port Charles, away from his ties to Pawtuck. Unfortunately, Austin is haunted by a very much alive skeleton in his closet. No one knows the truth about Austin’s dealings with Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey), however, Ava Jerome (Maura West) just might find out.

General Hospital recaps recall an obvious secret between Austin and his cousin Mason. Although the details of their secret remain a mystery, it’s apparent that Mason wants something from Austin and Austin doesn’t want to deliver. Ava became somewhat involved when she walked in on Mason and Austin. Their little run in triggered unpleasant memories, leaving Ava suspicious.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Mason becomes a bigger problem for Austin. Despite Austin’s efforts to separate himself, Mason won’t let his cousin live his life detached from the family drama. As a result of Austin’s resistance, Mason becomes more of a threat. GH rumors claim Ava helps Austin with Mason. According to recent GH previews, family matters lead to a violent encounter.

Mason Gets Stabbed!

Austin has repeatedly declined Mason’s request to head back to Pawtuck and answer to their boss. Odds are that whatever Austin and Mason are involved with, Austin wants nothing to do with the seemingly illegal practices. GH, Rumors, and previews hint, that one thing leads to another. As a result, there will be blood shed. Will Ava step in to help her new friend?

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